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    David Sugarman

    in Sports

    David Sugarman is the CEO and Founder of SugarTime, Inc. – Miami’s hybrid sports agency and management firm. Established in October 2010 with departments focused on asset management, SugarTime officially expanded to a sports agency with Sugarman’s NBPA and FIBA agent certification in November 2012.


    Follow David on Twitter @MiamiSugar

    Connect with David Sugarman  www.sugartimeinc.com

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk Past Favorites with Frankie Flood

    in Art

    My Guest this Thursday, August 6th, 2015 at 3 p.m. PDT/6EDT on MetalSmith BenchTalk is metalsmith, artist, and educator Frankie Flood.


    About: Frankie Flood is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee where he teaches in Foundations and is currently co-area head in Jewelry & Metalsmithing at UWM. Flood is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where he received his Master of Fine Art degree in Metalsmithing.


    Flood utilizes the industrial processes of machining, stamping, anodizing, and powder coating to create one of a kind functional objects. His interest in machines and tools and the influence of his working class upbringing is a source of inspiration. Flood’s work investigates one of a kind objects and their role in a world based on mechanical reproduction.


    Recent National and International Juried Shows in which his creative metal work has been exhibited include: Hard & Soft exhibition, Denton, TX; Craft Forms exhibition, Wayne, PA; Display Use Only exhibition, Seattle, WA; Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2003 exhibition, Cheongju City, Korea; Innovative Tools For Personal Use exhibition (sponsored by 3M Corporation and the Society of North American Goldsmiths), Denver, CO. 


    In addition to being granted the George Sugarman Grant by The George Sugarman Foundation and an Illinois Arts Council grant in Craft, Frankie was recently awarded a UWM Graduate School Research Committee Award for his research in digital technology for the production of art.


    For more information about Frankie and his work, visit http://www.frankieflood.com/.

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    Engaging and Retaining Clients: Interview w/ Dr Roy Sugarman

    in Education

    The fitness industry is at a critical moment in its young life. More and more gyms are opening every day and the competition is becoming greater and greater. Simply having the latest equipment will no longer suffice. Relationships between member client and the staff at the gym must be strong if the business is to be successful. Unfortunately, many personal trainers and staff are not sure how to forge and strengthen these relationships. 
    Dr. Roy Sugarman has written "Engaging and Retaining Clients in Healthy Behavior Change" for this very purpose. Today, we will discuss the principles behind a client centered training approach, as opposed to a trainer-centric approach where the trainer is the "expert" and client is just meat. We will also talk about the various strategies an actual techniques they can apply immediately. 
    Our guest today is Dr. Roy Sugarman, Director of Applied Neuroscience at Athletes' Performance. Dr. Sugarman is a clinical neuropsychologist, a clinical psychologist, and an internationally-recognized expert in optimizing brain performance. With decades of experience working with corporate and field athletes, as well as victims of brain injury, Dr. Sugarman brings an objective approach to the management of mindset. He also advises on how to use these results to improve performance.

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Doug Ducey, Kristin Carey, Jim Collyer, Noah Warman

    in Business

    Noah Warman partner with the law firm of Sugarman & Susskind in Coral Gables, Florida, and a Florida Bar Board Certified attorney in labor and employment law. He has represented labor unions, benefit funds, and individual workers in Florida and in Illinois, including firefighters, electrical workers, and Teamsters

    Kirstin Carey Certified Holistic Nutritionist is the original “Freak at the Table.” She loves to enlighten people on the joys of food, health, and nutrition, and finding which foods work best for their bodies, their goals, and their lives! After discovering she had food allergies and Celiac Disease, Kirstin’s threw everything she had into learning about true wellness through food and all her random health issues finally made sense!  

    Jim Collyer national bestselling author and is recognized as one of the nation's top sales trainers. He co-authored "Cracking the Success Code" with Brian Tracy and he joined Brian"s team as a certified  sales trainer. He is working on a new book and training program which is going to help thousands of people achieve their sales goals. Bryan Rider, international marketing consultant, calls Jim Collyer "the master relationship seller

    Doug Ducey was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and came to Arizona in 1982 to attend ASU, where he earned a degree in finance. After working at Procter & Gamble, Doug helped launch Cold Stone Creamery on its path to success growing it from a few local stores into a worldwide brand. In 2010, he decided to make a positive difference by seeking public office and was elected Arizona’s 32 state treasurer. He is now hoping to be Arizona’s next governor

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    Cashist, Fascist and other Villians...

    in Current Events

    Join us for our 2nd show! We'll tackle subjects like Morality without religion (or mortality with it!?!), Violence and gun control, prison population, Wolf Blitzer and Tornado alley Atheist,Your freedoms and constitutional rights...Give us liberty or give us Dea...leave us alone Big brother! And as always Metal music, partying & conciousness developement! Call in even if your not peaceful or you just like a good debate with a couple godless wannabe anarchist !!! lol

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    Grandstand U NBA: Nothing but Net

    in Sports

    Tune in for Grandstand U's first NBA: Nothing but Net podcast.  Hosts David Sugarman and Blake Morgan will bounce around the league from the state of the east to injuries and other hot topics.  Grandstand U contributer Tommy Wood will also be calling in to give his take on the playoff picture and much more.   Make sure to tune in at 9:30 am to catch up on all the latest NBA news with Grandstand U.

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    Resurrecting America's Entrepreneurial Spirit with Joseph Nicassio

    in Jobs

    Joe Nicassio is America’s leading expert at troubleshooting business problems. He has successfully coached hundreds of entrepreneurs get more customers, to pay them more money, more often, the fastest, most cost effective ways possible.

    Joe started his career immersed in technology, working for Corporate America, at companies such as Sanyo Electric, and Eastman Kodak. After launching his own technology businesses, he experienced success, followed by major setbacks during the “dot com bubble.”

    Joe developed an obsessive quest for the truth of what works in business, so that he would never fail again. After attending a seminar with marketing genius Jay Abraham, Joe bartered his way into more seminars, by transcribing decades of “Marketing Think Tank” recordings for Jay.


    Joe wrote the business plan and marketing plan that successfully launched the design, engineering, manufacturing, packaging, merchandising, distribution, and initial promotion of a new product, the Pit Stop Portable Urinal System, from concept to fruition. (http://PitStopInfo.com)


    Joe is trained as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and has had the opportunity and good fortune to personally be mentored by America’s finest marketing practitioners, including Jay Abraham, Michael Levine, Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, and many others.

    Joe is President of RapidResultsMarketing.com, a marketing consultancy. He is a Past Area Governor for Toastmasters International, and part of the “Marketing Wizards Alliance” Faculty

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    BeSimply...GivingTree {standUP}

    in Culture

    Join 'She' for the GivingTree. ‘She’ will shine a light on the simple practice of standing UP! She will share how standing UP...is a gift worth GIVING!

    Shining a Light on Searching for Sugarman

    Music by:Cold Fact Rodriguez

    Here Sessions with 'She'

    Suzanne Toro
    Bare Naked Bliss
    Sessions with 'She'
    Banyan Botanicals
    Essential Living Foods

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    The Contractor's Corner!

    in Business

    Join us with Joe Sugarman from "BlueBlocker's Fame" as he tells us his secrets on successful marketing! Catch us live at 12 noon (EST)

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    Emotional Needs of Breast Reconstruction Patients

    in Health

    Join Pauline and Wendy of The Soul Matrix with their guests, Dr. Randall S. Feingold and Mollie Sugarman to address The Emotional Needs of Breast Reconstruction Patients.
    Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Randall S. Feingold shares his insights into the mind-body connection and how it improves healing and recovery for his patients.  He sees the “Whole” patient, and takes a holistic approach to surgery.
    Mollie Sugarman directs the Patient Empowerment Program (PEP). Clients who go through this program heal more quickly, require less anesthesia, and maintain a sense of self.  This program is on the verge of being recognized nationally as a new approach to surgery and healing for breast cancer patients.

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    Parenting Discipline for Toddlers to Teens

    in Parents

    Parenting discipline decisions are sometimes among the toughest but also some of the most critical that parents make. Focusing on respect, empathy, communication, and collaborative problem-solving helps parents model effective conflict resolution skills for their children. Listen in to learn how to use these skills to build stronger lifelong relationships with your children.
    Barbara Sugarman Grochal, M.A.T., M.B.A., and C.P.C.C., is a professional life coach, conflict coach, mediator, parenting trainer and facilitator, and parent of three 20-somethings. Barbara is the principal of Anything’s Possible: Coaching and Training. In a segment of her training and coaching practice, she helps parents draw on their deep desires for their children and young adults learn to address independence and boundary issues.
    Barbara is Director of the Schools Conflict Resolution Education Program at the Center for Dispute Resolution at the University of Maryland King Carey School of Law. She provides training in Maryland and nationally and is a recognized as a Champion of Conflict Resolution Education.
    Stephen Kotev is a Washington D.C. based conflict resolution consultant offering mediation, negotiation, conflict analysis, facilitation, training and somatic education to private and government clients. He holds a Master of Science degree from George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a black belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido.