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    UTLRadio.com: Understanding Business - Host Peter Lamont w/Guest Matt Roloff

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    UTLRadio welcomes you to this episode of Minding Your Business.  On this live program we discuss practical suggestions and solutions to a variety of business situations including, human resource management, contracts, advertising & marketing, and more. 

    On this week's show, host and business attorney Peter J. Lamont talks with actor, author, farmer, business entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, MattRoloff.  Matt is also one of the stars of the TLC reality television program, Little People, Big World.  We will be discussing: overcoming adversity in life and business; how to develop your dream into a sucessful business; self-motivation; the importance of big picture thinking; moving beyond mistakes and challenges; building a strong brand & customer base; staying true to yourself.

    The program is hosted by nationally recognized business attorney Peter Lamont and is a service of the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont and Associates.  As always, we welcome input and feedback from you the listener and we encourage you to join in the conversation by calling the live program at (347) 855-8831 or by contacting us via our social media sites. Links to our various sites are listed on our main website, UTLRadio.com

    Please note that this broadcast does not constitute legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship with any of our listeners. 

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    Backyard Secret Exposed! An Interview with Beth Sturdivant

    in Health

    You have heard about EMF's (Electro Magnetic Fields) but what can they do to your health?

    On Monday, December 1, 2014 at 8 PM eastern, Dr. Jess Armine will interview Best Selling Author and EMF survivor Beth Sturdivant.

    Beth nearly lost her life by being poisoned by transmission power lines being too close to my house.  As you can imagine many people/doctors have not heard of this. The few doctors that do know about it did not have any remedies except to avoid exposure to electro-magnetic fields.

    This was not an acceptable answer and she refused to have to neglect the technology she had come to love or to be isolated from society because everywhere you go there’s man-made EMF exposures.

    So with determination and many days and nights of prayer she found remedies to her problem and she now shares them with the world!!!

    Beth is the author of the best seller, "Backyard Secret Exposed" as well as being a dynamic and sucessful businesswoman. Her website is www.backyardsecretexposed.com/

    Join us Monday night and learn from an expert about the dangers of EMF's and what can be done...see you then!



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    Couch Conversations.....Demolition

    in Self Help

    Sit back and get comfortable with the truth of Couch Conversations! We will discuss Life, Liberty, and Achieving Happiness. We will constantly give you real life practical solutions for the ups and downs that you face along this journey called LIFE. So far we have talked about Pain, Risk, Visualization, Strategy and much more. This week our focus is... Demolition - in short, getting rid of stinking thinking. Because stinking thinking has stopped you long enough!   This show is an outreach of Blessed And Know It Ministries and is hosted by our Mindset Demolition Consultant and Motivational Speaker REVJ!! Join our FB group! Give us a call for more info 888-68-43210!   Or go to our ever growing website  www.bakiministries.wix.com/baki We are LIVE Every Tuesday and Thursday 7 a.m. EST!! And we are on demand whenever you make the time for the truth of Couch Conversations.

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    Beauty Talk with Denise & Janice Tunnell

    in Blogs

    Join us tomorrow night, November 23rd for another inspiring episode of Beauty Talk with celebrity Makeup Artist and Groomer Merrel Hollis.  Merrell joins us to talk about maintaining a sucessful career in the beauty industry.  Tune in at 9pm EST/6pm PST. Join our Tweetchat as well by using the hashtag #BeautyLounge. Want to join the conversation with your questions and/or comments??? Call us at 914.803.4399. 

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    Do you have the right mindset for success? Let's Talk about it.

    in Lifestyle

    Do you have a successful mindset? What is a successful mindset? What are the steps to a successful mindset? Have you asked yourself any of those questions, Let's talk about it. Tune in as I discuss what a successful mindset is and how you can create a successful mindset.

    Think Success, Achieve Success

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    Dorie Greenspan, Baking with Julia Child and James Beard Award Winner

    in Cooking

    Welcome Dorie Greenspan! Inducted into the James Beard Foundation Who’s Who of Food and Beverage, DORIE GREENSPAN was tapped by Julia Child to write Baking with Julia. She coauthored Desserts by Pierre Hermé, which won an IACP award. Her Around My French Table was an IACP Cookbook of the Year, and Baking: From My Home to Yours won a James Beard Award.

    Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere by Dorie Greenspan With her groundbreaking bestseller Around My French Table, Dorie Greenspan changed the way we view French food. Now, in Baking Chez Moi, she explores the fascinating world of French desserts, bringing together a charmingly uncomplicated mix of contemporary recipes, including original creations based on traditional and regional specialties and drawing on seasonal ingredients, market visits, and her travels throughout the country.

    Like the surprisingly easy chocolate loaf cake speckled with cubes of dark chocolate that have been melted, salted, and frozen, which she adapted from a French chef’s recipe, or the boozy, slow-roasted pineapple, a five-ingredient cinch that she got from her hairdresser, these recipes show the French knack for elegant simplicity. In fact, many are so radically easy that they defy our preconceptions: crackle-topped cream puffs, which are all the rage in Paris; custardy apple squares from Normandy; and an unbaked confection of corn flakes, dried cherries, almonds, and coconut that nearly every French woman knows.

    Whether it’s classic lemon-glazed madeleines, a silky caramel tart, or "Les Whoopie Pies," Dorie puts her own creative spin on each dish, guiding us with the friendly, reassuring directions that have won her legions of ardent fans.



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    Free GED Testing and Resource Information

    in Entertainment

    Sucess begins in the WOMB... Every person should have the right to live sucessful lives. Education sometimes takes a back seat for families of Single Parent Households... Tonight were providing some FREE resources .

    If you did not graduate from high school and/or would like to get your diploma heres an organization that will help with free resources, tests, and practice. 


    Here are some additional sites that we trust to help you. Although there are a lot of sites out there that claim they can help you get a GED Diploma, 
    they aren’t all trustworthy or honest. However, this list of legitimate websites and organizations wants to help you earn your GED Diploma just
    as much as we do.

    Dollar General Literacy Foundation — www.DGLiteracy.org
    National Center for Family Literacy — www.famlit.org
    ProLiteracy — www.proliteracy.org
    National Literacy Directory — www.nationalliteracydirectory.org
    GED Testing Services® — www.GEDtest.org

    Here are some additional resources from the GED Testing Services®

    Learn about the tests, how to prepare and test, and what their scores mean after testing: www.GEDtest.org/start
    Find information on 3 ways to prepare: at home, in a class, or online: www.GEDtest.org/prep
    Find more frequently asked questions about the GED Tests and the test-taking process: www.GEDtest.org/FAQ
    Select your location and find the GED testing policies in your local area: www.GEDtest.org/policies




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    How To Not Be Broke: Parenting and Money

    in Lifestyle

    Having two young toddlers makes me reflect back on a lot of things. Especially financial decision making. Like with many of you, I wasn't raise on how to manage money and the schools never taught it (I've said this many times before). While researching the wealthy, I was curious to find out how they raise their children to become financially sucessful.

    On tonight's episode, we will talk about how the wealthy parent their children in regards to finances. Did you know that a simple phrase such as, "You are a success" makes a huge difference in your child's life? We will also talk about action steps we can take starting tonight to ensure our children live better, financial lives than we ever have.

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    How to read your 23andme without going crazy!!! Part Deux!

    in Health

    Let's try this again! On Monday October 13th at 8PM Eastern , We are replaying our most sucessful show....How to read your 23andme...without going crazy!! Dr. Jess Armine will go over how to read and understand the snps and give hints on how to tell if the polymorphysms are expressing in you!


    You have your results from 23andme, you ran the results through an application (Sterling's, Livewello's, Genetic Genie, etc.) and now you are looking at a colorful list of letters and numbers....now what? You start Google-ing the genes .......Arrrrgh!!!! What the heck is going on?!!!! What does all this mean?!!!!-----------------------------I'M GOING CRAZY!!!!!

    Dr. Jess P. Armine holds licenses as a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Registered Nurse. He has been a health care provider for over 38 years. Dr. Armine is one of the few practitioners in the United States specializing in correlating the Genetic SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) with Neuro-Endo-Immunology, Acquired Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Cell Wall Integrity to identify hidden imbalances and he develops INDIVIDUALIZED treatment plans specific to the history and physiology of the individual patient .

    There will be a pdf to follow along....This podcast is one you don't want to miss!!! Have your own genetic profile available!! There will be time for Q&A!!

    There will be surprises in store...upcoming amazing speakers!!!  News about Version 2 of Sterling's App!!!  News about the upcoming seminar (only a few seats left!!!)

    Tell your friends!!!!! You will have time to ask the expert!

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    GRACEbreak | Top4 Values Part2

    in Women

    “To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future to be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny.” (Alan Cohen)

    Join Tracy Worley on GRACEbreak as we discuss the importance of knowing what matters to you, knowing your Top4 Values and how to apply boundaries to your life.

    Top4 is identifying what is important to us as an individual. If we do not have our own plan we ultimately become part of someone else’s. To plan is not a daily agenda, but to look at whom we are and have to offer the world.  Identifying our current values and what is most important in our life brings focus. We no longer walk into a room and wonder “Who am I, and what am I doing here?”  In most cases, outside influences have created the chaos; we have allowed someone else’s urgency to interrupt our priorities.

    Core values make up our character, self-image, self-esteem, beliefs, experiences, and set points. How to start: Free write how you would like to be treated (Golden Rule), and where you spend resources of time and money is a great start of what you value.


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    Healing Addiction, Part 2- Addiction and the 12 Steps

    in Lifestyle

    Addiction often is found alongside stories of abuse.  Addicts more easily become abusers and the abused often lean into various forms of addiction in the attempt to help manage their pain.  Many people have found help in the many versions of the 12 Step programs.  Great wisdom is found within the 12 Steps, but not all programs, not all groups, not all individuals are equally helped.  Learn what makes for a sucessful time in group and individual work through the Steps.

    Join us with Aleassandra White as she shares her amazing story of recovery from multiple addictions and sex trafficking using the Twelve Steps and Celebrate Recovery program.

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