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    Doctors, Lawyers, and Liberty: "A Cup of Joe" with Shona Banda

    in Politics

    Shona Banda and Joe will be joined by Patrick Groulx and Jake Strum for a discussion about the dark side of the medical world, the benefits or detrements of hiring a lawyer or representing oneself...

    We will also be discussing the latest developments of the UCCA (United Coalition of Cannabis Activists) uniting worldwide to repeal cannabis prohibition....

    also the latest news from the front lines! 

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    "Coalitions, Lawsuits and Elections" on "A Cup of Joe with Shona Banda"

    in Politics

    Shona Banda joins me as regular co-host of "A Cup of Joe." We will be discussing Shona's historic case and lawsuit against Kansas, and  UCCA, the new coalition dedicated to ending prohibition..   

    Special guests include Adam Assenberg- running for Sheriff and his historic lawsuit, 

    Jake Sturn joins us to introduce his incredible story: He will be joining us next week for an in depth interview...

    We met Jake via this message: 

    Hello, I have a rather unusual case in which doctors in three countries tried to murder my daughter. She was born with brain cancer. The cancer caused her to have a stroke in the seventh month of pregnancy, leading her to have  severe epilepsy and cerebral palsy. We have saved her life using a new dosing cannabis protocol we developed.  No one will investigate or assist us, our daughter has been left to be die (she has never received any  legitimate  medical care despite being deathly ill). To see a full review of the  evidence, you can watch a documentary that shows the efficacy of cannabis  as treatment and how the doctors tried to murder her here: http://saveshyloh.com/#Video . We have exhausted all options. Through treatment with cannabis, our daughter's cancer is in remission now for two years, her cerebral palsy  and epilepsy are fully controlled, and she has recovered from all of her  stroke symptoms. If her case were made public, cannabis prohibition would  immediately end as well as some of the most horrible crimes that are  being committed in the hospitals against children. Is there any way you can  assist us? 

    Craig Cesal LWOP inmate

    Shona Banda:Motivational Speaker/ Cannabis Consultant / Author of "Live Free or Die"


  • 01:59

    9-2-15- Dr. Hildy: TOXIC WORLD - Houston, We Have A Problem!

    in Environment

    Wednesday, September 2, 2015, 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
    (2:00-4:00pm Mountain; 3:00-5:00pm Central; 4:00-6:00pm Eastern)

    HOUSTON, We have a problem! 

    Now that we are officially living in the Information Age, there is more to know about our world than ever before. Thanks to the invention of the internet and social media, information can be disseminated faster than ever. Which is why it is more important than ever to understand where information is coming from, and what it means. And perhaps there is no subject with more disinformation propagated around the internet than that pertaining to personal health and the government’s involvement in it. 

    This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes returning guests Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos, Carol Van Strum, and Rosalind Peterson for a discussion and update on our toxic world.

    MORE >>>>

  • 01:06

    CM Radio - May 20, 2015 - Best of CMW, Pt. 2 - In-Flight Safety & More

    in Music

    For the first time in a long time, it's both Mike and Andrew at the mic taking you through this week's episode. It's also the second of three "Best of CMW" episodes, this one focusing on some of the indie rockers we caught up with during this year's festival.

    Our pal Katlyn speaks with Montreal dream pop trio Caveboy and 2015 ECMA Album of the Year winners In-Flight Safety while Mike sits down with Saskatoon's Slow Down Molasses and Erin Benjamin of Live Music Canada. Plus, we'll also hear the track "Smile" from Moncton's Open Strum in our Canadian Spotlight.

    Check back next week for the final CMW installment, featuring the likes of Palaye Royale, Virginia to Vegas, and more.

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    Song Sampling- Is it Ok for your song to use the music of others?

    in Music

    Let me start by explaining what a sample is. Technically a sample is any piece of sound. A drum hit, a guitar strum, a bus going down the street and every other noise you can imagine, and some you can't. These are all samples. You can use them to piece together music of your own. Tthe act of sampling is taking parts of other peoples songs and using them to construct your own. There are several reasons to do this, the most obvious is that if you have no way to make your own songs, sampling lets you get around it. Another reason is that all recordings have a unique character, depending on the instruments used, and where they were recorded. Sampling lets you get a piece of that character.



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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Clyde P Riddlesbrood and Nancy MC Young

    in Books

    The Speculative Fiction Cantina: your weekly hypodermic injection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and things weird and wonderful in the world of books and writers. We ask authors the hard questions. You'll hear from writers who bend the rules and drive the narrative.  Join S. Evan Townsend on this journey over the rainbow and through the looking glass. And remember to take the red pill.

    Today's Guests are Clyde P Riddlesbrood and Nancy MC Young

    Clyde's Work in Progress: The longest Brochure in the World

    Clyde's website: www.riddlesbrood.com

    Nancy's Book: Strum

    Nancy's website: www.nmcyoung.com

    More information on these authors at blog.seventownsend.com

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    Errol "Ras Minimum" Graham from the influence of Mutabaruka and Earl China Smith

    in Music

    Errol "Ras Minimum" Graham son of Irene "Mama Cherry" Haughton and Roy Graham was born in Montego Bay Jamaica where he lived for a very short time during his childhood. He later moved to Kingston Jamaica where he presently lives. He was destined to be an excellent Musician, Producer and Artist. It was at the tender age of 16 years old after moving to Kingston that he was trained by two great men whom he had the utmost respect and looked up to Mutabaruka and Earl China Smith from The High Time Studio. Errol is quite talented in the music field, as a Musician, Producer and Artist being versitile with skills in instruments such as the Drums, Percussion and Bass Guitar just to name a few. Place almost any instrument before him and he will strum the beat. He has played with many Legends such as the late Dennis Brown, Lloyd Parks and We The People Band, Peter Tosh, Sugar Minot, Squidly (who now plays with Ziggy Marley),Ritchie Spice, Sizzla Kalonji, Jah Cure, Jimmy Cliff, Inikamoze, and Queen Ifrica. He is now a member of the Hammony House Band which is lead by his best friend and mentor "The" Gifted Beres Hammond. Touring the world and spreading reggae music to many, is his passion and love....he believes that reggae music has no boundaries as it has the ability to unify people of every race, class and creed........ONE LOVE.

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    in Comedy

    The thing about sex is sometimes you can't remember having it.

    After an intro that might make you think you accidentally downloaded a podcast called PLACES WE PEED, the girls of Sorry About Last Night get serious. They're pretty much changing lives, people. Not as much as Britney Spears or anything, but they did help one girl shed her constrictive Christian upbringing and another couple conceive! So, that's pretty good. This week, Krystyna and Corinne welcome Eric, the guitar-playing heartthrob from Krystyna's high school and a huge GWF fan! Push your copy of Tiger Beat aside, because this episode will make you feel tinglier than the Twilight books as we find out how Eric used the lyrics of Dashboard Confessional and Something Corporate to strum his way into Big Ds McGee's (that's Krystyna, btw) vag, if only for a second. Other topics include: getting drunk for the first time, Justin Bieber, theater kids and DAN BERN!!

    Come see GUYS WE FUCKED live at the Jersey City Comedy Festival on Thursday, April 3rd at 6PM at 9th & Coles Tavern (all ages allowed). Visit http://www.jccomedyfestival.com for full details!

    LISTEN TO ERIC'S BAND: http://www.gogogadjet.com/

    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com

    Tweet the ladies @SryAboutLastNyt
    Tweet Corinne @PhilanthropyGal
    Tweet Krystyna @KrystynaHutch

    Instagram: instagram.com/sorryaboutlastnight

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/sryaboutlastnyt
    Tumblr: sorryaboutlastnight.tumblr.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sorryaboutlastnight

    Check out all of the Stand Up NY Labs podcasts at standupnylabs.com

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    Blues Legend / R & B Master Joey Gilmore - Exclusive Interview -DJ Success

    in Music

    Blues Legend / R & B Master Joey Gilmore


    His love affair with the guitar began in his teens. “In the town that I lived in, there was a barbershop,” Gilmore reminisces. “And the barber that owned the shop was a sanctified preacher. He was a minister, and he had this little flat-bodied guitar. It was electric, no amplifier to it. And he would bring it to the shop with him, and he was trying to learn how to play. So, I would get to the barbershop early whenever I would go to get my hair cut, or even after school, I would hang around at the barbershop, because I wanted to get my hands on that guitar. I would take the guitar and they had these old wooden benches. I would lay the guitar on top of the wooden bench and when you would strum the strings, the wood, the bench, would vibrate, and the floor would, the sound would resonate, and you could hear it without the amplifier. I learned just from watching him.” Young Gilmore tried to keep his obsession with the instrument from his church going aunt, who was raising him, but word of the talented boy who played at the barbershop eventually got back to her.”


    Decades later and established as a Florida legend, Gilmore provides a highlight at Blues Festivals and clubs proving he’s one of South Florida’s best soul-blues singers while ringing blue notes out of his guitar. Joey Gilmore’s career has spanned 40 years with performances throughout the United States and Europe. He has called South Florida home for the past twenty years. Joey is a true Blues and R & B master who incorporates new and varied styles in his music performing original compositions mixed with traditional standards in his high energy live show. His tenor/baritone vocals belt out tunes with a loss abandon reminiscent of Blues Legends from the 1940’s and 1950’s.

  • 01:54

    Up Close & Personal with Guitarist " Frank Piombo"

    in Entertainment


    Recording and performing my music has been my lifelong dream. I hope that everyone enjoys my songs and finds a connection to each and every one of them. My first introduction to music came at the age of three. I remember sneaking into my grandfather’s closet to strum his old acoustic guitar. Later, at the age of six, my family relocated from North Africa to Rome where I was able to enjoy the romantic sounds produced by my father’s accordion. Next, at the age of eight I found myself, along with my family, relocating to the good old USA. Finally, at the age of thirteen, I was introduced to the great sounds of, a well known band known as, the “Beatles”. After that, life as I knew it would never be the same. I guess, that’s how it all started

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    Erica Chase - singer, songwriter, guitarist

    in Entertainment

    New music artist Erica Chase met Dana Strum of Slaughter and Vince Neil.  The next day, she was hit by a truck while riding her bike.  The collision of these two events changed her life, lead her to the path of music and her video for her “We Can Fly” single (As seen in NME, the #1 UK music mag) now has over 750,000 You Tube plays with no airplay or label supportToday, Erica (www.EricaChase.com) and her guitar are taking her Sheryl-Crow-Meets-The-Beatles vibe into the studio with Dana, a multi-platinum producer who is producing her upcoming album.