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    Stephen Halbrook--The Truth About Nazi Gun Control #2766

    in Finance

    Noted author Stephen Halbrook joins us to discuss gun control during the Third Reich. During Hitler's rise, gun control became a major priority. Proposed as a means of protecting the populace, it soon became clear that gun control was a method of disarming Jews and other disfavored groups. This paved the way for The Final Solution and the rest is history. We explore modern parallels in America and elsewhere. 

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    Georgia Wrestling Now with William Huckaby and Stryknyn

    in Wrestling

    It's been an interesting year for the Georgia wrestling scene, largely because of the changes happening at Anarchy Wrestling. Following last weekend's Hostile Environment event, rumors are swirling once again about the future of Anarchy. We'll be addressing those rumors in the coming weeks on Georgia Wrestling Now, but this week we have other topics to discuss as Wrestling with Pop Culture's Jonathan Williams and Southern Fried Championship Wrestling owner Charles Anschutz welcome two exciting guests. After being the man who obtained the submission victory for Team Anarchy over Team Platinum in the main event WarGames match at Hostile Environment, "The Lethal Dose" Stryknyn returns to GWN to discuss upcoming matches at Dragon Con Wrestling, Alternative Pro Wrestling and elsewhere. Then we talk to National Wrestling Alliance Continental Wrestling Champion "The Morning Star" William Huckaby, who returns to Georgia for Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment on Aug. 30. We also discuss WWE's SummerSlam, NXT TakeOver, Ring of Honor's Reloaded Tour and more, with additional commentary by Georgia Wrestling History's Larry Goodman.

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    Growing up - Ensom meant that as we got older there were serious decisions to be made towards getting ahead in a ever changing culture who’s time had come for new faces in different places- 1981-1992 When visiting visas flooded the Reagan administration opened the gates even wider than ever - Ensom saw a disproportionate exit rate to the States- That being said many who were on the sidelines waiting to rise to prominence in Football, TT,NNetball and Cricket grabbed a spot held almost too long by the more established crew who although could have lived elsewhere stuck around - Thank got for small mercies as a core group maintained and guarded the flame …..moving no further than Eltham Park in a true show of Spanish Town Roots and Ensom PRIDE


    When my time came in 1994 to migrate I had secured quarters near Sydnyham and I reluctantly exited the scene ..Long Live Ensom Past Present and Online


    in Religion

    This is a placeholder for a program that has not yet been produced. Notifications will occur on Facebook and elsewhere when it is. Blueotter has just returned from Green Corn Ceremony and will be reporting what was said by the elders, and by visiting Micmac and Miami elders as well.

    The BIA "recognition" process, (long held hostage by Cherokee bureaucrats) has been changed by the current  White House admnistration. We'll be discussing all this in an upcoming broadcast. 

    BACKGROUNDER: Unknown to most, the Cherokee had been fighting amongst themselves for hundreds of years by the time Columbus arrived. After the Civil War, the US Gov't (to reassert US sovereignty over all Indian tribes) brokered a Treaty of Amity and Friendship between all the Indians in what is now Oklahoma. All tribes became signatories BUT strangely, the United Cherokee Nation of 1839 reserved the right to continue their ancient internecine (between brothersof) war... over what "issue" remained unsaid.  The US Gov't, eager to limit as much as possible the names on Indian rolls, (and financial responsibility for them) was eager to condone this.

    Since that time, it has become clear that the unspoken "issue" was Cherokee political infighing over US federal dollars... and the ancient human right to self-determine: the human right to call oneself a Cherokee without reprisal.

    Now that it is clear that the USA is facing another financial collapse, things are changing. Cherokees are beginning to rethink just who IS a Cherokee. It's a fight between the European concept of "citizenship" adopted in 1827, and the ancient Cherokee concept of who "belongs." No longer are most Cherokee ignorant of our actual history and lifeways.


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    Saturday Morning Entertainment Show- Ivor Henry Host

    in Sports

    A number of our listeners look forward to hear this show weekly. It feature Gospel, Soca, Reggae and music you seldom hear elsewhere. If you have heard the show before tell someelse; they too can be blessed. Enjoy.

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    Really Early Morning with Kp 6-15-15... "New Developments: Hawai'i & Elsewhere"

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/06/15/really-early-morning-with-kp-6-15-15-new-developments-hawaii-elsewhere
    Talked about (among other things):

    The O’ahu journey…

    Releasing, clearing of old paradigms.

    Importance of starting on Wai’anae side of O’ahu.

    Honolulu rail system, and how after return on 6-10, then on 6-11 this article comes out.

    Clearing of Honolulu political arenas (state government, city/county gov’t.

    Clearing of war energies at Punchbowl Cemetary.

    MP3 download link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/06/15/really-early-morning-with-kp-6-15-15-new-developments-hawaii-elsewhere.mp3

    [Pre-show notes: “Who knows…”]

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    Vatican looks to heavens for signs of alien life

    in Religion

    “The questions of life’s origins and of whether life exists elsewhere in the universe are very suitable and deserve serious consideration,” said the Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, an astronomer and director of the Vatican Observatory.  This position from the headquarters of the largest religion in the world raises more than an eyebrow.  This position raises questions.  What questions do you have regarding the world’s largest church lending credibility to the possibility of alien life and questioning the origin of life?  Are they right or wrong in doing so?

    Please feel free to phone into the Virtual Living room with your comments or questions.  We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    Writer - Poet Clint Smith

    in Writing

    Clint Smith is a teacher, writer, and doctoral candidate at Harvard University. He is a 2014 National Poetry Slam champion and was a speaker at the 2015 TED Conference. He has received fellowships from the National Science Foundation and the Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop. His poems and essays have been published or are forthcoming in The Guardian, Kinfolks, American Literary Review, Still: The Journal, Off the Coast, Harvard Educational Review and elsewhere. He was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and thinks cinnamon rolls are best served at room temperature.   

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    Cubs Add Pitchers & Wins, Bears Youth Testing Vets, NFC North Preview: Lions

    in Sports

    After sweeping the Milwaukee Brewers, the Cubs are now locked in a tight battle race for the 2nd Wild Card spot. The upcoming stretch is a crucial one as they take on the Pirates, who currently hold the 1st Wild Card, before a 4-game series at home against the Giants who are just 1/2 game back of the Cubs in the Wild Card race.  With a starting pitcher and reliever added before last Friday's trade deadline, the Cubs have a legitimate shot to make the playoffs.  Let's all enjoy the ride!

    The Bears had their first off-day of training camp today, but there's still plenty to talk about.  Rookie WR Kevin White is still MIA with a bad shin, rookies and 2nd year players are challenging veterans at several positions, and the players like what they see from Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio's 3-4 scheme so far.  

    Elsewhere in the NFC North, the Detroit Lions are trying to make the playoffs in back-to-back seasons for the first time since the mid 1990s.  With several key losses along their defensive line, what can we expect from one of the best run-stopping defenses in football last year? 

    All this plus your calls @ (347) 327-9183. BECAUSE CHICAGO LOVES SPORTS!

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    The Solar Storm: Karin Smith - White Genocide in South Africa

    in Politics

    Kyle speaks with South African activist Karin Smith. Topics include: a brief history of South Africa, what life was like during apartheid, Communist agitation against Whites, terrorist Nelson Mandela, the fall of apartheid, extreme violence committed against Whites, economic hardship due to affirmative action against the White minority, parallels to the situation we face in the United States and elsewhere in the Western world, and what we can do to bring an end to White genocide in South Africa.

  • Week 15, 2015: After the Flood

    in Sports

    Troy Tulowitzki, LaTroy Hawkins and David Price are now Blue Jays. Miguel Castro, Daniel Norris, Jeff Hoffman, Jairo Labourt and Matt Boyd are now elsewhere. What was the reaction in the Blue Jays' minor league system to the landscape-shaking deals? Which prospects now step to the forefront? Join the voices of the Jays' MiLB affiliates to discuss the latest insights and outcomes -- a stirring comeback for Buffalo, a four-game winning streak for New Hampshire, a pair of rallies that ended in walk-off defeats for Lansing, the start to the second half for Vancouver, and the latest fun in the Appalachian League for Bluefield. Time to ring in August on #AroundtheNest!

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