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    We are going to TRS or in other words, Talk Real Stupid

    in Religion

    Let's Talk Real Stupid, or TRS.  Let's explore all things ridiculous. 

    The failed education system
    The victim mentality of American Minorities

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    Stupid Lawsuits

    in Comedy

    Smoke & Dinamite discuss lawsuits that just don't make no sense.  This week's Guest CNE !As always we have good music guests, stupid ffer of the week, Dinamite's pet peeve, the question of the week, and so much more....

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    in Health

    Bone marrow, stem cell and blood transplants, oh my! Join us for an exclusive broadcast where we discuss all things transplant with Susan K. Stewart (Executive Director, BMTInfoNet.org)  Dr. Amir Steinberg and survivor Sara Patterson. Survivor spotlight on young adult testicular survivor Thomas Cantley.

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    You Can Fix Stupid

    in Religion

    Some time ago, there was a comedian by the name of Ron White.  Many of you might remember him from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy.  He did a skit which is one of the funniest ever and the title was “You can’t fix stupid”. Well tonight, I learned something that will place me at odds with one of my favorite comedians.  Tonight, I learned that you indeed can fix stupid.


    Stupid is the number one rater given to you by your parents, your peers and yes even society.  It is believed that the average person’s intelligence quote or IQ is said to be 100, below average would then have to be anything below 100 but above 70 because 70 is considered mentally challenged.  Of course this scale also sees any score above 140 as a genius.  IQ is defined as mental age divided by chronological age times 100.  Having said all that, would it surprise you to know that none of this really matters?  It may matter to those who attempt to map the human brains and understanding so that they can claim to have figured out something that many didn’t know or propel themselves to a level where questioning their results or conclusions may prove daunting and therefore keep others from doing it.  Society has decided that these and other scales are now the norm in calculating and labeling people within the society, using it to figure out who matters, who doesn’t and who should be ignored.  All of this is not what stupid really is but until we began to understand truly what it is, we will continue to mark ourselves with those scarlet letters and continue to fall for a definition of who we are from people who don’t know anything about us.  I learned tonight that you can fix stupid because I learned what stupid really is.

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    in Health

    Inflammatory breast cancer accounts for 1 to 5 percent of all breast cancers diagnosed in the United States and tends to be diagnosed at younger ages. Tonight we welcome Terry Arnold (Founder, IBC Network Foundation) and Dr. Wendy Woodward to discuss this often misdiagnosed disease. Survivor Spotlight on Tolley St. Clair.

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    in Health

    3/23/2015 —In this episode, we talk with Dr. Brian Greffe, (Pediatric Oncologist, Children’s Hospital Colorado) Stephanie Phillips (Family Nurse Practitioner,  Children's Hospital Colorado) and Melissa Gilstrap (cancer genetic counselor and YA program facilitator at Parker Adventist Hospital) as we highlight the Colorado AYA Community in preparation for the inaugural CancerCon, which will take place in Denver later this month. Survivor Spotlight on CancerCon Steering Committee member Liz Harms. 

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    Michelle Bachmann is a idiot no no, she's stupid

    in Politics

    I read about Michelle Bachmann's Facebook comments about Pres. Obama associating him with this pilot that flew this plane into the mountain and committed suicide killing all the people on board. I thought to myself, this woman is either stupid, crazy or just a plain old races. She cannot stand the fact that Pres. Obama is President of the United States. She's no longer in Congress. And she still hate the man for no other reason than he's a black man we all know that that is killing part this one and despise Pres. Obama so much that anything goes wrong in the world on her block in her backyard in her life. It is Pres. Obama's fault.

    Michelle Bachmann have a serious problem and we all know what it is for starters, the husband is gay. She's not getting screwed and she hate the fact that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have a wonderful relationship and all the things she been taught all of her life about black men are supporting a taking care to families is a lie. So every chance she gets. She let the world know how much she hate black people.

    Mrs. Bachmann sit around all day and think how much she hate Pres. Obama get a life. Michelle get over it. The world know you stupid, ignorant, horny jealous you just a plain tofu Michelle Bachmann stop talking so much because every time you open your mouth you let the world know how stupid you are.

    Now get me wrong, liberal, I do not agree with everything Pres. Obama to are criticizing many times, but I do have respect for him, his family and office of the  president United States, but Michelle Bachmann and many of the Republicans on that side of the our can't bring themselves to do that.

    Let me just leave this with you miss Bachmann get over it already. The man is president stop talking about your Christian no place in the Bible to tell you to hate anyone. So stop been a damn hypocrite. Get a life. Maybe get your new man to fight learn how to be a real woman

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    in Health

    3/30/2015 — In this episode, we talk with Dr. Kevin Murphy professor from UCSD and  Vice Chairman of the Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences about his research in the  use of transcranial magnetic therapy and chemo brain. Survivor Spotlight on Christabel Cheung. 

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    in Health

    3/23/2015 —In this episode, we talk with Young Adult Cancer Connection's Dakota Fisher-Vance (Co-Founder) and Rachel Wetzel (member) about the growing Philadelphia young adult cancer community — AND the first ever Cancervention Conference. Survivor Spotlight on ovarian cancer survivor, actorvist, writer, and founder of Bald Is Beautiful Sharon Blynn.

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    Politicians can make stupid, obnoxious comments at the worst times

    in Politics Conservative

    Bill loosens up this morning at 8AM-10AM EST  "In the Pickle Barrel".  Bill asks, "Do you know politicians can make some pretty stupid, obnoxious and down right ignorant comments? Wait a minute, that was a stupid question."

    Join Bill "In the Pickle Barrel" for a totally differenet whimsical look at those who want power and recognition totally embarrass themselves..and us,

    You can join in the conversation by jumping into yhe online chat room. Better yet, call Bill and share some stories of your own at 855-236-2486. Surely you know at least one oops comment by a politician.