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    Why Do Men And Women Enjoy Breast Sucking And Touching??

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    Join the show as we try to explain the reasons that men and women enjoy breast touching and sucking. Join us at 10:00am. Call (818)301-5834.

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    Get That Mouth in Shape: The Scoop on Pacifiers, Thumb-Sucking, & Mouth Toys

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    Most of us don’t think about how a child’s mouth develops, but there is a developmental process that impacts feeding, speech skills, and more.  

    Feeding Specialist and Speech-Language Pathologist, Diane Bahr, is back with us to talk about what most people don’t know about mouth development, mouth behaviors, and mouth toys. 

    She’ll talk with us about the process, common problems, and best practices.

    We'll talk about the pros and cons of pacifiers and thumb sucking and how to successfully wean children from these behaviors and set them on the path to good mouth development and so much more. 

    Learn more about mouth and feeding development, Diane's books and parent resources and her new eCourse at her website Ages & Stages 





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    Thumb sucking, when to start worrying; with Judith Dember-Paige, RDH, OMT

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    Thumb sucking is a problem for nearly everyone. Often the child has sucked his/her thumb since before they're born and getting them to stop is nearly impossible. Why do children suck their thumb or fingers?  The answers may surprise you. 

    Cross Link Radio, health from the eye teeth on down. I’m here to help you understand some of the mysteries of health from the perspective of the oral health care provider, that’s me, Shirley Gutkowski. I’m a clinical dental hygienist. I’m in the prevention mode, helping you keep your health at its optimum by bringing a wide variety of guests with the information you want to know.

    NOW get CE from listening to Cross Link Radio email Shirley for more info!

    Guest: Judith Dember-Paige
    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski

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    Fucking, Sucking, Loving, Licking, Unifying, Presence and Orgasm!

    in Lifestyle

    Join Rev. Goddess and hear The Seven Acts of Sex! Created and shared in her BOOK The Goddess Scrolls ~ Sacred Erotic Tales! With all that we do with our bodies, sex tends to be the one ability people confuse! Allow your sucking licking and love making to expand beyond the body coffessions we share with one another. Enjoy an evening with Rev. Goddess getting aroused and manifesting the true art of Fucking! Explore Learn and Be There! 

    Goddess Blessings 

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    Thumb Sucking & Pacifiers--Why it Happens and What to do About it

    in Family

    Today, America's Dental Hygienist, Shirley Gutkowski talks with Diana Lubbs.  Diana is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Oral Myofunctional Therapist. Shehas been in the profession of promoting good oral health for 40+ years. Her Education background includesboth a Bachelor's degree and Master’s work at the University of Illinois and Oral Myofunctional training at UCLA.  She is an active member of several professional Associations including the American Dental Hygienists Assoc., Utah Dental Hygienists Assoc., Am. Assoc. of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry, and Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences.  Diana actively teaches classes for (Davis) County Health on Dry Mouth Relief and Oral Habit Cessation and is currently a practicing dental hygienist and Oral Myofunctional Therapist. 

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    GRAVE SUCKING/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

    in Religion

    Amazon.com: pat holliday kindle: Books  amzn.to/1hpFpei


    Have you heard of Grave Sucking?

    Can the Word of Faith hyper-mystical-Third Wave crowd get any more bazar?  What is with this new occult sounding practice often referred to as grave sucking?


    Yes a supposed Christian “pastor,” Bill Johnson led a group to John Lake’s grave. He was looking for Lake’s anointing to heal the sick by a supernatural power. They prostrated themselves  upon Lake’s grave weeping, worshipping and expecting that Lake’s ministry power. He claims to be a Christian minister.


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    Sucking for Luck sucks

    in Sports

    Fantasy Football Depth Perspective Session: Episode 73: host Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion believes the NFL has a long-term competitive integrity and business model problem.  

    Tampa Bay's week 17 home loss to New Orleans was the first known instance of an NFL team benching its starters to lock up the number one pick and future franchise QB.

    Sports leagues canabalize themselves by increasingly offering non-exclusive rights to same product to multiple partners.

    Brand equity blowback is a hidden cost of tanking. 

    NFL stadium attendence is growing slower than the economy partly because professional football has the worst stadium viewing experience in sports. 

    NFL can solve both it's competitive integrity and busienss growth problems by implementing a secondary league with team promotion and relegation. 

    Owners think that fans think that they want parity, but it is the blue pill of sports -- nobody really wants it. 

    No advanced metrics were provided by PlayerProfiler.com. 

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    part 2 the best the bestb no one will ever keep u down

    in Comedy

    yes sucking clits

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    THE LIFE...presents: Don't Worry...Be Happy!

    in Religion

    On this episode of The Life, Pastor Eunice and the crew talk about the topic of contentment. So many people are dissatisfied with thier lives and don't know how to enjoy the here and now. Listen in to find out what causes this discontentment and how to deal with this life sucking issue.

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    Whats the freakest thing you ever do

    in Lifestyle

    This guy I had met randomly in a strip club on my 25th birthday brought me into the bathroom and had sex with me there. I would never do it again, but it was extremely hot.

    So this girl was riding me near the edge of the bed when she leaned back. I figured she was just trying to get me in deeper but it turns out she was reaching into her purse. She pulled out a warm hotdog (WTF?) and began running it between her boobs. Then she got up and pushed me down onto the bed. She turned around and moved back to my face and bent over, but then she reached her hand beneath her and started moving the hot dog around on my lips while sucking my dick. I wish I didn’t like it, but I did. God knows where she even read to do that.

    My now-wife (and no I did not marry her for this) pulled me a little further off the edge of the bed when she was giving me head and started rimming me. At first I was totally averse to it, but then I had the best orgasm of my life.

    My boyfriend fingers me while sitting at a bar sometimes. The first time it was really scary, but now I make sure to get a table in the corner and wear a skirt with no panties when we go to a bar just the two of us.

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, and last year he suggested we roleplay/pretend to be strangers. We met up at a bar, and he pretended to be a businessman in from out of town for the weekend, and we ended up banging in the bathroom. I thought I would think it was stupid but it was SO. FUCKING. HOT.

    This guy I used to see (not really a boyfriend, but you know, close) would film us having sex and send me clips of it throughout the day. He once made a GIF of it, which looking back seems kind of insane… but at the time it was very hot.

    My boyfriend sometimes rents us a hotel room at this very nice hotel with VERY visible windows/rooms and makes us fuck in front of open curtains. Sometimes we draw a little crowd.


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    Intuitive and Medium Readings from The Narrow Room with Adela Lavine

    in Spirituality

    Feeling like a vampire is sucking you dry? Today Adela will give you her top 10 ways to Uncross and Cleanse, from home to work to your personal space and as always...live intuitive and medium readings along with a new "Aunt Betty Says"!


    Call in to 914.205,5883, join us in the chat room or twitter us at @adelamedium to ask questions or comment on today's subject!




    Twitter @adelalavine