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    Fucking, Sucking, Loving, Licking, Unifying, Presence and Orgasm!

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    Join Rev. Goddess and hear The Seven Acts of Sex! Created and shared in her BOOK The Goddess Scrolls ~ Sacred Erotic Tales! With all that we do with our bodies, sex tends to be the one ability people confuse! Allow your sucking licking and love making to expand beyond the body coffessions we share with one another. Enjoy an evening with Rev. Goddess getting aroused and manifesting the true art of Fucking! Explore Learn and Be There! 

    Goddess Blessings 

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    Thumb Sucking & Pacifiers--Why it Happens and What to do About it

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    Today, America's Dental Hygienist, Shirley Gutkowski talks with Diana Lubbs.  Diana is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Oral Myofunctional Therapist. Shehas been in the profession of promoting good oral health for 40+ years. Her Education background includesboth a Bachelor's degree and Master’s work at the University of Illinois and Oral Myofunctional training at UCLA.  She is an active member of several professional Associations including the American Dental Hygienists Assoc., Utah Dental Hygienists Assoc., Am. Assoc. of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry, and Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences.  Diana actively teaches classes for (Davis) County Health on Dry Mouth Relief and Oral Habit Cessation and is currently a practicing dental hygienist and Oral Myofunctional Therapist. 

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    Sucking for Luck sucks

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    Fantasy Football Depth Perspective Session 2.2: host Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion believes the NFL has a long-term competitive integrity and business model problem.  

    Tampa Bay's week 17 home loss to New Orleans was the first known instance of an NFL team benching its starters to lock up the number one pick and future franchise QB.

    Sports leagues canabalize themselves by increasingly offering non-exclusive rights to same product to multiple partners.

    Brand equity blowback is a hidden cost of tanking. 

    NFL stadium attendence is growing slower than the economy partly because professional football has the worst stadium viewing experience in sports. 

    NFL can solve both it's competitive integrity and busienss growth problems by implementing a secondary league with team promotion and relegation. 

    Owners think that fans think that they want parity, but it is the blue pill of sports -- nobody really wants it. 

    No advanced metrics were provided by PlayerProfiler.com. 

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    GRAVE SUCKING/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

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    Amazon.com: pat holliday kindle: Books  amzn.to/1hpFpei


    Have you heard of Grave Sucking?

    Can the Word of Faith hyper-mystical-Third Wave crowd get any more bazar?  What is with this new occult sounding practice often referred to as grave sucking?


    Yes a supposed Christian “pastor,” Bill Johnson led a group to John Lake’s grave. He was looking for Lake’s anointing to heal the sick by a supernatural power. They prostrated themselves  upon Lake’s grave weeping, worshipping and expecting that Lake’s ministry power. He claims to be a Christian minister.


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    Seven One

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    Today we dive into Chapter 5 of Matthew to give us all the insight we need in understanding the message Jesus Christ was trying to bring out for a bunch of newbies to the soon to be foundation of Christianity.Using your very own Bibles I urge you to make a new path to learning about Christianity in a common sense approach and not filled with the hype of shouting or crying like a child to make you feel good so to speak. The relationship with God is yours and yours alone.

    Then we will touch on a scripture that sends people crazy as to why would Jesus think this way.

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    Thanks for sucking, Ti West.

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    On tonights magnificent episode of Death By DVD Ti West's most recent lack of effort, The Sacrament is discussed. Is it really a bad movie? No. Not in the least bit!

    But what the hell? You know exactly why this is 30 minutes of Ti West getting called a douche bag. YOU KNOW.

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    Secret Prayers (Identifying False Teachers.)

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    Matthew 7;15 the most controversial of scriptures to date.We will open the eyes of those who opened the door to a group of very nice people who preached about an end to come or an end that never came or an end that will maybe come...well you can see the end from the many times they got it wrong. Consistent? Yes indeed very consistent in getting it wrong, we will reveal the tragedy they create with many who fell for this 100 year lie.

    Matthew 7;1 says not to judge others or be judged the measure you are judging out, I feel correcting their many errors is not judging it is merely setting it straight.

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    Millennial Party.

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    The United States is ill-served by only two mainstream parties and desperately needs a legitimate third party representing a more diverse set of views. Over 300 million people with unbound diversity, and we have two parties? This is archaic.
    We support thinking over ideology. And we obviously (and thankfully!) don’t share all the same views- that would be boring. But we support each other and seek collaboration and honest cooperation. To support the Millennial Party, one does not need to be doctrinaire or agree 100% with what’s written here. We are dynamic and flexible; homogeneity and staleness are bad.
    It almost goes without saying, but we demand full and equal rights and treatment for people of all races, genders, ethnicities, religions/belief systems (so long as they basically follow the Golden rule), sexualities and any other thing that is part of who a person is. We support gay marriage across the nation and world. We support a woman’s right to choose about when and if to give birth.  We think these stances are self-evidently moral and the basis for law.Globalization is good. 

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    Secret Prayer

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    Matthew Chapter 6 verse 6 is the topic for today as we navigate through the sermon on the mount chapters we will reveal so many great words spoken By Jesus Christ as he put common sense back into God at a time where traditions ran a muck. The importance of prayer is visualised only through the eyes of the person who is actaully talking to God.  But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.

    1 Peter 4.7 and Matthew 6.6 to very important scriptures.

    False teachers segment... The Watchtower Bible and tract society.

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    Secret Prayer

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    Bible Study segment...

    Hello to all, time to continue the book of Matthew with 3 chapters giving us insight on Jesus and his relentless effort to reveal to all his ability to love and show mercy to all mankind.

    False teachers Segment... Matthew 7;15

    Also we will continue the exposing of a society that has changed the lives of millions with no cause for their effect on families and friends associated at one time with these false teachings.

    Testimonys from the past revealing the inconsistency of this group that claims to have Gods sole backing.


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    Secret Prayer

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    Today we educate you on the beginning quest of Jesus christ and the  true meaning of the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew chapter 5 thru chapter 7, a true look on the meaning of these three chapters will always help you to become closer to the teachings needed to sustain a quality of life surrounded by true christianity.

    We base our show off of Matthew 6 verse 6.

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