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    'Misguided' by Kathryn Kelly

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    and new music from:

    Jim Vierra & Friends w/ 'Hopeful Eyes'

    Robin Hood da Great w/ 'Revolution'

    iaENT w/ 'Reggie Street'

    Amahdigital w/ 'Don't Wanna Be A Gangsta'

    JK Coltrain w/ 'Somebody's Angel'

    Metro Expo w/ 'Come To Me'

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    Erin Margolis of Game Dev House -- How Video Games Develop Critical Thinking

    in Radio

    Approx 64 million kids ages 8-18 spend an average of 7.5 hours a day playing video games. Some schools are considering incorporating video games into learning, but parents are cautious about the time kids spend strategizing how to beat the next level of World of Warcraft. Sitting in front of a screen for hours seems mindless, but playing video games can help make kids sharper and smarter. Playing video games is like a Sudoku puzzle or word search in hyper-drive. Working through varying levels of difficulty exercises your brain like skill puzzles do. Many educators believe that video games combine instruction and demos, a more effective learning technique than the style now in use. A study at the U of Michigan concluded video games that exercise working memories can enhance abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills, which may inpact future educational and occupational success. Video games can enable STEM education from elementary school through college, as they teach skills such as analytical thinking, multitasking, strategizing, problem-solving, and team building. Traditional learning is done with text books, but games are best at teaching on a deeper level. Kids also have the opportunity to learn how games are made at technology-driven summer camps offering programs in video game design and programming on over 63 college campuses nationwide. Today’s guest feels that video games develop critical thinking and crucial life skills. Erin-Michelle Margolis is the COO of Game Dev House, an organization that pairs video game professionals with students who want to learn game development. She has worked in the video game industry for several years as well as with iD Tech Camps at Harvard and Princeton. After the interview, go to After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    The Beat Break Weekend With Sash La Ki & Lyrika Holmes 02-22-14

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    The Beat Break Weekend with Sean Garvey, Cignature Fraze, and Lo Lo G. The weekend edition of the Beat Break Morning Show which consists of comedy, independent music, news, information, various topics, raw, uncut, and uncensored improv content. The Beat Break Weekend is supported by Dark Knight Entertainment, Preacherman's Wednesday Night Comedy Showcase, P&J Tax Professionals www.pjtax.net, and Beat Break Radio FM. 


    On this episode of The Beat Break Weekend...Musical artists Sash La Ki and Lyrical Holmes stops by to talk about their new single "Sudoku (Wings)" and their new initiative. Plus,Cignature Fraze delivers The Street Slamz and Jamz Report, and Sean Garvey's recent problems with dating. 

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    I Did Sudoku - Mike Warner Became a Father!

    in Lifestyle

    Great News! TIVOMIKE shares the good news of the birth of Mike Warner's son this weekend! On today's Money Matters Monday, TIVOMIKE discusses the Providence Place Mall bankruptcy and the financial bailout of the car industry. TIVOMIKE also provides helpful advice to his listeners about buying a house and holiday gift-buying! Plus, TIVOMIKE did his first ever Sudoku puzzle - and he did it in PEN!

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    Corn Talk: It's Puzzling

    in Fun

        If there was one word to describe puzzles, it has to be 'addicting.' They're like eating potato chips. You can't have one and be done. You must push forward until the entire thing is completely cashed. The question is, "Are they enjoyable or does the thought of even starting one make your head hurt? Why is it so hard to stop? Where did the idea of a puzzle even come from? What memories do you carry of working on puzzles? Tune in!…Call in at 323-927-2925

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    Christian Devotions Speak UP! with R.C. Sproul Jr.

    in Religion

    Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP!as host Scott McCausey interviews Author, Professor, and Pastor Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr.
    Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary and Grove City College. He received his Doctorate of Ministry in 2001. R.C. was the founding pastor of Saint Peter Presbyterian Church, and is Founder, Chairman and Teacher of Highlands Ministries. He has written or edited thirteen books including Biblical Economics, Almighty Over All, Tearing Down Strongholds, Eternity in our Hearts, Bound for Glory, When You Rise Up and Believing God.  Of all these godly chores, Dr. Sproul says the most important thing is that he is the husband of Denise and the father of Darby, Campbell, Shannon, Delaney, Erin Claire, Maili, Reilly, and Donovan.
    At Highlands Ministries, R.C. is the principal teacher and serves as editor of the magazine, Every Thought Captive. When not busy teaching or playing with the children, he is snow skiing, golfing, or trying to solve a Sudoku puzzle.

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    Develop Your Career Strategy

    in Business

    Special guest Adriana Llames debunks job search myths and offers advice on developing a job search strategy in this week's show.

    Adrianna is the author of "Career Sudoku: 9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game." She has been names "One of the Finest Career Coaches" by the Examiner and is a globally featured career expert. Featured by such publications as ABC News, The New York Post, The Denver Post, The Chicago Examiner, and Hispanic Executive Magazine, Adriana's advice is a must listen for all job seekers. Be sure to visit http://www.adrianallames.com for more information before the show.

    We'll also feature our regular segments College Connection getting the pulse of today's college student and Social Circle taking your Twitter and Facebook questions.

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    Would you like to have  a better memory, to score higher on tests, to succeed at work or school, or to use intuition to improve any situation?  'Buff Brain' is the program for you.
    Listeners of all ages are invited to join host, Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., and her guests as they explore enjoyable, playful ways to improve thinking skills.  Strategies for solving thought questions, logic and math puzzles, word games, Sudoku, and many more will be highlighted in each show.
    We will discuss resources for learning, remembering, and easily recalling information.  Callers are invited to share their experiences and challenges with our host and guests. 

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    New weekly show featuring offbeat news stories, perhaps TV, movie, and entertainment talk. Gossip. Things that annoy me. Things that amuse me. Urban Dictionary: WTF does that mean? Meet my Facebook friends: Who the hell are these people? and so much more. You are encouraged to call. Vent. Rant. Giggle. We don't care, it's all good.
    This week's guest co-host is the absolutely hilarious new YouTube sensation, Hannah Hart, of "My Drunk Kitchen." 
    Hannah "Harto" Hart is a SF Bay Area native and recent (as of January 2011) transplant to New York City. To support herself, Harto works as a proofreader for an international translation firm. In her freetime, she can be found listening to music and doing sudoku in cafes. She calls this "writing". She enjoys long meandering walks, impromptu dance parties, and artisinal cheeses.
    Recently, Harto decided to make a cooking show and get drunk while doing it. "My Drunk Kitchen" was received with mild (to moderate) attention and has encouraged aspiring alcoholics everywhere. For this she is very proud.
    Currently, she stars in, films, and edits all of her own videos. Harto has also written a screenplay, some sketch comedy, and lots of terrible poetry. All of which she hopes one day to share.
    Feel free to call in to speak on topic to 347-215-7536. Or, if there doesn't seem to be one- start one up!

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    Ways to Win the Job Search Game in 2011 on Reach Out Job Search Radio 1/6 @ 6:00pm EST

    in Business

    Looking for employment? 30 Million Americans are either unemployed, underemployed and even more are not counted on any stats or figures. Our Thursday, January 9th "Reach Out Job Search" radio show @ 6pm EST with kick off the new year with two outstanding guests: Sherrie A. Madia Ph.D.- Director of Communications at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and Adriana Llames-Veteran Career Coach, Professional speaker and author. Ms Llames will appear at 6:15pm EST to discuss her book Career Sudoku: 9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game, Adriana Llames. During our 7:00pm EST hour Dr. Sherrie Madia will discuss how to excel at using social media to find employment as co-author of The Online Job Search Survival Guide.
    Host Monica Ross-Williams a writer for Detroit Job Search Examiner for Examiner.com. and ADAN News and is a Senior Moderator on Merchantcircle.com. Being underemployed, Monica understands the efforts of those seeking to return back to the workforce. Stop by the show Thursday's @ 6pm to share your opinion, thoughts, ideas and more on this issue, affecting millions of Americans. Call into Thursday, January 6th show with any questions and concerns for our guests or host beginning at 6:00 PM via 347-934-0185. Online chat will also be available during the show time of 6:00-8:00pm EST.

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    Books and Boku Sodoku

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    "Boku Sudoku" Developer Ben Moy
    & "Quondam" Author Jayel Gibson
    visits Gamer Girls Radio

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