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    As 2015 comes to a close this blogger can honestly say that this year has been a very big year for fashion not only high fashion but for the underground fashion world also. Seems as like this year many underground styles have came to the forefront of fashion for example Kanye West of course with his very basic color/style clothing that has been popular for a while it just never was as big till now. Many items came back such as ripped jeans that are actually hand ripped and not factory ripped….ya we know who you are. Now this list that I am about to give you is my honest opinion of who I thought was the most stylish, best dressed, and looked the best in 2015. Oh and in my true nerdy style if you click on any of the pictures or GIFs it will take you to something about that person either an article about them or their music something of that nature…and every name it linked to their Instagram pages. Here it is:

    #5 Ian Connor

    #4 Nicki Minaj

     #3 Solange Knowles

    #2 Rox Brown

    #1 A$AP Rocky


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    Rae Blackledge, author of 25 Stylish Knitted Slippers

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    Day 3 of "An Ignite at Night Christmas"

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    Today we discuss stylish Christmas wear and how to look cute for the holidays without being cold.

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    Style with Trysh

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    As a certified image consultant, Thecia Plummer empowers women to upgrade their personal and professional style, by teaching them how to create and manage an impactful image through their wardrobe. She assists the business professional who has very little time to shop, and wants to incorporate their personal style into their professional persona. In addition, she assists professionals with separating their “personal time” wardrobe from their business attire.  Thecia will show you how to create variations of looks and how to mix-and-match pieces in your own wardrobe.  You will learn what brands and designers are good for your body type, in addition to what colors, and style of clothing put you in the best possible light.  You will achieve a wardrobe that will last from season to season.  The best part is this can be accomplished within any budget!

    Thecia values integrity and authenticity in her work and finds that helping people discover the best version of themselves is rewarding.  When you look good you feel good and your confidence exudes. Through her passion for all things stylish, Thecia will help you define and express your own unique style.  

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    Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 1/21/16 - Kiss the Ring: Italian crime cinema

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    This week on Weird Scenes - we're setting sails for sunny Italy!

    Among the many subgenres of cult film the Italians co-opted and proceeded to perfect was one of the wildest, most consistently entertaining and grim of the bunch: the poliziotteschi.

    Marked by extreme violence, gorgeous women, corrupt politicians and police and stylish if dangerous mobsters with a code of ethics all their own, the Italian crime film surpassed its Stateside, UK and French forebears by amping up the action, the body count, the speed and explosiveness of it all.  Packed to the gills with wild car chases, stunt-filled shootouts on crowded streets and abandoned industrial complexes and backroom double dealings, there is quite literally nothing else like them in cinema!

    With directors (Lenzi, Damiani, DiLeo, Massi, Castellari, Sollima) and stars specializing in and rising to fame mainly based on their efforts herein (Maurizio Merli, Thomas Milian, Gian Maria Volante, Luc Merenda, Fabio Testi) and others establishing deep roots in the genre (Martin Balsam, Adolfo Celi, John Saxon, Telly Savalas, Henry Silva), the Italian crime film has finally achieved reappraisal late in the DVD era, with many of its key efforts only now making their way to domestic shores.

    Join us as we try to cozy up to the right people and pay proper respect to the people who matter, to get things done (if you know what I'm saying, capisce?)

    Week 20
    Kiss the Ring - Italian poliziotteschi and crime cinema


    Your hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul


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    Dress for Success and Style with Fashion Consultant Reginald Alexander

    in Fashion

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon and her special guest, Image and Fashion Consultant Reginald Alexander.

    Reggie has an eye for fashion and style, which is in his DNA. 

    Both his mother and grandmother were talented seamstresses.  His mother, Mary Alexander, founded Maye Al Fashions that became a successful company that focused on women's fashion. 

    Reggie learned about style, fashion, and material at an early age. He has extensive experience in fashion retail, merchandising, as well as window and store dressing.  As a sartorial advisor, Reggie transforms fashion confusion into fashion consciousness and confidence.  Each client's experience with Reggie is educational, transformational empowering and unique.

    For years Reggie has had a knack for procuring classy and stylish clothing at affordable prices.  Allow him to do the same for you.  Whether you are looking to establish a totally new look, add essential pieces to your current wardrobe or create an unforgettable statement for a special event, Reggie is the man for the job.

    Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.

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    Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 1/7/16 - Fight the Power!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we're gettin' down and taking on The Man!

    One of the most consistently entertaining of genres, the blaxploitation film was an ersatz lovechild of the civil rights movement, often helmed and produced by established white directors (Jack Hill, Greydon Clark) but tailored to inner city urban audiences.  

    Simultaneously "realist" in their gritty, no holds barred depiction of ghetto life and utterly fantastic (crazed kung fu, often unrealistic scenarios), these pictures offered the promise of empowerment and more importantly, pride to a community emerging from the shadows to take a more equal place in American society throughout the late 60's and 70's.  

    Packed to the gills with soulful, funky soundtracks (often quite essential in and of themselves), no holds barred action, crime and ersatz appropriations from the concurrent kung fu craze, these films feature stylish fashions of the era, sports heroes, martial arts stars, sex and most importantly, tales of the victory of one man...or a united community, against corruption in high places - cops, government, mobsters, you name it.  And to quote a much later film, they do it with style...

    Join us as we talk flying fists, funky 'fro's and flashy fashion, only here on Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine!

    Week 19
    Fight the Power! 


    Your hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul


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    The Built Environment PopUp Shipping Containers as Alternative Exhibit Space

    in Visual Arts

    Container Communities "Pop Up"  is a fast, innovative, and highly versatile system that provides stylish and affordable spaces for a range of uses. Terrence Samuel is proposes to artists, and art organizations to create your own container concepts.  Starting from Square One, you can build from 160-320 square feet of studio space, to multiple , movable stack-able structures.  Like livable Legos, container construction can be sustainable, scable creations that define your design, modern modular methods that are created from "The strongest box in the world.

    As a piece of architecture, it's a demonstration of how one of the design world's hottest items can fit into neighborhood programs with small budgets but big ambitions.“It's cheap, fast, portable and secure, a  20-by-8-foot container cost $1,300, and the total budget is $10,000. 

    He is proposing this Spring to work in concert with the Phantom Gallery Chicago to build an intergalactic PopUp Research Station built in the Frank Gehry futuristic model.



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    The Stylish Mom Debuts and Dishes on Married Life with Style

    in Women

    Toya Styles, a professional Stylist and Marketing Coach, has revealed her simple and easy solutions to looking your best with little time in her new book “The Stylish Mom”. The book is not just a style how-to but offers her practical Personal Stylist secrets that has helped her many clients go from being single to a mom in style. The Stylish Mom is now available for pre-order now on amazon.com. 

    The Stylish Mom is a guide for busy and expectant mothers who have no clue what to wear before, during and after pregnancy. Styles includes practical steps to achieving a personal style without the hours in front of the mirror. Based on Styles own first hand experiences as she dealt with the obstacles of being a busy mom, the book is packed with “style timing” tips for all occasions. Styles presents her concepts in this book are easy to follow and customize to your life and budget.

    Toya Styles “matter-of fact” advice will make you laugh out loud at some of her epic fails and endear you with her encouraging words in each chapter. She turns many of her style mistakes into valuable learning moments that save you time and money. 

    To learn more about Toya Styles please visit www.ToyaStyles.com where you can sign-up for her newsletters to receive regular style updates! 

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    Nude Barre's CEO Erin Carpenter Talks Her Brand And Success

    in Lifestyle

    We apologize for the technical inconvenience that occured on December 23rd's show! The Nude Barre interview is up and available for listen. Thanks for your patience!


    December 23rd, we have an amazing entrepreneurial story. Find out how Erin Carpenter tackled a very common issue among women and turned it into a profitable business - Nude Barre. Nude Barre is a specialty line of eco friendly undergarments made in 16 shades of nude to match all skin tones. Durable enough for active women and stylish enough for everday fashion. Learn about her brand and hear directly from her, how she achieved the brand noteriety she has.

    Also on Y-CLAD CHAT, K.C. and Cailiin are talking lifestyle, fashion and event industry news and will broadcast the must attend events of the week.

    Get the 411 on the Designer Feature of the day: COBBLESTONE EARRINGS AND DOUBLE BANGLE, Kanupriya Collection.

    The Cobble Stone Earrings are 22kt. gold plated over brass hand hammered earrings. They hand 2 1/2 inches long.

    The Cobble Stone Double Bangle is a 22kt. Gold plated over brass hand hammered bangle. The cuff is 1 3/4 Inch wide. Both pieces of jewelry are handcrafted and designed.