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    Girlsnightoutradio discuss the Sugar Daddy Formula

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    SUCCOSO Magazine presents


    August 15 2014 at 9pm est.

    Hot Interviews with Taylor B.Jones 
    The author of the Sugar Daddy Formula 

    What's your sign? 
    August Horoscope

    Juicy Topic? 
    Would you date an older man? 

    The Dopest Unsigned Hype Ever

    Hosted by @Trinastarzx

    Tune In onwww.blogtalkradio.com/gnoradio

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    MONEY OVER MEN: I don't need love

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    golddiggers, sugarbabies, whatever you want to call it. I only have time for men that can provide me with monetary means. this lifestyle is not for everyone.But I know you are curious of what it is about. They're are so many judgmental people. Let's talk about it!!!!!!

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    X Fox On The Box: Do You Need a SugarDaddy??

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    Join me with Ms. Leidra Lawson author of "Sugar Daddy: 101" as she shares the pro's & con's of the lifestyle as well as dispels myth's associated with being a SugarBaby (SB) or a Sugar Daddy (SD)!  If you have an opinon or a story regarding the "Suga" lifestlye you'd like to share...feel free to call in and PRESS 1!
                             Join me on FaceBook Twitter @XaviaFox Catch "Xavia Fox Talks" on YouTube "XFoxonthebox"

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    William Martin Sugardaddy ,Shuntai & Sugar DBuzzrockwarrior

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    Sugardaddy Biography
    William Martin aka Sugardaddy is originally from Antigua & Barbuda (Caribbean) and is living in Basel (Switzerland) since 18 years. In the year 1992 he founded the Uprising Sound System. With this Sound System he was playing monthly in the Summer casino in Basel for seven years. Sugardaddy is also known as DJ and MC. He gave many reggae and hip hop DJ's a possibility to come out with their music at the Uprising events. The well known Basel Reggae group Scrucialists had their FIRST concert at a Uprising Sound System Reggae Party. Also Famara was on stage at the well known Uprising Reggae Parties. After the Summercasino Uprising Sound System did play in many other international cities as well as in Germany, France, 
    England and Antigua W.I. (In germany in the known UNIVERSAL DOG Disco in Lahr). During the sound system time Sugardaddy also started to sing and has performed with various reggae bands such as Gang Lords (CH), Red
    Eyes Bands (France), Italian Dove (Antigua), Jahfreeka (France), Fighing Roots (France/Switzerland), Free Limits (CH), Herbal Soldiers (CH), Mighty Roots (CH). Among
    other things, he opened the show with Fighting Roots at the
    Tony Rebel, Warrior King and Queen Africa concert in Mulhouse (France). Through the music Sugardaddy got also mentioned 2009 in a special music book. The name of the book is PopBasel.

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    Wendy Davis uses campaign funds to pay for her Luxury lifestyle

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    Wendy Davis is using campaign funds to pay for her upscale luxery lifestyle which includes a maid.

    Marvel Comics introduces Ms. Marval, a Muslim super hero. What would Muslim Ms Marval have done on 9-11? Would she have stopped the hijackers?

    Woody Allen is a creep, will he show up at the Oscars?

    TWITTER @briancraigshow



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    Sugardaddy 101 Author Leidra Lawson joins us to talk about her controversial book.

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    What exactly is a sugardaddy? How do you get one? Author and "sugarbaby" Leidra Lawson will share the ancient secrets of how a woman can get a man to finance every thing from shopping sprees to her startup business. Later, Catey Hill, NY Daily News' money editor and author of the new book, "Shoo, Jimmy Choo" will tell join us to talk about how you can save money and still be fashionable and fabulous. Afterall, no one wants to end up like Carrie Bradshaw in that episode of "Sex And The City" where she finds out that she can't afford to buy a condo because the bulk of her net worth was spent on designer shoes.

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    How to Marry a Rich Man & Score a Sugardaddy!

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    Tune into Dating Coach DeAnna Lorraine as she discusses a rather controversial topic - that of how to find, date, and marry rich men and women, and be a "Sugarbaby"! This will be quite an interestnig show, and she will also be interviewing 2 experts on the subject - Author Ginie Polo Salyes, who wrote the groundbreaking bestseller "How to Marry the Rich," and Leidra Lawson, author of Sugardaddy 101! Call in with all your dating, sex, and love questions and dilemmas to be solved on air, and you are encouraged to call in with your questions, comments or rants for the guests! Stir up the pot a little, don't be shy. You can also WATCH from INSIDE the studio live at: http://www.sdonlineradio.com and for more info on DeAnna the Dating Coach, go to http://www.deannalorraine.com

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    What's going on 2/6...with Xavia Fox!!!

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    Stay in the know with the exciting developements, activities and events coming up with Xavia Fox!!
    Unfortunately the SugarDaddy 101 Workshop has been CANCELLED!!
    Would you like to learn Video Editing?? Are you in the Chicagoland Area?
    Tune in for the NEW SEGMENT: Relationship Tips!! These tips will help Singles dealing with being single and wanting a relationship, as well as those in relationships trying to keep it solid!!
    Get READY for our "Back To SUMMER" Rooftop PARTY coming in JUNE!!
    You don't want to miss "What's Going On"...with Xavia Fox!!

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    Re: Xavia Fox Show featuring our girl Leidra Lawson

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    This talk show is an extension for other sugarbabes (who follow my blog) and I to connect and share our adventures.Which includes real life events of heartaches, heartbreaks, highs & lows, dramas and the moments of clarity as a sugarbaby just trying to find her way. Risking it all in order to have the lifestyle we dream of one day. Will we make it? Will we give up?Keep tuning in and we'll see.

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    The EJ and the Bear Show with Umpaloompa Pete

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    Static Air Radio presents Tonight's Topics:

    1) Turbo Timmy wants to raise the debt ceiling for good. No More pesky fiscal cliffs he said. Uncle Sugardaddy Benny agrees.

    2) Just in time for Thanksgiving we have a record number of people on food stamps and a record number going to food pantry's. Yeah, the economy is rockin.

    3) Elmo Quits! PBS is silent.

    4) Some pre-Thanksgiving stupid news.

    5) Tonight is Thanksgiving Nacht! What are you thankful for? You might be surprised by what we are thankful for... or maybe you won't be.

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    TWZ - Femcee Fridays

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    The War Zone radio show presents: Femcee Friday's !!!
    9/28/12 Friday ~ Show time @ 5pm Pacific 6pm Mountain 7pm Central and 8pm Eastern
    Call in live @ (310) 861-2335

    Anotha Friday in The War Zone as your hosts Caramel Latte, Indigo Soul & Suga Bezy play the HOTTEST underground female hip hop music on the planet. Don't miss this episode as your hosts discuss thought provoking topics such as:

    1. What would be a pro and a con to having a member of your family as a manager?


    2. Is having a sugardaddy prostitution? How is it different from having a boyfriend, or a friend, that does the same things for you?
    ALSO in The War Zone your hosts will be interviewing none other than ELLE WRECKLESS! A hot femcee from ILLIONIOS!!!


    and remember ... don't get mad it's THE WAR ZONE !!!

    Check out our featured artist ELLE WRECKLESS at :

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