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  • Fighting Temptations Series: Part 3 The working of Temptations

    in Religion

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,

    Join Pastor M.D.Smith this week as we continue the powerful series Fighting Temptations. Whatever your temptation or stuggle is, we want to partner with you through the word of God in helping you over come whatever it is your up against. There is no tear or sorrow that heaven can not heal. You can and will make it so join us this thrusday morning at 5:30a.m. for a impactful word in our Break of dawn bible study. You can call in and listen live at (347)237-4690 or anytime after 6 a.m. just click this link and listen to the biblestudy. You and always check out Evangelist Smith website at myrussmithministries.com. We absolutley love to here at Shemuel Apostolic Life Temple. Remember you are the S.A.L.T of the earth and your seasoning matters.

    Be Blessed

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    Plum Luv Foods Season 2 Episode 8 Guest True Cooks Founder Chef Chad Minton

    in Food

    This is an amazing episode, this will be Chef Chad's first ever behind the mask interview about the global culinary bond known as TrueCooks. If you are Chef, Cook, kitchen professional in any capacity you probabbly know about TrueCooks. If not then after this interview you will, and you will want to be a part of it. Chef is 20 year culinary vet with old school mentality and training but with new school thinking. TrueCooks brings kitchen folks together, a bond, a direction for all of us pirates out there. This will be a episode you will listen too many times over, its the TrueCooks story, its an American dream story, it is the story of stuggle, respect, well its a culinary career story. Humility, Dedication, Sacrafice #truecooks #fam @truecooks on Instagram and Twitter www.truecooks.com

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    The Scary Reality Behind Religious Hatred of the LGBT Community

    in Current Events

     In this episode of Nicholas Snow Live, Nicholas and guest co-host Jen Houston (a singer/songwriter, actor, entrepreneur and ally of the LGBT community) expose the truth behind religious bigotry, and in fact, bigotry of all kinds, offering their perspectives on recent attempts to legalize descrimination in the State of Indiana and elsewhere.  Jennifer also reveals her own past stuggle with the desire to descriminate against those with whom she vehemently disagrees.  Nicholas is also honored to present music from Jen's new album, I Was Told There Would Be Pie.

    Over 1.7 million downloads in less than three years.  The show's motto: "Connecting the Circuitry of Humanity."

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    The Spiritual True Story and Faith of Recovering Meth Addict Natasha Budde

    in Motivation

    The testimony of a recovering Meth Addict Natasha Budde who uses faith in the battle against her addiction and a special guest Jason Greene who will offer some spiritual as well as motivational commentary. This is a powerful story of stuggle and faith.

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    Moor Light Radio Presents: Black slavemaster and their struggle for control

    in Culture

    Tonight were going to look at Negros who love lust and stuggle for power. Were going to look at it from a social relationship and political view and moor. Joi yha bro Anthony shabazz El and bro Black Messiah for this build. Tune in at 6pm ct 7pm et lines are open at 437 850 8030

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    What's in the news today?

    in Current Events

    Today in the news: Janay Rice's interview which I am still confused about why she decided to do any interview. Her attitude has always been that we are all up in their business even though her husband punched her and it was caught on videotape that was made public. I was trying to be compationate as a domestic abuse survivor and be concerned about her safety but she has chose to want to distance herself from a stigma. She doesn't have to be a spokesperson but she does need to acknowledge some things but you can't acknowlege what you don't confront. So I am done with what she has to say. Continued prayers but that's it. The STL Police Dept Association is upset with the Rams players who did the Hands Up Don't Shoot gesture at their games. My take is get over I was upset about the I am Darren Wilson wristband worn by officers while on duty. Their spokesperson isn't interested in a real conversation he is interested in healing and moving on. That is the idea of alot of people just move on but it is not that simple. Darren Wilson resigned and they are trying to portray that as he did it for the better but it was done because he knew what would happen if he stayed. Today is the last day of the Hands Up Don't Spend movement and I feel empowered. I bought necessities but I did not do any of my Christmas Shopping. Even though we have began a new month and only 30 days left in the year the stuggle continues!

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    Why Some Black People Feel Success And Education Equates "Trying To Be White"

    in Entertainment

    A young sister recently uploaded a video about her experience with some black people. They felt due to her well spoken speech she was "trying to be white". Some black people feel stuggle and ignorance is a badge of honor. If you want to do well for yourself then that is a problem. They will call you a coon,sellout,self hater and many other names. Where did this mentality come from? Why some black people feel being black is living poor and destitute? We want to address this topic in the show

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    The Color of Pain: Colorism in the Black Community

    in Youth

    Within the black community a war has been going on, a war on color. As if society doesn't degrade the darker toned person enough, we do it to our own people. What is beautiful? Every shade, and this show we explore the origins of colorism, and the impact it has had on so many within the family, and socity as a whole. We must come together as #Teamblackgirl (or boy) instead of telling our African-American brothers and sisters that must fit into a certain mold to be beautiful. Low self-seeem is something that close to all people will deal with in their lifetime, why make their stuggle for self-acceptance any harder? This is the beginning of a revolution. No more team light skin, no more team dark skin, we are all African, African-American, we are all beautiful. Join the unity movement with #Teamblackgirls! 

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    This is the link if you desire to listen to the closing song

    This is our last show for awhile we wil be on RVA local cable T.V. Channels 95 37 

     every Wednsday  for six week starting on Sept 17 @ 7:30 pm broadcasting our  live call in show Word From the Point

    MISSION: Reawakening the Afrakan Black Power Peace Love Movement


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    S.T.R.I.V.E. 9/5 Freedom Friday

    in Culture

    MISSION: Reawakening the Afrakan Black Power Peace Love Movement


    Join our FaceBook group S.T.R.I.V.E. for important lifestyle changing infromation

    Visit our website to see how we can help each other strive and not just stuggle and survive