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    Suicide Prevention Awareness on GRINDHARD RADIO

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    Awareness Night on GrindHard Radio Hosted by: Jit Chronicles, Virginia Slim, Dangerous Tactics, with Co-Hosts JustKP and Cata' Mafioso. Join us for a special episode as we help awareness for Suicide and also give out helpful prevention tips. You can join the discussion by calling in LIVE @ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream live with the panel of hosts. Random calls will be taken and music will be played.

  • Suicide Prevention

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    Bringing  awareness to depression and suicide Prevention

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    Suicide is one of our most preventable form of death and yet it is the second cause of death for Ohio teens. September is Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month. Real Talk Live 216 wants to talk about this topic that many individuals at times really DON'T want to talk about but it's a conversation that is desperately needs        to take place rather SOONER than LATER.

    Many experts have said that a suicidal person may not ask for help, but that doesn't mean that help isn't wanted. Most people who commit suicide don't want to die—they just want to stop  ...

    On Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 7:30pm EST Real Talk Live 216 will be having an open dialogue on Suicide Awareness & Prevention and would like for each and everyone of you to join us as we bring forth important educational information and resources on this topic. Our Special Guest for the evening will be Tiffany Washington and Andrea Floro from LifeAct. Ms. Washington will be sharing her heart-warming story with the Real Talk Live 216 team and listening audience. Feel free to call in LIVE to speak with us and or guest, ask questions or give your comments at (646) 929-0243. SEE YOU THERE!    



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    Transformation Via, Supporting Suicide Prevention week

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    Hi Everyone & welcome to  www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful

     Tuesday Sept. 8th, 3p.m. eastern. 347-205 9957

    Transformation via supporting Suicide Prevention .


    This week is Suicide prevention week and we all have been touched by this or know someone who has suffered from it.

    As I am launching my Go Fund Me Life is so beautiful Music  project  I am being endorsed by http://www.suicidology.org/about-aas/mission


    Through this joint venture we will have

    a greater impact to heal this challenge in our world.

    My Guest will be Michelle Cornette, PhD 
    Executive Director

    Dr. Cornette's longtime professional focus has been the study and prevention of suicide. Her professional history in suicide prevention includes roles as administrator, researcher, clinician, educator, and survivor of suicide loss. Dr. Cornette comes to AAS from the Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP), Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, where she served as Military Suicide Subject Matter Expert. In her work for the CDP, she developed a 2-day workshop for military mental health providers on empirically-supported approaches to suicide prevention. The workshop which was designated among APA's 2013 Presidential Initiatives, has been disseminated to military mental health providers across the country. 

    Please join & support the Suicide prevention & life is so beautiful Go Fund me .

    Bliss & love Vanda 


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    Speak Life Radio ~ Suicide Awareness and Grief Recovery

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Suicide Awareness and Grief Recovery


     Blessings family and welcome back to another amazing show. To continue our healing in talking about "Release and Embrace The Shift" we have the Founder of Reason2Live  Tiffany Washington joining us tonight. Reason2Live is a 501 (c) (3) suicide awareness and prevention organization who's mission is to educate individuals about suicide and to offer some hope to those that may feel like there is no hope. We also have joining us Elizabeth Parker Licensed Social Worker for over 35 years as well as a Grief Recovery Specialist and Facilitator of a Caregiver Support Group. Liz will help to understand what grief is and give some information on how to deal with our losses and learn to release in order to embrace. All of us at some point in life have dealt with something that seem to have us stuck and even with a sense of hopelessness. Well tonight Let Us Release those feelings and Embrace Hope! Please join us

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    Y.I.A. "Suicide Prevention"

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    Join us on this topic tonight "Suicide Prevention"

    What are your thoughts? Do you know anyone who has commited suicide? How can we help someone that comes to us with thoughts like this?

    Honey Drip Radio Corporation is a network. We have one of the hottest radio shows we have an international network. We have open mic for advertisements, poets, rappers, singers, businesses, speakers, talk shows and more!!! Come showcase your talent.
    **POST YOUR POEMS, MUSIC LINKS AND EVENTS in our groups and our page 

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    MXMGBTR - 09/10 "True Life Experiences," Suicide Prevention - DrJParker Griffin

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    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." Dr.JParker Griffin, Jr., will discuss "Suicide Prevention," this is "National Suicide Prevention Week," across America.

    W O R L D  S U I C I D E - P R E V E N T I O N DAY 2015!

    MINGXMEDIAGROUP - We are Motivating & Inspiring the Next Generation through "True Life Experiences," Live on BlogTalk Radio!

    Raw & UnCut!


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    SISFI's Suicide Awareness and Prevention Jan 2015 NY Tour Launch

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    SISFI is hosting our next Suicide Awareness and Prevention NY Tour January 4th – 31st 2015 across NYC, Long Island and Westchester to bring more awareness, services, programs, healing, resources and support to people facing serious life and emotional challenges, human suffering with suicide ideations, and supporting families who lost loved ones to suicide. This tour follows up on the great work with accomplished with the Sept. 17th – Oct 3rd 2014 tour where we hosted 16 community workshops, 17 radio shows, 3 community luncheons and private workshops with orgs and groups. We met 482 survivors (attempted and lost loved ones) locally through the tour and our Facebook account has generated over 500 new friends (mainly survivors) as a result of the outreach and promotions of awareness we’ve done since the last tour.

    And so we took what we learnt from meeting and talking with survivors to plan the contents and structure of the next tour in January by making it about healing and wellness. The theme of this tour is “Healing and Wellness for Survivors”. Many of the survivors we met during the September-October tour are still hurting, struggling and crying out for help in facing the challenges of living. Many have never reported their attempts nor struggles dealing with their losses. Many sought help and wasn’t able to get it. Their cries resonated with us and we wanted to make sure our follow up efforts would be that of healing and comfort for them.

    We are continuing the work and efforts of bringing more education, awareness, resources and training on the ground in communities so we can be more proactive and equipped in responding to those with emotional distress and suffering to prevent suicide.

    For full schedule of the January tour please check the website http://sisfi.org/suicidetours.html. Please share.

    Thank You,


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    SISFI's Suicide Awareness and Prevention NY Tour Launch

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    SISFI is hosting a Suicide Awareness/Prevention NY Tour on Sept. 17th - Oct 3rd across NYC, Long Island and Westchester to bring more awareness, services, programs and resources to address the increasing numbers of people facing serious life and emotional challenges, and human suffering with suicide ideations/thoughts, and supporting families who lost loved ones to suicide.

    The theme of the tour is “Look into my heart and mind, tell me what you see”. It highlights the realities of not knowing what’s in a person’s mind or on their heart by what we see on the outside, and that we must engage in dialog and allow an open and comfortable atmosphere for people to open up and express themselves. The workshops and radio shows of the tour are scheduled at different times every day across the 3 cities.

    We have aligned 15 community workshops, 3 luncheons and 15 radio shows to bring people, mental health professionals, energy therapists, health professionals, survivors and healers together to address this very serious and important topic affecting many people in our communities. While the community workshops are local in the 3 cities, the radio shows will have guests from across the country who lost loved ones, and practitioners who specializes in the support, treatment, recovery and healing of mental health, life coaching, emotional wellness and human suffering.

    For full schedule of the tour check the website http://sisfi.org/suicidetours.html.

    Like the tour page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sisfi.suicideawarenesstours and Follow the tour on Twitter https://twitter.com/SuicideAPTours.

    Support our work at SISFI by liking our page https://www.facebook.com/sisfi.inc and Following us on Twitter https://twitter.com/SISFI

    Please share and help to promote. For any questions please contact us at SISFI via (347) 817-8686 or Ask@sisfi.org.

    Thank you and God bless. One Love.


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    Suicide Awareness and Suicide Prevention

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    Your Host BadGirl PollyAnna Understanding & preventing suicide!     TONIGHT 8PM PDT /11PM EST          CALL IN: (646) 716-6137                  LET'S TALK!

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    Suicide Awareness and Prevention

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    WnT radio with host Jaclyn Roessel  will run in tandem with National Suicide Prevention Week. Suicide prevention can only begin to be addressed with awareness and education of risk behaviors as well as protective conditions which lower suicide risk. Our conversation will also include discussion of American Indian cultural values that provide challenges in preventing suicides.
    Our guests this week are:
    Dr. Mary Hasbah Roessel, MD is a board certified psychiatrist practicing in New Mexico.  She works with Native Americans in her private psychiatric practice and brings a special expertise in cultural psychiatry and understands the perspective of people from different cultures
    Chloe Grabanski, Director of Fundraising & Supporter Relations with To Write Love On Her Arms , will be joining us to share information about the programs TWLOHA are holding as part of National Suicide Prevention Week.