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    Aqua Botanic-Enriched Humus Substrate with Chris Brown

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    Chris Brown returns to tell us more about his own substrate for growing plants in the aquarium: Enriched Humus Substrate. Chris has spent months reseraching and testing this soil based substrate, and for the hour we will discuss it ingreat detail. Call in to ask Chris questions!

  • 00:51

    HortiNova's Sjoerd Smits on Plant Sap Analysis Technology

    in Science

    John Kempf interviews Sjoerd Smits on Plant Sap Analysis Technology. Sjoerd is co-owner and consultant at HortiNova Group in the Netherlands. 

    HortiNova provides crop consultancy service for growers. They specialize in keeping crops healthy through optimal fertilization and soil / substrate conditions, with a minimum input of chemical pesticides and fertilizer. 

    Plant sap analyses are used to “read” the crop nutritional deficiencies or excesses very early when the crop doesn’t visually show signs yet. Correcting these deficiencies or excesses will increase plant health. Sjoerd, through HortiNova, closely works together with Nova Crop Control who performs these analyses in the Netherlands.

    Crop Health Laboratories is now facilitating sap analysis services in the United States.

    Listen to John and Sjoerd discuss the many benefits of sap analysis and how it compares to tissue analysis.

    This is a pre-recorded interview. No live calls will be taken.

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    Cages, substrate and deco...

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    First official show!  Feel free to call in and add your knowledge to the pot!
    This show comes from our affiliated forum, redneckinvertsforum.forumotion.com/forum.  Everyone is absolutely invited to sign up, share, buy/sell, ask questions, and participate in the relaunch and revival of the forum.

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    Talking Cory Cat Fish With MaFishGuy

    in Hobbies

    On this awesome episode MaFishGuy will be talking about Corydoras Catfish.  We'll be discussing some of the different kinds of cory catfish, diet requirements, substrate, and breeding of the corydoras catfish.  This will be a great show that you won't want to miss some come check it out.

  • 00:42

    Let's Chat About Setting up A New Aquarium! PART 1!

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    Our Sponsor MAFISHGUY also Known as Aaron and the show host and beloved fish keeper, Alex Cardinale will tell you how you can set up a brand new aquarium. This time of year, many people have gotten new tanks as Christmas gifts. This is going to be a 2 part series where we will help you set up your Aquarium. MAFISHGUY is an experienced fish keeper who is going to explain the process of setting up an aquarium! This is the 1rst part of this series. On the first show we are going to cover: proper tank size and why research is important in this hobby, what equipment you are going to need for the fish tank, how to properly cycle the fish tank, and we touch base on substrate for the tank. Part 2 of the series will be the fun part! Join us so you can learn how to set up an Aquarium!






  • 01:05

    Will We Ever Upload?

    in Technology

    Special guests Ben Goertzel and David Pearce join hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon to examine the question of mind uploading.   Is the human mind ultimately a sophisticated piece of software that  will one day be translated to run on another platform -- namely, a computer? Will human beings be able to upload their memories, their personalities, and their ongoing subjective experience to a machine substrate?   These questions have been hotly debated of late with prominent figures taking a stand both against and for.   Who to believe? Tune in!   About Our Guests:   David Pearce is a vegan activist and author of The Hedonistic Imperative(1995), an online manifesto urging the use of biotechnology to abolish suffering throughout the living world. In 1998. he co-founded with Nick Bostrom The World Transhumanist Association (H+).    Dr. Ben Goertzel  is the Chief Scientist of Aidyia Limited, a  Hong Kong based company using AI technology for financial prediction. He is the leading researcher in the area of AI called "Artificial General Intelligence" or AGI, and leads the OpenCog open source AGI nitiative.   Currently he is working with David Hanson to use OpenCog to control intelligent humanoid robots.    He has written over a dozen books and over a hundred papers on his research; and has been active in the futurist movement, with roles at Singularity University and  Humanity+ ... (WT014)

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    Bathtub Refinishing Saginaw Michigan 989-274-6973

    in Entrepreneur

    Bathtub Refinishing  Saginaw New Finish Online Bathtub Refinishing Sawginaw Michigan is owned by Kevin Spencer. I have known Kevin for almost 9 Years.
    He is absolutely one of the most informed  academic individual regarding chemistry within the Industrial  requiremts Bathtub Tile and Counter Top Refinshing. His experimentations and artist ability matched with RACE CAR
    ENGINNERS aptitude makes the perfect choice in the Super Finish on any Substrate in the Kitchen and bath decorating and refinishing world.
    I have always been impressed with Kevin Spencer because his knowledge base is in  every way equal to my own. Only Im 20 YEARS YOUNGER,
    Now that statement  TO gauge what this young man knows.
    I have 18 Years Practical Field Experience. He and I  Have traveld the United states helping the progression of Mobile UV technology.
    Many Projecys.
    He develops his own natural stains using natural minerials. His decorative councrete recipies have been sought after by the largest names in Decorative Concrete Counters
    I am introducing Kevin Spencer Live today as the newest EAH PBRA sells Representative. Here at EAH industrial Spray Equipment and Coatings we have three stores in Texas. My own personal Clients or friends I know by name. The instant I began not recognizing whom I was talking to on a first name basis, I immediately quit taking clientel. You see we at EAH are Not Rakes hoping to rake in any leaves as possible hoping they land in the bag. It's not the President George Martins Way and It's not way. 
    A true business to business relationship should exist so that you have mine or Kevins Numbers at all times. eProfessional Bathtub Refinishers Association.

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    Proper Setups

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    We will be covering basic set up information in this show, from substrate to enclosures, humidity to props within the cages.  This is basically a replay of our first show!  I don't think it got covered all too well, I was nervous then and a friend called in to ease the butterflys.
    Got some input?  Call in!

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    Aqua Botanic Radio- Beginner Recap

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    We recap C02 basics with Tom Barr, aquascaping with Frank Wazeter, and mineralized soil with Glenn McCreedy

  • 01:02

    Aqua Botanic Radio- Using soil in the aquarium

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    The premier of Aqua Botanic radio starts with a discussion about using soil in the aquarium with guests Betty Harris, Walstad method expert, Glenn McCreedy, moderator at plantedtank.net, and Chris Brown. We will discuss the pro and cons of using soil in the tank and the current methods, including mineralized soil, Chris's new substrate recipe, and the Walstad method. Other special guests may join us.
    Special give away items during the show- 
    One 1.28 oz can of Omega One freeze dried brine shrimp and
    One Ocean Nutrition Giovanni's Starter, substrate fertilizer
    Just call in to the show to win! 

  • 03:00

    Hatching Reptile Eggs

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    So with the recent hatching going on at my house. I thought We'd talk about hatching eggs and what goes into it. This should be a good show so don't miss it. We welcome anyone to call in and join us for the conversation. I figure we will even talk about careing for hatchlings along with this topic.

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