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    Music Icon GERARDO aka RICO SUAVE & Actor & Martial Arts Legend ERNIE REYES JR

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    Special Day & Time! Wednesday at 8pm EST!

    LIVE guests include:

    GERADO- His mega hit record "Rico Suave" will never be forgotten.  He's a pop music Icon, and actor and now the star of VH1's "Suave Says!"

    ERNIE REYES JR.- Martial Arts Legend and Star of "TMNT," "Rush Hour 2" & "The Rundown"

    All this and so much more!  Call in with your questions- 323-792-2992323-792-2992.  Tweet them to @MattyPradioShow or email them to mattypradiohappyhour@yahoo.com.


    @mattypradioshow on Twitter!

    And check out Matty P Radio now on YOUTUBE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2b9F6_S2Vo

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    West Coast Bias Episode #06 S07

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    West Coast Bias Episode #06 S07 – This week on West Coast Bias Double K and Mr Suave are back in the studio and at it again. The Warriors have made a big mark on this season and look to put a exclamation point on it with a NBA Championship and as one of the final 4 the boys will take a look at how the Dubs can bring it home in 2015!! They will also take a look at the baseball scene in the Bay Area as the Giants get hot and the Athletics have sunk to one of the worst team in baseball. All this and your weekly dose of Mr Suaves Take right here on your favorite Sunday afternoon sports show!! www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents

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    West Coast Bias Episode #05 S07

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    West Coast Bias Episode #05 S07 – After taking last week off in observance of Mothers Day, Double K and Mr Suave will be back. The NBA Playoffs have taken a surprising turn as every top seed is down but can that last throughout the week? The boys will be discussing this and the opening of NFL Training Camps and some of the serious injury issues that have taken place. Also the boys will take a look at the polar opposite starts of the Giants and A’s in this early MLB season. So tune in on Sunday afternoon to your favorite West Coast Sports show West Coast Bias on the 4ACES Network. www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents ...

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    Conversations with Sapphire J Blue with Author Shelley Y Fowler

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    Shelley “AjeeDaPoet” Fowler, the author that brought to you the Unprecedented Melodious Words of Ajee Da Poet has now written her debut novel, the compelling Roses Bloom in the Ghetto. 
    Lena Summer Johnson, a young girl who grew up on the impoverished streets of the South Bronx, longed to understand the absence of her deceased father and the nonexistent love from a hateful mother, Robin Johnson who profited off of her daughter’s pain for own selfish desires. Unable to comprehend the difference between love and sex Lena searched out the attention that she craved in the arms of men. Some voluntary, some not. 
    A few months shy of her eighteenth birthday, Lena made a decision to make some much needed money anyway she could. On her short lived quest she runs into Gordon Lenox, an older suave and debonair man who turned her life around, giving her a life that most could only dream of. A life that was wonderful beyond her wildest dreams, made a sudden turn, leaving Lena once again seeking answers about her life. 
    Roses Bloom in the Ghetto will take you through the twists and turns of a young girl transforming into young woman who all of her life just wanted the one thing that no amount of money could buy, love

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    Music is in the Air! Aydrien Banks, Scoop Lo & Rhoco Benjie

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    Join us tonight for three great guests...taking music to another level!

    Aydrien’ Banks is an All American Christian Recording Artist, Actor, Director, Fitness Model, and Entrepreneur formally known as “Oneshot Bk Reppa!” While using the name Oneshot Bk Reppa he rose to fame and was managed by Busta Ryme’s manager. In late 2013 Oneshot Bk Reppa parted ways from “Busta Rymes manager” and changed his name to Aydrien’ Banks. Now Aydrien’ Banks is back with a new name.  Join us as we talk to Aydrien about his work in the anti-bullying space. He'll talk with us about his "Take a Stand Against Bullying Workshop" as well as his book on the way entitled "I am Aydrien' Banks".

    Our second guest, Scoop lo is a musician currently promoting his new ep The Suave Experience. 50% percent of the proceeds of the sales will go towards suicide prevention and women empowerment programs.  Check out his website for more information scooplo.net.   This particular artistic endeavor was more about the helping of people and the need for unity. 

    Then we speak to Rod Alvarez Aka Rhoco Benjie & Rhoco Papi,  born to hardworking Hatian parents, his father was the hottest Dj in queens village.. so music was always in his blood and environment growing up.  Now we talk to him about his time to take the stage.

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          Today, at this time is THE HONEY COMB HIDEOUT with Johnny Davis.  He has an assortment of blends and presentations that will rock your world, gently, or jazz-ly - Drifting back with crates of electricity.  Are you ready for mental expansion?  HONEYCOMB HIDEOUT with Johnny GRAHAM CARCKER Davis (JGCD) will serve you suave - 347-205-9366. Let the MUSIC BEE sting you with some honey cuts, a little sticky sticky will do the tricky tricky - you ready to get a spread of this?  Put the jelly down, we bout to JAM!!!

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            Gather around your radio to get the ultimate in broadcasting on the Internet. Multiple flavors, complicated situations, entertainment, information and comedy of all sorts with KINGS IN THE MORNING.  This show has been going strong for over 3 years and remains the most listened to show consistently.  Here we go, talking about who shot who and why, what's with politics today, is Obama doing a good job?  347-205-9366. Immigration with a free pass?  And where are the reparations for the Black man in America?  Why can't we talk about race in one breath and create comedic events in the others?  Interviews, conversation, and more.

    And immediately following KINGS IN THE MORNING is Tony B from Detroit.  Rockin ya WORLD honeys & daddies... throwin' that MOTOR CITY GROOVE in your eardrums...Are you ready for mental expansion?  Tony Brown/Detroit will serve you suave - 347-205-9366.

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    The Memoirs of Suave Da Lyricsist

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    Tonight we welcome you into the world of the Midwest heavy hitter Suave Da Lyricisist... To me one of the best rappers of all time, tonight we plan to talk music, his unbelivable ability to record minus pen and paper, his relationship with LakeCounty SUPER producer Koto, also his on going relationship with LakeCounty Vet, Smokey Da Bandit... Also tonight a new 11min mix from Lake Countys own Dj LedRock Smith...So tune in tonight 9-11 pm cst for great music and a great time at www.blogtalkradio.com/legaldoperadio or cal 858-947-6620 and press 1 to chat!!!

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    Against The Grain- Rants, Rave, What's, Huh's and Reallys!?

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    Hello everyone! This weeks show is going to be the first "rant" show or Round Table discussion forum! We are opening up the phone lines so please call in to listen or to comment about anything you like going on! (347) 850-8945 Do not forget anonymity is VERY important to us and our network so when you call in just have a name ready if you going to be on air or we can provide one for you so call in!!! We are going to touch a few current situations such as Hilary Clinton Vs. Barak Obama on the TPP, China and Russia doing military Drills? Apples muscle moves.....the ISIS Texas Shooting....and many many more subjects! Including the ones our lovely callers will have! I am truly excited for this because it is YOU the listeners and people out there that make us here happy to do what we do. Plus we all gain some sort of knowledge from each other so it a win win! So please join Rush Perez, Switch Blade and maybe the mysterious yet suave "O" of ANT Network! Should be a fun one! Tune in. The Caller number is  (347) 850-8945

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    West Coast Bias Episode #04 S07

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    West Coast Bias Episode #04 S07 – On this week’s episode of West Coast Bias, Double K and Mr Suave are back again to talk about the results of the NFL Draft. Did Winston go with the 1st pick or was it Mariota? And who did the Raiders and the 49ers take with their 1st round picks. The boys will also be taking a look at the NBA Playoffs again and the fate of the Golden State Warriors facing off against the Memphis Grizzlies, this and all the other 2nd round matchups. Finally the guys will give their opinion of the Mayweather/Pacquio fight that took place on Saturday night. Tune in on Sunday at 3pm PST right here on www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents

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                 KINGS IN THE MORNING - hot show, with controversial topics.  347-205-9366.  There are so many things we talk about, some you're not going to like, some you going to eat with a fork, spoon & knife with a napkin.  We are hilarious, if I say so myself.  Often, I'm on MUTE - laughing my ass off.

         And immediately following KINGS IN THE MORNING is WILD WEDNESDAYS with Johnny Davis.  He has an assortment of blends and presentations that will rock your world, gently, or jazz-ly - Drifting back with crates of electricity.  Are you ready for mental expansion?  WILD WEDNESDAYS will serve you suave - 347-205-9366.