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    The Cave of Adullam - A Stronghold

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    In 1 Samuel 22, David has escaped from Gath and gone into the cave of Adullam.  In the cave, a reunion took place with his family.  All of David's supporters gathered with him in the cave of Adullam as well.  The cave was the place where David's informal leadership began.  The cave became a stronghold for David, but the prophet Gad said to David that you must leave this stronghold.  David then ventured into the land of Judah.

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    WHAT IS A STRONGHOLD? A stronghold is something that acts as a shield to protect the strongman. A stronghold is a place that is easy to defend, but difficult to attack. A stronghold could also represent a system of thoughts or an area of bondage within the mind which encourages the enemy to lunch attacks.

    What are the strongholds, you need to pull down? 

    The stronghold of discouragement, - worry, - Fear, - Negative and evil thoughts, - Demonic oppression, - Bitterness, - Hatred, - Malice, - Un-forgiveness, - Circle of failures, - Backwardness, - Demotion, - Stagnancy, - Rejection, - Periodic Sickness, - Poverty, - Bad habits, etc.

    As you pray, every stronghold of the enemy within and without in your life shall be pulled down, in Jesus name.

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    It is written; "See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy. and to throw down, to build and to plant". (Jeremiah 1:10)

    As you pray, in this episode, every stronghold of satanic delay to your expected breakthroughs shall be pulled down, in the name of Jesus

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    Safety is not found in the absence of danger but

    in the Presence of GOD


    When times get tough, and the battles get intense, where do you run?

    This message will encourage and empower you in the most intense seasons of life.   We have a place to run.  

    A Place of Refuge, A Stronghold, A place beside the LORD.

    Join me as you find encouragement, and the antidote for attacks.


    Check out website:  www.waterbrookseekers.org


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    Yezidis - An Ancient People Under Siege

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    In this episode of Hindu Radio I interview Gulie Khalaf. She is an American Yezidi schoolteacher and leading Yezidi activist from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. After her people in Iraq became the focus of the Islamist terror group ISIL she rose up to the occasion. Gulie recently went back to Iraq to assist her people languising in refugee camps.

    Until this year most people had never heard of the Yezidi. Suddenly as the terrorist group ISIL began massacring and kidnapping their people the world moved into action. US President Obama ordered the US Airforce into action. Yet after some intitial efforts the Yezidi were once again forgotten. As they were buthchered and chased out of town after town the Yezidis were forced to take shelter in their ancient stronghold of Holy Mt Shingal. For months they battled repeated attemtps by ISIL to storm the mountain. Many Yezidi martyrs gave their lives in this effort. Only in the past week were the terrorists forced back from the mountain. 

    During this crisis the Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar also visited Iraq and organized a peace conference and gave a speech at the Kurdish Parliament. Meanwhile the Hindu community united with the Yezidis and has raised thousands of dollars on behalf of the Yezidi people of Iraq.

    Now long term efforts must be developed to rehabilate the Yezidis and recover their ancient homelands.

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    Financial Grace Radio: Cultivating God’s Money Trees in Your Life Today

    in Women

    Today's Show: Talking (or not talking) about Money

    Ephesians 4:15 tells us that we are to speak the truth in love.  Ordinarily we’d interpret a verse like that to have relevance when we’re approaching someone about a potential conflict.  But regarding finances, I have come to know it also as a directive that is particularly relevant to the second part of the verse which tells us why?:  So that “we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ”.  

    What I have experienced in my own life and with countless people I have worked with over the years is the interesting stronghold that Satan gains in people’s lives by convincing them to keep secrets about money.  The secrets can be small like not being completely honest about how much something cost or larger like not telling your spouse that you lost your job or your life savings in a bad investment.  

    This week on Financial Grace Radio we’ll look at different scenarios for how to talk about money with various people in your life, from call-centre operators at the bank, to your spouse, children, boss, financial advisor, friends, etc. 

    Links:  www.financialgrace.org/fg-radio


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    THE BATTLE WE FIGHT 2 Cor. 10:5/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Session/Marshal Perot

    in Religion

    Amazon.com: Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books

    THE BATTLE WE FIGHT (2 Cor. 10:5)  amzn.to/1tmYt28

    The Christian lives in confrontation a faithful fight. No one could miss this in even a superficial reading of God’s Word. We are to fight eternally that outside us opposed to the gospel and to fight internally that within us opposed to the lordship of Christ. We are energetically reminded to “put on the armor of light,” (Rom. 13:12) and “to put on the full armor of God” (Eph. 6:1). Paul commands us to “fight the good fight,” (1Tim. 1:18:6:12). “Behold, the whirlwind of the LORD goeth forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked,” (Jer 30:23).  You can tear down the stronghold of Satan’s territory over yourself and your family.

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    SDG 170 Mastering Your Mind

    in Spirituality

    Philippians 4:4–8

    You know wrong thinking AKA “stinkin thinkin’” can be hazardous to our health!

    So in today’s message we’re going to have “a check-up from the neck up” and discover if we've been guilty of “stinkin thinkin”.

    Last week we learned that an unsaved man has a blinded mind because the god of this world has blinded the minds of them that believe not.

    So by nature, we have what the Bible calls a carnal mind that’s at war with God.

    Remember that last week we learned 4 Biblical truths crucial to controlling our thought life:

    1. The carnal mind must be converted.
    2. A converted mind may still be corrupted.
    3. But a corrupted mind can be conquered.

    Paul said, “I have a concern, lest Satan corrupt you through his subtlety from the simplicity which is in Christ,” that your minds be corrupted (2 Corinthians 11:3).

    So Satan can creep in and seduce us, and even a Christian’s mind can be drawn away.

    Satan can build in our hearts AKA our minds what the Bible calls a stronghold.

    And we must take that ground back!

    And then we learned how to do that by allowing.

    4. A conquered mind to be controlled by Christ.

    So the Lord MUST be in charge of our new minds.

    Remember we can choose our thoughts like we choose our friends!

    We must have a standard to know what kind of thoughts to allow into our minds and what kind of thoughts we must say, “No trespassing” to.

    So stay tuned because that’s what we'll do in today's message!


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    Brad Stine & Duck Dynasty's Mountain Man SHOUT Christmas on SPEAK UP!

    in Christianity

    Brad Stine is on a mission—a mission to free us all from the chains of political correctness and prevent our eventual ‘wussification.’  From his Nashville stronghold, Stine is mounting his crusade against these hypocrisies, all of which are explored in his highly anticipated 4 album/DVD, aptly titled ‘WUSSIFICATION!’

    “You know what offends me?....Offended people,” says Stine.  A staunch supporter of first amendment rights and foe of political correctness, Stine asserts that rights should be universally applied.  “In a country with guaranteed rights to freedom of religion, its citizens are constantly trying to make faith in public spheres illegal. I am offended by that contradiction and want to talk about it as a comic.”   The strength of his conviction about our freedoms can be found in many places on WUSSIFICATION—from “Merry Christmas Too!” (the right to celebrate religion), to “At Least We’re Not France!” (the responsibility to take action as a country), to “Spank” (the ability to discipline our children the way we see fit).

    Duck Dynasty star Tim Guraedy is best known to the show’s millions of hard-core fans as “Mountain Man,” the slow-talking air-conditioning repairman/radio host who is a neighbor to the Robertsons, the Louisiana family that made a fortune from its best-selling duck calls, around which the show is based. Mountain Man is the only semi-regular cast member who is not a Robertson family member or employee of Duck Commander.

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    SpokenHeard with Denise Jolly and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Denise Jolly is the creator of the Be Beautiful Project. She is a Writer, Performer and Artist Educator. She is the former Executive Director of Seattle Youth Speaks, and Vice President of Stronghold Productions. Denise’s work stands at the intersection of gender, class, sexuality, and body. She has taught and performed at colleges, universities, community centers, public and private schools all over the United States. Working with student populations in elementary through college and beyond. She likes doing great things with amazing people and being moved by art, community and how the two work together. Learn more at www.denisejollyspoken.com

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    The Simplicity that is in Christ

    in Christianity

    The Lord has promised us His peace, He has promised us His Joy, His Holy Spirit, healing, wisdom, a sound mind, everything that pertains to life and Godliness, strength overcome this world, and so much more. If you are not experiencing the promises of God, then do some inventory to see if there is a stronghold in your thought life.

    We are called to cast down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ, every vain reasoning, vain religious traditions, philosophies, false teachings and doctrine, carnal thinking, lies and deceptions. The Lord's gospel is simple and clear. 

    Instead of being influenced by vain thoughts, we are taught by the Lord to think upon His word day and night so that we will be successful.

    Joshua 5:8 says-

    This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

    Please join us in the study of God's Word.


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