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    Suffering The Journey of Patience and Joy

    in Religion

    Life is not void of negative situations occuring in our life in fact most people go through seasons or situations of suffering. Most people complain and ask God why? As though they are not suppose to experience any hard time in life, but the way we handle a situation/trials is determine by us. We must learn how to walk in the patience of God and to pray the prayer of faith. Along the way we can help others who may be lost or struggling. Too often people struggle because they have not yet made a decision to believe the Word of God and act on it. Many know what God said and the promises he made, but have not yet chosen to act on them.

    It is time we move. Join me this week as we conclude the series on the book of James.

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    Carnivore Suffering - Show #531

    in Pets

    Join hosts, animal naturopaths, Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason this week as they discuss the needs of the carnivore - both wild and domestic. In addition they hope to show how the carnivore brings life. The carnivore is often thought of as those who cause death and suffering to so many which is causing a trophic cascade to the detriment of all species. Now it is being wrought by the very ones professed to be their healers in domesticity. However, it will cause nothing more than chronic illness and suffering in the companion carnivore. 

    Videos mentioned during the show:

    https://youtu.be/ysa5OBhXz-Q and http://www.whitewolfpack.com/2015/08/25-wolves-chases-down-bison-one-of.html?m=1



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    Living Hope: Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind

    in Spirituality

    Living Hope: Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind with Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

    As an infant, Lynne survived a tragic house fire that claimed her father and two sisters and left her with severe burns over much of her body. She lived most of her life with a severely depressed and alcoholic mother, who shared with Lynne at five years old her thoughts of suicide. She lived through her stepfather being crushed to death in a logging accident and her mother being murdered in a bar-room robbery. After all she has been through Lynne is radiantly happy and living a life of pure service to the world. 

    She is here today with her new book Living Hope: Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind an Amazon #1 best seller, talking about how she went from hopelessness to hope. This is the woman you want at your side when you are in such deep pain and chronic misery that you don’t see the way out and can’t understand why bad things keep happening to you or other “good” people you love.

    Today, Lynne is an intuitive consultant specializing in bringing guidance to those who seek assistance with their spiritual path, in additional to facilitating physical healing, emotional growth and removing blocks to a life of joy, meaning and purpose. She has a doctorate in education, is a licensed substance abuse counselor, an Access Bars® instructor, an advanced level ThetaHealer® and course instructor. She teaches at Northern Arizona University and maintains a private practice in Phoenix, Arizona.

    For more information visit: www.LynneCockrum-Murphy.com

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    The Value Of Suffering

    in Christianity

    Although we typically dread suffering, there is great value in it. Join Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak as he discusses the value of suffering. In addition, we will read and discuss today's daily Mass readings. Tune in and see why so many people are making The Gary Zimak Show part of their daily spiritual routine!

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    Believers Learn Obedience To God Through Discipline (Suffering)

    in Spirituality

    This episode of A Sound Heart will explore the very important doctrine of spiritual discipline.  God is in the process of bringing many sons and daughters into glory through the instrumentality of suffering.  The church is a group of persons who have been called out from spiritual death through the power of the Spirit of God.  We are now called to walk in newnwss of life.  We are to put off the old nature and put on the new nature and never take it off.  Through discipline we learn the necessity of following the will of God.

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    Help For The Suffering

    in Christianity

    Are you suffering? Join Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak as he offers prayers, Bible verses and words of consolation designed to help you. Sometimes we can't figure out why bad things happen, but God will always give us the grace that we need. There is always hope. Don't give up. Listen to this episode of The Gary Zimak Show and remember that the Lord loves you and will NEVER desert you!

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    Job And The Crucible Of Suffering According To The Will Of God

    in Spirituality

    This episode of A Sound Heart will explore the Job model of suffering according to the will of God.  The permissive will of God was at work in the suffering milieu of Job.  Job's suffering is almost unbearable to read.  It is at time frightening, and distrubing to comtemplate.  One is taken aback at the dynamic and powerful resolve of the beleaguered Job.  The message of Job is a timeless spiritual gem.  Job was a man who had everything, but everything he had did not have Job.  Job's heart belonged to Yahweh and not to himself.  Job has relentless passion for God, and his passion for God protected his heart during his unspeakable trials.

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    Can You Reclaim Your Power in the Face of Pain and Suffering?

    in Health

    How can you have hope in a world where there is constant pain and suffering?  Have you had way too many challenges to feel you can go on?  What will it take to stop your spirit?  How can you live through loss and pain?  Did you already throw in the towel and wish you could get it back?  There is always time to live again, to be happy again and to come out of the darkness of life.

    Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, author of Living Hope, share how to live through loss and regain your power to live a full life.  She has experienced great loss, pain, suffering and life events that could have left anyone wondering 'Why Me', but Lynn has grown to live a blessed hopeful life.

    For more information on Lynn visit:  www.LynneCockrum-Murphy.com

    For more information on Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND visit:  www.MyPersonalAdvocate2.com and www.DrJeanetteGallagher.com


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    Stop Suffering Now!

    in Spirituality

    Guest: Blake D. Bauer

    Featured Book:  You Were Not Born To Suffer 

    Website: http://www.unconditional-selflove.com/

    You Were Not Born To Suffer teaches the reader how to practically love, honor, value, accept, forgive, be true to, believe in, and respect oneself, as the key to healing and preventing mental, emotional and physical suffering. It has proven to be an authoritative guide to finding inner peace, health, happiness and fulfillment.


    Bio:Blake D. Bauer is an internationally recognized author, counselor, and alternative medicine practitioner. His bestselling book You Were Not Born To Suffer and pioneering work center on loving yourself unconditionally as the key to healing yourself, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and realizing your full potential both personally and professionally.

    Based on his training with spiritual teachers, healers, and masters from all over the world, Blake practices and teaches various forms of meditation, qi gong, qi gong energy medicine, and dao yin (a health and longevity yoga). Blake’s formal education also includes traditional Chinese medicine, five-element Chinese medicine, nutritional medicine, herbal healing, psychology, past life regression therapy-hypnosis, and various other forms of traditional healing and alternative medicine.

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    Suffering a Great Point of Preparation

    in Christianity

    No one is signing up to suffer, but it is inevitable if you are going to be used by God. The best humble pie is suffering, because you notice that when you have endured through a trying time you gain a greater appreciation of God. Remember you said that you wanted a closer walk with Jesus, well let's start the process.