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    Govern America | May 16, 2015 | Pull the Weeds

    in Current Events

    Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant

    COMPLETE SHOW NOTES AT: http://governamerica.com/radio/radio-archives/19047-govern-america-may-16-2015-pull-the-weeds

    Death penalty verdict in the penalty phase of the Boston Bombing show "trial". We have updates including a startling revelation about the CIA agent, connected with the uncle of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. FBI warnings, Positive Train Control, and the Amtrak derailment. Feds get serious about guarding the borders—INSIDE the U.S. HSBC's chief economist wars of "titanic problem" with world economy. NSA surveillance, conflicts-of-interest, and $1.3 BILLION goes missing in Afghanistan. U.S. food supply under attack on multiple sides, Endangered Species Act reforms in Congress, Fukushima update, and more.

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    Govern America | May 23, 2015 | Knock and Talk

    in Current Events

    Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant

    COMPLETE SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: http://governamerica.com/radio/radio-archives/19156-govern-america-may-23-2015-knock-and-talk

    Eating "federal food" and healthcare issues. Broadcasting industry buried under mounting regulations. Big banks face criminal charges for market rigging, but will anyone actually go to jail? U.S. Senate passes Fast Track Authority for the president, while Japanese file lawsuit over Trans-Pacific Partnership. We hear more from Penny Pritzker, U.S. Commerce Secretary on Fast Track legislation. Waco biker gang shootout and its connection with the Mexican drug cartel. Congress tries to renew NSA spying provisions in the Patriot Act. Recent derailments raise questions about America's decaying infrastructure. The FBI begins home visitations for people who question Jade Helm 15 drills, and more. Phone calls in the final half hour.

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    Episode 81 – 05/13/2015 – U.S. Association of Reptile Keepers wins in court

    in Education

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

    Discussion  topics:

    U.S. Association of Reptile Keepers wins in court: Injunction on constrictor ban under Lacey Act;

    Train derailment in Philadelphia prompts some investigative questions;

    Iranian warships threaten against Saudi intervention of alleged humanitarian aid cargo;

    Media loving police shootings: You would think there was an epidemic problem;

    Marilyn Manson: What happened to a concert goer wearing a shirt with swastika;

    Terry’s inappropriate joke corner keeps ‘em coming;

    Francis the talking mule: the predecessor series to the Mr. Ed show;

    Watermelon is in season and Terry suggests its many benefits.

    About our program:

    Hell No! the radio show is a socially conscious water cooler talk show about what’s going on in the world as we feature guests and callers who express their thoughts. Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth. We give a voice to people left in the dust. This program is not democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We do advocate peace, critical thought, education, reading and social awareness.

    Email us! HellNoTheRadioShow@gmail.com and to find other episodes you can play on demand anytime, please Like us on Facebook.com/HellNoTheRadioShow.

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

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    American Daily Review: Pamela Geller....Almost

    in Politics Conservative

    Constitution Corner: original authority; North Korea's submarine nuclear missile launch; A second 7+ earthquake rocks Nepal, where American helicopter crash kills Americans providing humanitarian aid; "Hillbilly patriotism" and the leftwingnuts who detest it; The widening gyre of Barack Obama's race war; Amtrak derails....literally; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death of old age awaiting his execution.

    And in hour #3 on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs (4PM Eastern/1 PM Pacific):

    ISIS conquers Ramadi, Iran attacks another cargo vessel, our former Gulf allies balk at Obama's phony "missile shield," but U.S. Special Ops bags a top ISIS commander; and where in the world is Pamela Geller?

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    Carson's Corner with the Election Boycott Advocates.

    in Politics Progressive

    On this episode of Carson's Corner with the Election Boycott Advocates, we'll discuss the latest on the Amtrak derailment which led to the deaths of 8 U.S. citizens. Has privatization, which is based on waste an inefficiency, contributed to the disaster, or what about capitalism itself? As the ruling class continue to spend money on wars, subsidies, and anything else but our infastructure, we rely on a railroad system that was built in the 1930s? Is America in a constant state of disinvestment? We'll discuss.

    American workers continue to fight the battle agaisnt the TPP. The corporate takeover is expected to pass the senate, but may have difficulty passing the house. We'll bring you the lastest on this, plus international affairs.

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    Safety on the Rails

    in Politics

    Good evening, tomorrow on The Meter we will discuss the status of America's infrastructure. The deadly Amtrak derailment was immediately attributed to a lack of funding by Democrats while Republicans focused on human error while charging the Democrats with deliberately exploiting a tragedy. Also, another drone made it to the White House lawn that has some wondering if the president and his family are safe. Are we doing enough to protect the President? In another scandal involving the Clinton's, ABC's George Stephanopoulos was forced to an apologize after donating $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Is the a violation of journalistic etiquette? Also, we will cover the latest developments in the 2016 race to the White House.please join us at 9:00 AM at www.blogtalkradio.com/themeter. Your input is essential. 


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    Episode 1037: Tailboard Talk

    in Training

    Tonight's Tailboard Talk discusses crude oil train hazards, responses, and the politicals. Join Dane Carley, Jeff Wallin, and Craig Nelson while we talk with Fargo Fire Captain Ron Guggisberg and Fargo Fire Captain Jason Ness. Jason was a part of the SE ND hazardous materials response to the Casselton, ND crude oil train derailment. Ron is a ND state representative who is actively engaging the political side of the oil train.

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    American Firest5orm: The Slippery Slope to War

    in Current Events

    American Firestorm: Slippery Slope to War

    May 13, 2015

    Our country is coming apart before of our eyes. Worse, it’s being systematically and intentionally destroyed to the extent that foreign invaders will be invited to take it over – for our own good, of course. In short, the current administration, aided and abetted by long-established socialist/communist factions and Islamic extremist factions, are working their plan to destroy America and its citizens.

    The bottom line for most Americans, whether they know it yet or not, is simple – WE must stop them…any way we can; and we have to get to it right now, because, in fact, it’s almost too late.

    Join Firehawk live for this critical episode on Blog Talk Radio at 9:00 PM ET May 13, 2015…

    Or listen to the American Firestorm archives anytime at:



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    Stephanopolous, The Secret Service, The VA and More

    in Self Help

    ABC's George Stephanopoulos grilled Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer on whether he had a "partisan interest" in writing the book...all the while failing to disclose that he, Stephanapoulos, donated $75K  to the now beleagured and questionable Clinton Foundation.

    Congressional Democarts make the absurd case the it is somehow the fault of Republicans that the tragic train derailment occurred in Philadelphia.

    A Veteran Affairs whistleblower testifies before Congress on the internal culture of waste and fraud while it appears that not only were two Secret Service men intoxicated on duty while failing to stop a White House intruder but also that the Director had to find out from an ex-agent since the chainof command coverd it up.

    These stories and more tonight.

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    Things AIN'T what they NEED to be!! A Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday

    in Entertainment

    Hey there Tea Sippers! It's another Glorious Day and You Know What Time It Is...... It' time for YOU to be my Co-Host... It's another installment of Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday and you already know the rules, BUT for those who don't

    We can talk about any and everything that is on your mind, Right here, Right NOW, BUT... if you decide to come out of a bag on me, I will come out of a BIGGER BAG on you!!  Ya Heard Me!

    Here are a few things on my mind THIS WEEK:

    Paternal Rights:  Why is it that whenever a woman gets upset with the father of the baby, she then intrudes on his rights as a  parent?  Why is it that the Father is always deemed to be the bad guy in custodial fights?
    School Uniforms:  Why is it that the skirts on school uniforms are SO SHORT??  Why can't the girls wear pantss or are we still in the area of MEN ONLY wear pants??  What does THIS have to do with education?
    A Sad State of Affairs: The plane crash on the freeway of Atlanta, The Amtrak derailment, and other tragedies that have made headlines.  

    Plus, we will be talking to another business who will be PITCHING TEA about who and what they are all about!  Ms. Sharon Williams Dean, the proprietor of Art by SEWD and Mr. Kevin Solomon of Fabulous Printing will explain to us about their enterprizes!

    Have your crumpets together baby because this is going to be a HOT POT of tea for your nerve!!



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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris\

    in News

    The Guest List for Wednesday, February, 25th includes Metropolitan College of New York Public Policy Prof. Oren M. Levin-Waldman, Rising Media Group Editor Dan Murphy, and I.A.F.F. - Local 628 President Barry McGoey, Esq.

    YONKERS, NY — February 23, 2015 — The “featured” BlogTalkRadio program, “Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris”, opens the Tuesday, February 24th broadcast day at 10:00 a.m. with Co-hosts Richard Narog and Hezi Aris discussing issues that most impact the City of Yonkers. 

    Executive Director Angie Rosser, West Virginia Rivers Coalition, a Waterkeeper Alliance organization, speaks to the February 2015 CSX derailment in West Virginia, which is also the same route of the crude oil spill in Lynchburg, Virginia in April 30, 2014. 

    Your participation is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, be heard! Place your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please stay on topic.

    Listen live or on demand: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/WestchesterOnTheLevel/