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    Daily Gogetemism #185 F'in Up Some Case Money F'in Up Some Lottery Money

    in Pop Culture

    A lot of people have gotten paid large amounts off a legal settlement and a lot of that money gets spent like it never happened. How does it happen?

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    Daily Gogetemism #184 Getting Out Of Your Own Way

    in Lifestyle

    Fear of success is just as bad as fear of failure but a lot of people don't give it the credit it deserves. They get in their own way and can't even see it.

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    Legacy Of A Nation Are WE Included In The New World Order?

    in History

    What do you think? Possibly but not probably? Depends on what you call included.

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    Daily Gogetemism #183 What Happens When You Don't Raise Your Own Kids

    in Parents

    Can you lay claim to any of the success of your children if you're not directly instrumental in raising them?

    If you have consistenly left your kids with the grandparents, other relatives or or other concerned individuals, can you ever say that you are a decent parent? What if you've been absent with some of the kids but attentive with others? Is that favoritism? Does it mean that you've grown? Should your kids resent you?

    If the kids begin to have behavior or developmental issues are you to blame?

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #126 Getting Them Pregnant On Purpose PT 2

    in Lifestyle

    Having a baby in a planned pregnancy is one thing but getting someone pregnant or trying to get pregnant in order to save a relationship, a family or a situation is a whole other thing. Some people admit to doing this this but most of the time it's only suspected by the one that probably doesn't want to pregnant or want someone else to be pregnant.

    Some people know that someone got them pregnant on purpose or got pregnant on purpose and go along with it but many times there can be major problems like:

    Should I terminate the pregnancy for women. Should I ask her or make her terminate the pregnancy for men.

    Do I stay with this man/woman and just take care of my child or do I bounce and figure things out when the baby comes?

    Does it ever work out  when a planned pregnancy is only one-sided? Can it?

    When a woman gets pregnant by a man who got her pregnant on purpose and she doesn't want the child does she have the obligation to let the man know that she was pregnant in the 1st place? Should she just handle her business the best way she sees fit?

    Can it work out if a planned pregnancy is one-sided? How many babies are out there now who are a product of this situation? Does it ever affect the child? Do children get treated differently because of this situation?

    This show affects a lot of people way more than you may know. There's a lot more to it including your story so make sure you check it out.

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    Daily Gogetemism #180 Overconfident And Kinda Arrogant But Loveable

    in Lifestyle

    Who doesn't have a friend, lover or family member that really thinks that they are the shit when in fact they might be a little corny? Could it be because of their need for attention? Do they really believe their own hype? Are they just faking it until they make it? None of this makes them bad people, they just get on your nerves a little bit.

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    Daily Gogetemism Loving But Still Violent

    in Lifestyle

    There are people that will give you the world and always have your back if they love you but at the same time, these are the same folks that you would not wanna be enemies with. how do you control which way they will go?

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    Daily Gogetemism #180 April Fool's. April 1st. The Kickoff

    in Lifestyle

    Everything starts from right now. This is when the College graduations get settled, The playoffs begin. The jokes get played. The weather is supposed to warm up for good. The proms kick off. College basketball ends. NFL draft starts.

    This is the day of the month when all expectations are very high.

    You ready?

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    Daily Gogetemism #179 That Pending Court Date

    in Lifestyle

    Whether it's something as  simple as a traffic violation or and offense that may carry serious jail time or if you're suing someone as the plaintiff, waiting to go to court isa  stressful thing because you never really know how it's gonna turn out.

    Ever been in this position? Most people have by the time theyr each adulthood.

  • 01:06

    Legacy of a Nation What Happened To Our Indigenous Ancestors?

    in History

    Since we were on these American continents first, why weren't we ever represented in our history classes as such? Who were are ancestors in reality? How far back do we go?

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    Daily Gogetemism #178 The Week Before Easter. The Week After Easter.

    in Fun

    What do you do with these kids during their spring break? How much money do we have to spend and on what? What about candy and colored eggs? Should we participate in those things? Do we need to go to church?