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    Sui Juris- The path to lawful revolution

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    Please join me James Ward as I host my very first show on NWOTruthRadio, and what an honor it will be!! My very first guest will be the one and only Rob Johnson, the author of Sui-Juris the law of full age. Please join me as we unravel the unlawful corruption piece by piece.

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    Sui Juris on The House of Hidalgo Show

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    Join us today at 9:00 PM EDT on August 6, 2013. Our Special Guest will be Rob Johnson. Rob will bring forth timely material on Sui Juris Law that will assist all peoples on breaking the grip of the system that oppresses us all. Don't Miss it!!

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    In Propria Persona, Sui Juris

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    In Propria Persona or Pro Per In one’s own proper person. It was formerly a rule in pleading that pleas to the jurisdiction of the court must be plead in propria persona, because if pleaded by an Attorney they admit the jurisdiction, as an Attorney is an Officer of the Court, and he is presumed to plead after having obtained Leave, which admits the jurisdiction. related to  Pro Se:  one proceeding for himself and on their own behalf, in person. And Sui Juris (Law) law (usually postpositive) of full age and not under disability; legally competent to manage one's own affairs; independent

    [C17: from Latin, literally: of one's own right] 2. "Legally competent to manage one's own affairs. Lets go into these law and legal concept on the "Universe Conscious of Itself" show call @ (713)955-0522 this and every Thursday @ 8:00 pm pacific time LTPFJ!!!!!!!

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    Become Your Own Lawyer - Sui-Juris Law 101 Part 2

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    ‎"Become your own Lawyer" "Sui-Juris Law Part 2" It's My Opinion is back LIVE this Saturday with special guest Sui-Juirs law author Rob Johnson!!! Saturday Night 8pm eastern time! The first "Sui Juris 101" episode is below. This new broadcast special will b on said topic and the following; With the fiscal cliff and agenda 21 looming this is more important than ever. Because agenda 21 seeks to destroy the private ownership of property, it would force farmers to acquire a commercial permit just to use farm equipment on their own property. Allodial property ownership will also have to be a focal point of this as well, because allodial ownership of property, first in yourself, IS the root of all sovereignty. We'll also focus on the PRACTICAL APPLICATION of sui juris philosophy as well as practical methods for exercising and defending your freedom without permits or registration contracts.
    "Learn about your rights" "Learn how to protect yourself" "learn about your rights" "know your rights" "aclu know your rights" "bar association"

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    Meet Artist Lola Juris

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    Today my guest is Lola Juris. Lola's major passion is water-media, and she finds the inquisition of shapes a constant source of exploration.  She prefers an intimate view, focusing on lush, lyrical shapes that display a sensuality bordering on the erotic.  Her play of colors hopes to illuminate the shadows of the heart. 

    Her recent works reflect a continuing departure from the direct influence of nature, and they establish an ethereal atmosphere that searches for what to reveal and what to conceal.  She uses the self as a filter to explore the world around her.  In this way she articulates herself.

    "Each image is an invitation into a personal and intimate world into which I plan to seduce the viewer.  Therefore, watercolor's unpredictability and delightful happenings that appear without apparent effort, suggest a communication with accidents that make it the perfect medium  for this adventure."

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    Recap Of Sui Juris Methodology and Individual Rights

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    Join us at NWO Truth tonight as we discuss Sui Juris Law, with guest Rob Johnson. We will answer all of your legal/law questions to the best of our ability. - AJW 

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    Attorney, Blogger Kimberly Goins stops by Good Deeds w/ Dr. Renee Sunday

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    Kimberly A. Goins, Esq. is a graduate from The University of Alabama, where she was the first student at The University to graduate with a joint degree in law (juris doctor) and a Master of Arts in Political Science (concentrations: International Relations, Public Administration, and Political Theory). She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Political Science, also from The University of Alabama. She has worked in multiple areas of law, including civil and criminal law. In New York City and in Nashville, Tennessee.

    She is proficient in Spanish, including writing, translating, reading, and speaking, and has successfully communicated with Spanish-speaking clients.  She has been active with the American Bar Association (ABA) since law school, when she held the position of Lt. Gov. of Region IV (Alabama and Mississippi), and she now currently holds the positions of Vice Director of the Disaster Legal Services Team of the Young Lawyers Division, a position that she also held this past year, and the International Human Rights Steering Committee, through which she is Publications Editor of The Mexico newsletter. She has also served as a judge for ABA sponsored moot court competitions held in New York City. 

    She is an online blogger for the popular blog, thisisyourconscience.com, through which she writes about issues such as racism and sexism. She also writes for her own blogs, http://www.kimgoins.blogspot.com (songs and poetry) and her tumblr blog, http://goinsnyclawyer.tumblr.com. 

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    Devon Grant - PA Gov. Cabinet & Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities

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    Join us for a conversation with Devon Grant, Executive Director, of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Cabinet and Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities. This cabinet exists to make recommendations to the Governor on policies, procedure regulations and legislation that assist people with disabilities in Pennsylvania, serves as a liaison to individuals with disabilities, and as a resource to entities under the Governor’s jurisdiction, ensuring equality for people with disabilities in all facets of state government within the commonwealth.

    Devon holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Wheaton College in Illinois, and a Juris Doctor from Western State University, College of Law, in Fullerton, California. Prior to his appointment to his current position, Devon spent almost 10 years in the Reconsideration Unit of the Department of Public Welfare. 

    Some of his adventures include riding cross country on a motorcycle, climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan, and skiing in the Alps. Devon lives in Palmyra, with his wife and 3 children.

    PA Independent Living Radio Show is brought to you every Friday at 12:00 pm EDT/EST by The Arc of Luzerne County. Please consider a donation in support of our work to help improve the quality of life for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families through advocacy, resources, and community education.

    For more news and events of interest to the PA disability community, visit PA Disability News.

    Come back every Friday at 12pm EST/EDT for PA Independent Living - Thanks for listening!

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    IMO/SUI-JURIS/NWO Truth Radio

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    Tonight Live at 9pm eastern 8 central  Host Brandon Council, Dennis Ford, Anthony Woolston, and Rob Johnson will discuss  various topics such as Political Deception

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    Thru the Legal Looking Glass~ Confessions of a ex-BAR Attorney w/Joseph Sapp

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    Join us on another Evolve Quest as we venture into unprecedented territory~ interviewing a convert from the Dark Side, Joseph Sapp- a renegade, maverick cowboy who traded in his BAR card for a new lease on life as an honest and honorable member of the Human Family~!

    Topics to be covered:

    ~American Jurisprudence: Born in Blood and Betrayed by the BAR~!

    ~How Power really works in American Poilitics

    ~The Spiritual Side of Jurisdiction and Joinder

    ~"Lawful" vs. "Legal"

    ~Practicing Law and Providing Legal Advice as a non-BAR Member

    ~Pitfalls and Traps: What to look out for in the Courtroom

    ~The Dirtiest Tricks that Attorneys Use to Maintain Full-Spectrum Dominance

    ~The Secret Oath- Do BAR Attorneys Swear Fealty to the Crown Corporation

    ~The Titles of Nobility Act

    ~The Legal Name Fraud

    ~The Power of the County Sheriff

    ~The Power of the Notary Public

    ~What is State Sovereignty?

    ~ The inevitable Article 5 Constitutional Convention and what it means for the Federal Gov't and for State Governments

    ~Message from One Human Soul to Another~ What Really Matters?

    ~Next Steps we can take to Restore Law and Order in a System Gone Haywire?

    Please share this link with your friends:


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    Joseph N. Velasquez and helping students succeed

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    I was part of a show with Joseph N. Velasquez and Armando Sanchez discussing high school student’s general lack of study skills and the amounting amount of remediation needed at the college level to make up for. I was so fascinated that I wanted to invite both gentleman back for another show

    Joseph N. Velasquez, with 20 plus years combined government and private practice experience in corporate/general counsel business law, international law and civil litigation. Joseph is also the founder and CEO of OjoOido.com PBC and OjoOido-Academics.com LLC, enterprises exclusively dedicated towards overcoming the obstacles that inhibit the academic success of the Latino youth in our country.

    Joseph has extensive experience in K-12 education and higher education. He was a member of the California Mini-Corps Program; an elementary teacher in the Los Angeles School District’s Bilingual Program; an elementary teacher in the Culver City Unified School District's Spanish Immersion Program; peer counselor in the University of Southern California's Learning Skills and Development Center; and, Joseph has been a university administrator of campus-based programs at both private and public institutions. He served as the Director of the USC Norman Topping Student Aid Fund and the Director of the Academic Support Referral Center at San Jose State University.

    Joseph holds a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Southern California, a Civil Litigation Mediation Certificate from the University of Texas at Austin, and a California Multiple Subject Bilingual Teaching Credential (expired) from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

    Thank you to Armando F. Sanchez productions for letting me use the show Description  

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