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    Interview with Liz Sumner, Productivity Coach

    in Spirituality

    Matt and Liz discuss focus, completion, what's behind all the procrastination, and what you can do about it. 

    This interview was recorded earlier this year. We hope to make Liz a regular guest to talk about issues around Productivity. 

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    Healing Cancer Holistically with Wellness Expert Jean Sumner

    in Health

    When confronted with the “C” word many of us panic. Uneducated about the disease, shocked, frightened and desperate, we then put our trust in the Oncologist and then follow whatever medical advice we are given. Not only does the average person with a cancer diagnosis feel powerless over his or her own body, he or she feels ill equipped to direct the treatment of it.

    New cancer drugs are constantly being developed, still with may undesirable side effects, yet the disease itself remains at epidemic proportions. Though they may make claims, the traditional medical community doesn't seem to be getting any closer to a cure. That is untrue for the holistic healing community. They have been curing cancer, gently and naturally, through a variety of alternative healing modalities for several years now.

    Today's special guest, Jean Sumner, is living proof of that. She is a cancer survivor who was given little hope of surviving her disease, but refused to take that diagnosis lying down. She completely healed herself through nutrition, spirituality and exercise and is now on a mission to help others do the same. Now Jean shares her tried and true methods of healing as well as the wealth of additional knowledge she has accumulated.

    Jean Sumner is an author and the co-founder of the non-profit organization, World Wellness Education, whose mission is, “Teaching the world about wellness — one story at a time." Their website is filled with wellness information, recipes, and inspiring personal stories from those who overcame their various illnesses.

    To learn more about Jean Sumner, her books and the work her organization World Wellness Education does, please visit http://www.worldwellnesseducation.org.

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    Sumner Davenport

    in Self Help

    Meet Sumner Davenport!

    Learn creative and effective ways to beat stress from the Bestselling Author of "Stress Out! - Show Stress Who's the Boss."

    Sumner is a Results Coach; Niche/Multi Channel Marketing Consultant; Social Media Strategy Expert; Best Selling Author; and National Key Note Speaker.

    Sumner employs a unique method of clarifying and envisioning business goals which assists her clients to break out of their habitual box of thinking and planning.

    As a Self Worth Advocate and Coach, Sumner encourages her clients to discover the adventure in every life experience. She receives referrals and requests to work with women who are struggling through a painful stage of their life; women who are re-entering the workforce and others who are seeking to put their Spirit into their work.

    Through a consortium of entrepreneurs, Sumner is able to provide many products and services which assist other entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and surpassing their goals. These entrepreneur teams include various independent business professionals who provide products and services to encourage and assist individuals to invest in themselves, and achieve their goals and desires.

    Learn more about Sumner and connect with her at
    Sumner Davenport

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    Shattered Lives: Shooting Epidemic

    in News

    Daily in the news we are seeing instances of cop shootings all across the country. Shattered Lives is honored to have as guests Chief Marty Sumner and Chief Matt Catania on the show together to discuss this alarming topic from the perspective of those who put their lives on the line for our safety.


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    Bullying in Jewel M. Sumner Middle School

    in Education

    It has come to my attention by several parents in Tangipahoa Parish, that their children are being bullied. Tangipahoa Parish School System has a Violence Prevention Program that will ensure the schools are safe for the students. 

    Some students are violating that prevention plan by bullying other students. Several months ago about two dozen family members, friends and supporters of 13-year old Jewel M. Sumner Middle School Chris Lang arrived in protest at the Tangipahoa Parish School Central Office. Chris Lang came with his arm wrapped in a cast and bruised on his left shoulder. He said he had been a victim of bullying for years in the school system.

    Recently, Winifred Payne a mother of another 13 year old student at Sumner has been complainting about her son been bullied. Mrs. Payne has written letters to Governor Bobby Jindal office, President Obama, and her State Representative Office asking for help. 

    Please join host Antoinette Harrell and co-host Dr. Okpara Nosakhere as they welcome their special guest Winifred Payne for a discussion of bullying at Jewel M. Sumner Middle School in Tangipahoa Parish. 

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    Flat Track Weekly Radio Springfield Review

    in Sports

    Flat Track Weekly Radio is your weekly Flat Track internet radio station. Third generation motorcycle racers Cory Texter & Scottie Deubler bring you insight you won't find anywhere else. Every Tuesday night at 8pm EST/5pm PST we chat with racers, team owners, mechanics, promoters and more that make up the great sport of AMA Pro Flat Track.

    Presenting sponsor of the show: Thom Duma Fine Jewelers, Evans Coolant

    Associate sponsors: Lightshoe & DesignStar3

    Tonight's Guest:

    -Bert Sumner - Promoter of the Dairyland Classic

    Check us out on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/FlatTrackWeeklyRadio

    Instagram: @FlatTrackWeeklyRadio

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    Sumner Carter And The New Earth Army

    in Paranormal

    My guest for this show will be Sumner Carter, Sumner will be discussing The New Earth Army, the group that was featured in the movie, The Men Who Stare At Goats, which was based on a true story

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    Talking Motorcycles with Bert Sumner/Dairyland Classic and Johnny Lewis/Mayhem

    in Sports

    Johnny Lewis National #10 is going all out as the promoter of the  Short Track Mayhem at Myrtle Beach! Short track bikes on pavement has been done before and Lewis plans to bring it back in the Carolina's coming up soon! Johnny joins us to fill us all in on the details surrounding this exciting short track pavement event. Is it the first of many for this Grand National rider to promote? Find out tonight on this special promoters edition of Talking Motorcycles!

    Bert Sumner is the promoter of one of the most historic flat tarck shows in the country. The Dairyland Classic is fast approaching and we are looking for details to benefit fans and riders in this show. Bert is a wealth of flat track knowledge and will discuss the historical significance of this classic American flat track show tonight on Talking Motorcycles!

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    Deborah Alston - Divine Deliverance Music Ministry - Nashville, TN

    in Christianity

    Deborah Alston is a native of Lumberton, North Carolina. A Retired Firefighter, and the first in the County as a Woman to work in that field.

    In 1998 Deborah relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where she soon became a part of Trinity Broadcasting Network in Hendersonville. She sang on the frontline of the Choir nightly during the Live Revival & Praise The Lord Telecast. Later chosen to work as the “Green Room” Hostess to the Guest Gospel Music Artist & Pastors. Deborah’s Love for Singing & Gift made room for her as united with the Trinity Music Church USA and was selected to be a regular Solo Artist during the Sunday afternoon Worship Services.

    Minister Deborah also served in several areas in Ministry during her tenure at TBN. The Evangelism Ministry Team, Usher and His Hands Extended were some.

    As a new Season & Assignment later Minister Alston became a Member of the First Baptist Church Winchester Street in Gallatin, TN. As an Ordained License Minister of the Jesus she continues her service to the Lord there with Pastor Derrick Jackson. She is the Women Jail/Prison Coordinator for her church for the Sumner County Jail and a Volunteer Chaplain for Sumner Regional Medical Center.

    In the Community the President of the United Ministerial Alliance, on the Board of Directors of Gallatin Cares, a Teacher at both Children are People (CAP) & R.T. Fisher School.

    Has song as a Backup Gospel Music Artist on several Recordings of others, The “Gospel Ship” video: Michael English among a few. Her singing at her Father’s “Home Going” Service”, Jesus has been seen on Youtube by tens of thousands of Viewers.

    Founder & President of Divine Deliverance Music Ministry (DDMM); Minister Deborah Alston continues to Sing under the Anointing of Christ and Preach His Gospel at Revivals, Conferences and where ever the Holy Spirit gives opportunity.

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    Prep YoSelf

    in Radio

    We have the very talented Local Artist Prep calling in this week to talk about his new joint project with Reallionaire called "Ghetto Visionary" dropping this sumner and his new single with Tacoma Artist Leezy Soprano called "initiated". Prep just dropped an album in December called "Authentic" that we will be spinning a few songs from today. As always I have a ton of new music to play and the phone lines are open 646-668-2962

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    Topic of Discussion: The History Of U.S. Public Education

    in History

    Public education in the U.S. has a dynamic history. Join the national award-winning family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton as it spotlights the history of the public school system with leading historian Kimberly Springle. This segment will dissect the various periods of American history as it pertains to the education of youth. Tune in with every member of the family on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 7:30 pm EST. Real talk for real people!


    Please support our national sponsors by visiting www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com. Thank you.