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    Talk To the Animals with Keri Davis & Frank Ferrante

    in Pets

    Delve into the fasinating subject of Comunicating with ALL Life! 
     Source/God/All that Is is experiencing itself through everything including Me.  Everything is Alive and "informing me" all the time when I let go and become Neutrality, just being present in the moment, the grass could be answering a question, or a bird, the stucco on a house, or a dog friend.  When I "become life" it lives through me and I AM finally authentically Me, on a New Daring Adventure into the "unknown" filled with childlike curiosity and wonder always feeling taken care of.  The flower does not "love me, hold me, embrace me .." The flower is just "being Itself" fully, openly, purely, joyfully"...and in doing so, transforms my moment, my world, and life itself.  Here's to me, learning to just BE Me and transforming my world!  
    Morgine is a coach, writer, photographer, artist of life itself. She is passionate about nature and animals and the loving messages they have to share with us. Animals have always been a part of her life, as well as living immersed in nature. She is writing a book from their unique points of view.  She has been professionally communicating with animals for almost 20 years and loves helping people create deeper bonds and enjoy better communication between all species.
    Keri Davis has trained through the Institute of Integrated Sciences, in the HUNA™ program (Humans Understanding Nature and Animals) which is based on the philosophy that all life is connected and cannot be separated. She has also been mentored by some of the world’s leading figures in animal consciousness and a variety of energy healing modalities such as Body Talk, Colour Therapy, Meridian System, Iridology and more.

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    I Saw Jesus In A Tortilla~ And Other Miracles!

    in Politics

    We have all heard the stories of miracles! Jesus has appeared in bacon grease, cheese toast, pancakes, tortillas, window fog and beyond. Is this the second coming of Jesus? 
    Check your tortillas. Jesus may be showing you a miracle. Put cheese on the tortilla and eat it in celebration!
    Jesus never came the first time... so how can he come a second time? And why would he appear in a tortilla? 
    It all started back in 1978 when Mario Rubio, rolling a burrito, notices skillet burns on a tortilla resembling the face of Jesus Christ. Shortly thereafter, 8,000 curious pilgrims trek to the Rubios' small stucco house in rural New Mexico to view the sacred icon. Mrs. Rubio leaves her house unlocked so that visitors may freely enter and examine the tortilla. (Newsweek, Aug. 14, 1978) 
    The "King Of Kings" Jesus Statue, nicknamed Butter Jesus for it's color, cost a church $250,000 and was then STRUCK by lightning and melted to the ground! No graven images, No idols I guess? LOLOLOLOL

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    Careful What You wish For (A Custom Builder's Magic Lamp)

    in Business

    Stonemill Design Build Real Estate and Host Ronn James, Real Estate's Most Wanted explore the behind the scences look at how custom home client prepare to build.

    What colour do I paint the walls, stain the floors, pick the tiles, stucco the house and the madness continues for many.

    This week we will try to pick through the process and offer tips on preparing, selection and commitment.

    Sound scary, listen in and here us sort it out.

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    Live from the Mid Point Music festival

    in Music

    I will play songs from Paper Airplane, Smith Bros, Blastronauts, Flotation Walls, Stucco Jones, Karate Coyote, Toy Horses, Black Owls,Moon Hign and more.

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    The MoE Green Poetry Dissicusion Hosted by Rafael F.J Alvarado& Brett Candace

    in Poetry

    Join Rafael & Brett Candace as they talk to Steve abee & Karen Kevorkian

    Steve Abee is the author of the ranting novel, The Bus: Cosmic Ejaculations of the Daily Mind in Transit (Phony Lid Books), and a collection of short stories and poems, King Planet (Incommunicado). He is a Los Angeles native writing in the tradition of Whitman and Miller, seeking the universal in the common grains of the day.
    Beck Hansen has called Abee "The Love Powered Bull Horn blasting down from the altitudes," and Lydia Lunch has remarked that his "... savage poetry demands the reader devour passage after passage, only to be left soul seared and simultaneously re-invigorated." Abee is a writer worth your while. He currently teaches Middle School English in Los Angeles and lives in Echo Park with his wife and two daughters.

    Karen Kevorkian’s new poetry collection is Lizard Dream, published by What Books Press, the imprint of the Glass Table Collective, a group of predominantly Los Angeles-based artists and writers. Her first book of poems, White Stucco Black Wing, was published by Red Hen Press of Los Angeles in 2004. Journals publishing Kevorkian’s poetry and fiction include Antioch Review, Agni, Massachusetts Review, Quarterly West, Virginia Quarterly Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Mississippi Review, Witness, VOLT, Shenandoah, and Fiction International. She is in her first year of teaching poetry and fiction writing workshops in the English department at UCLA, after moving to LA at the beginning of 2008. Before that she taught at the University of Virginia for six years after moving there from San Francisco. She’s held fellowships at a number of artists’ colonies, most recently last fall at the Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos. She is a native of San Antonio.

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    The All-Sex Show With: All The Words You Can't Say In The Chat Room)

    in Comedy

    Be sure and join us today for the all-sex show, featuring Vulgar "How's Your Father" Wizard, Stucco "Moustache Ride 5 Cents" Discotent, Maggie "Show Me Your Moss And I'll Show You Mine," Schmoopie "I Love My Cone" Discotent and Nancy "HotPants" Dancehall.

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    The No Nonsense Episode

    in Comedy

    All fluffer, no nutter. We're getting straight to the meat of the pudding and taking no prisoners today. No whining: shut up, sit down and tune in. Feat: Wizard, Dancehall, both Discotents, Moss and others.