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    TONIGHT 9P we discuss Sandra Bland, an African- American woman who was found hanged in a jail cell in Wallrer County, Texas, on July 13, 2015. Her death was classified as a suicide by police and the county coroner, and was followed by protests against her arrest, disputing the cause of death and alleging racial violence against her. Bland was 28 years old when she died. The issue of police violence is a serious issue in America and must remain a major topic of discussion. 

    Bland had been pulled over for a minor traffic violation on July 10 by state trooper Brian Encinia. He arrested her following an escalating conflict, during which he alleged that she had assaulted him and which was recorded by his dashcam and by a bystander's cell phone. The officer was placed on administrative duty for failing to follow proper traffic stop procedures, as the release of the dashcam video supports the claim that normal procedures were not followed by the arresting officer.

    On July 16 Texas authorities and the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that they had begun a joint investigation into Bland's death. Waller County district attorney's office said that her death would be investigated as a possible murder. A motion-activated camera outside her cell recorded no movement in the hallway for 90 minutes before founding her dead. 

    Plus, Special Guest Mr. Collin Calvin will stop pass to discuss upcoming MEN'S EXPANDING TERRITORY event. Dial 917-889-3926 to partiicpate in the conversation LIVE on the AIR! We want to hear from you. REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES.

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    KURT COBAIN Murder or Suicide- Forensic Astrologer Linda Crystal Investigates

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    On April 8th, 1994, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was found dead of a gunshot wound sustained on April 5th, 1994, in his Seattle home. Many, including the Seattle Police Department, believe this gunshot wound was self-inflicted. Some do not. Renknowned Forensic Astrologer Linda Crystal investigates the case, bringing in her expertise of astrology, police investigations and psychic mediumship.

    Did Kurt commit suicide or was he in fact murdered? What do the planets and univeral energies of that time say about the man that inspired so many? 


    LINDA CRYSTAL: www.lindacrystal.com 


    Linda Crystal, Now with 38 Books Published and ON SALE at AMAZON.com, Kindle and Barnes & Noble Stores, BA Degree in Forensic Psychology from The State University of New York, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist producing RELAXATION CDs also at AMAZON.COM and MP3 for immediate download at www.lindacrystal.com working on SERIAL KILLERS, HOMICIDES and MISSING PERSONS FOR OVER 30 YEARS! Passing The NEW YORK STATE PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS EXAM, LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING WITH ICS, POLYGRAPH TRAINING, DECEPTION TRAINING, NUMEROLOGIST, GRAPHOLOGIST. Author of over 185 articles previously viewed on Yahoo Voices. Fellowship from College of Divine Metaphysics,Worked at WGR-TV, WAV-TV, WECK Radio, WBNY Radio CO-HOST TERRYE LYNN NEWCOMB was a SEARCHER, investing hours of her time to look for HAILEY DUNN, missing from COLORADO CITY, TEXAS. Manages the CHAT ROOM, answering questions, giving you links, helping listeners become followers. Discussing ASTROLOGY, Psychics, MISSING PEOPLE, Deception, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, Criminal Behavior, SPIRIT WORLD, Paranormal, Dreams, HYPNOSIS, PAST LIVES and various other METAPHYSICAL subjects. THE UNKNOWN WORLD EXISTS! 


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    Suicide or Murder? On The Next "Conversations Of A Sistah"

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    Controversy and speculation surround the events of Sandra Bland. The 28 year old Chicago woman who committed suicide in a Waller County (Texas) jail. Bland was stopped by state trooper, Brian Encinia for failure to signal before changing lanes. At some point a scuffle ensued, Bland kicked the officer and he arrested her for assault. Three days later Bland was found dead in her jail cell of an apparent suicide.

    Join Host, Tracy L. Bell at 6:30 p.m. on "Conversations Of A Sistah" as I address this question and talk about the comparison between Bland's suicide and that of another black woman in the same cell the day before.

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    The Spirit of Destruction and Murder

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    Destruction combined with murder can overwhelm even the strongest of Christians. The Paris attacks from ISIS and resent storms in the Northwest reminds us we must be continually vigilant against the wilds of the enemy. Tonights information from Julie uncovers the plot in Paris and future potentials exposed.

  • Suicide: The Ripple Effect; A film about Suicide Prevention

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    Kevin Hines, author of 'Cracked not Broken' joins me today to talk about his advocacy for suicide prevention and awareness as well as to promote his new film being released shortly.

    Suicide: The Ripple Effect


    A #Film about the devastating effect caused by suicide, and the powerful, positive ripple effect caused by hope that can help people heal & stay alive!

    Ways to help the #Campaign


    1-Promote link to indiegogo film funding page online: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube...etc.

    Here is our new Teaser Trailer from our forthcoming film, Suicide:The Ripple Effect...Enjoy, tweet, retweet, Like, & Share



    2-Contribute any amount...literally any amount on or after the launch, Nov 1, new link to come for that page. I will send you the link on the day of our launch November 1


    3-Share link to the page I will provide with family and friends so they can share with more friends.


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    071: The suicide I’m trying hardest to prevent is my own (Momentary Reflections)

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    Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Hashtags are made, inspiring pictures are shared, and hope is strong. On this day, we come together as a society and recognize that suicide is a serious issue.

    On a day that my efforts are especially recognized, I still know the suicide I’m trying hardest to prevent is my own.

    Much like an alcoholic, I still identify myself as someone with a problem. I still admit I’m at risk for suicidal behavior. I haven’t attempted suicide in nearly a decade. I haven’t felt the urge to end my life in a few years. I’ve quickly addressed and pushed through my spurts of depression. Yet, I recognize that deep in my psyche, there’s a risk.

    I’ve recently become anxious about this risk as I look towards the future. I hope to graduate from American University in May. People ask me, “What will you do when you graduate” or “do you have a job lined up?” Even worse, they tell me, “I know you’ll do great things.”

    This is tough to hear because it sounds a lot like the commentary I received as I exited the Marine Corps. I felt like I was set up for success. I had money in the bank, I had an impressive resume, and I had an plan of what I wanted to do. Or, so I thought. Like many veterans, I fell flat on my face. 

    Almost a year after I left the military I had lost my savings, only found jobs I didn’t like, and naturally became depressed. The year following that found me in debt, leaving a mutually disappointing relationship, and practically homeless.

    I was in a very dark place...

    *To finish this post, please listen to the podcast or read it at One2ManyProject.com/71*




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    The full impact of suicide; the lineage of emotional deprivation

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    Jane's car got destroyed by an 18 yr old this Friday while she was driving to a funeral of a 21 yr old.  Jane and Loran had to orchestrate rides to a city 2.5 hours away to make it to the funeral  How does one handle a crisis?  Jim Carrey's girlfriend died taking pills.  How easy is it to check out and just forget about life's problem?  Suicide, stress and other topics.  Join Jon, Don and Jane

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    DEATH of ELLIOTT SMITH -Suicide? LINDA CRYSTAL Forensic Astrologer Investigates

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    The death of Elliott Smith is fraught with questions, and few answers. Tonight Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologer and medium takes a look at Elliot's astro chart and tries to discover what exactly went on on the day of his death and the circumstances involved in it, before and after. Linda is renowned for solving many missing persons cases as well as murder cases. 

    On October 21, 2003, Smith died from two stab wounds to the chest. The coroner's report called it "possible suicide versus homicide," leaving the mode of death officially unconfirmed. Smith had been arguing with his live-in girlfriend Jennifer Chiba and according to Chiba, she locked herself in the bathroom when she heard Smith scream, and emerged to find him with a knife in his chest. The report also noted Smith's reported longstanding narcotics habit (specifically, "heroin and crack") but that Chiba said he had been clean for a year.





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    Suicide of a Loved One: A Panel Discussion

    in Self Help

    Did a member of your family commit suicide?

    If so, was it done in front of you and/or your relatives?

    How were you and/or your relatives affected by the suicide of a loved one?

    Be here to call in your questions or share your comments. Call  (657) 383-1766.

    Note: To protect the identity of our guests, their names and pictures will NOT be used with the exception of Shawna.

    The five stages of normal grief that were first proposed by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross* in her 1969 book On Death and Dying are:

    denial,  anger,  bargaining,  depression, and  acceptance.

    They are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost.They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling. But they are not stops on some linear timeline in grief. Not everyone goes through all of them or in a prescribed order. Our hope is that with these stages comes the knowledge of grief ‘s terrain, making us better equipped to cope with life and loss.

    At times, people in grief will often report more stages. Just remember your grief is an unique as you are.

    * Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross earned a place as the best-loved and most-respected authority on the subjects of death and dying. Through her many books, and her years working with terminally ill children, AIDS patients, and the elderly,Dr. Kubler-Ross brought comfort and understanding to millions coping with their own deaths or the death of a loved one. Her books have been translated into 27 languages. She passed away in 2004 at the age of 78. Before her death, she and David Kessler completed work on their second collaboration, On Grief and Grieving.

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    Teaching Tuesday -The Ripple Effect by Laurie Savoie invisible impact of suicide

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    I am so honoured to have Laurie Savoie here please join us for an hour discussion of her book, and call in if you want to join in on the discussion. This is a story of a mothers love, and a sons love reaching together to give comfort and love to others in miraculous ways, through the book she wrote with her son, "The Ripple Effect" invisible impact of suicide. http://www.amazon.com/The-Ripple-Effect-Invisible-Suicide/dp/1500391522  


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    Eight Year Old Boy is Charged With Murder

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    Let's discuss the reasons that an eight year old boy should or should not go to jail for murder. Join the show as we talk out loud. Call (818)301-5834 at 6:00 p.m.