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    Interconnecting you Community Protection teams

    in Entertainment

    When you form a team it will be more effective if you can communicate with all team members and with adjoining and nearby teams like yours.

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    Jesus Strong Ministries! "Has The Spirit Of Ichabod Come To America?"

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham Every Friday Night At 11:30 P.M . EST For Straight Edged Biblical Teaching! Tonight Brother Brian is going to talk about the Spirit Of Ichabod and has The Spirit Of Ichabod come to America? With all the things taking place with America such as Abortions, Gay Rights, and so forth, Brother Brian will ask the question Has The Spirit Of Ichabod Come To America Or Are We Near The Spirit Of Ichabod Coming To America! What can the People Of God do to stop The Spirit Of Ichabod to come to America? Please join Brother Brian tonight to find out how we can put an end to the Spirit Of Ichabod and bring back the Glory Of God to America again!

  • Building Trust in Teams

    in Entertainment

    Join us as Host of "Affect!" Wayne Applewhite and guest Cindi Taylor discuss the ever important "Building Trust in Teams!" 

    Many organizations face this issue and sometimes don't know why it happens or what to do about it. Listen in as Wayne and Cindi (who by the way is a Co-Founder of Just Leadership, LLC and an Agile Software Coach and Trainer) wade in on the topic of Building Trust. Teams are everywhere within organizations around the world; if you are currently on a team, leading a team, or building a team, you will not want to miss this episode of Affect!

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    Jesus Strong Ministries! It's Time To Get Fruity (Fruit Of The Spirit Series) 9

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham Every Friday Night At 11:30 P.M. For Straight Edged Teaching Straight Forth From The Word Of God! This week Brother Brian WRAPS UP the series on "IT'S TIME TO GET FRUITY! (FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT SERIES) This week Brother Brian will talk about the LAST Fruit Of The Spirit and that is SELF CONTROL! Do you have Self Control or are you lacking in Self Control? If you are lacking in Self Control this is a message for you to hear! 

  • The League Madden 16 - 2nd Episode - Outlook Playoff Picture, Strong Teams

    in Video Games

    - Rules

    - Power Players

    - Coach Spotlight

    - Bottom 10

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    Finish Strong in 2015

    in Women

    We are have approximately 115 days left in this year. What will you do with these last days to remain true to your core values, your purpose and the promises you've made to yourself. Join us for this episode of Heart Secrets as we talk about Finishing Strong in 2015. A great show that you will not want to miss.

  • Be Strong with Tuned In Coaching - Special Guest - Richard I McDaniel, Author

    in Self Help

    Rich recently published his first book, The Portal To Your Inner World!  He and his wife Barb also worked with me as a Strengths Coach. Together we will discuss the impact of our work together and Rich will explain the premis of his book and his belief that; "It's not what you think, It's what you feel.

    "In 2005 my wife and I took the StrengthsFinder Assessment on our own. We shared 3 strengths in our top 5. They were Intellection, Connectedness, and Individualization. I can honestly say that although the results were interesting, it didn’t really mean all that much to us. Now, ten years later, having gone through a couple of seminars by Jennifer and engaging in her coaching and consulting services, I can honestly say understanding our strengths has had a significant impact on our relationship.

    Jennifer helped us understand just what our strengths actually meant and how they interacted with each other. Although my wife and I shared 3 of our top 5 strengths, we didn’t express them the same way. In fact when my wife was acting out of a common strength, but not in a way I would act, to me it appeared wrong. I would not be doing it that way. Now I have a better appreciation as to when my wife is doing something differently than what I would do, especially when she is approaching it from her strength. Jennifer has a wonderful way of bringing these concepts alive and how to apply them in very practical ways. Jennifer is a rock star."

    To learn more about Rich and his new book go to www.storedfeelings.com

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    Jesus Strong Ministries! Are You An Enemy Of The Cross?

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham every Friday night for 30 Minutes of Straight Forth Bold Biblical Teaching From the Word Of God. This week Brother Brian's going to discuss what it is to be an Ememy Of The Cross and how it's VERY Dangerous to be an enemy of the Cross Of Christ. Join Brother Brian as he shares this powerful insightful message straght forth from the Word Of God. Invite a friend to join you. This is a message that EVERY LIVING CREATURE NEEDS TO HEAR!

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    Jesus Strong Ministries! I Remember Mama!

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham for this special 30 Minute Mother's Day Special Show as Brother Brian recalls moments with his mother Donna Peckham 1940-2008. Listen as Brian shares how it was his mother that prophesied over him whie in her womb that he was going to preach the word and be used Highly Of God. Also Brian is going to share his favorite moments that he had with his mother. Also Mother's Day is a very emotional time for Brother Brian because it was Mother's Day 2008 that Brother Brian's Mother Donna Peckham went home to be with her Lord! Join Brother Brian as he honors his Mother and Mom's Worldwide in this very special 30 Minute Tribute To Mother's, I Remember Mama!

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    Jesus Strong Ministries! It's Time To Get Fruity! (Fruit Of The Spirit Series) 5

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham Every Friday Night at 11:30 P.M. EST for Straight Edged Biblical Teaching! Ths week Brother Brian continues his series on, "It's Time To Get Fruity! (Fruit Of The Spirit Series) This week Brother Brian will be talking about the 5th Fruit Of The Spirit which is KINDNESS! Join Brother Brian as he shares with you what we can do to be kind to one another as Christ Jesus is kind to us. Join us for this special 30 minutes.

  • Which College Teams Still Have Fight?

    in Football

    We thought last weekend was setting itself up to be a bore, but this weekend is even more lackluster in terms of Top 25 matchups.

    Washington visits No. 17 Southern Cal. Will the Thursday Night Curse Return?

    Illinois, somehow 1-0 in the Big Ten, travels to Iowa, who is somehow still undefeated.

    No. 3 Baylor, the highest-scoring team in ever, visits Kansas, maybe the worst team in ever.

    No. 10 Oklahoma travels to Texas. This should be a good game because of the rivalry. Right?

    Maryland heads to No. 1 Ohio State. The Buckeyes have to prove they're the best sometime, right?

    Georgia Tech travels to muddy No. 6 Clemson.

    LSU travels to South Carolina. Or they don't. Because they're actually playing at LSU. Because rain.

    So Northwestern is No. 13, and the Wildcats will be on the road at No. 18 Michigan. I'm not joking.

    Wisconsin and Nebraska, possibly the reddest teams in the country, are both unranked. And playing on national television. Because Big Ten. Or something.

    There are even more games, too!

    But the NFL has games this weekend as well. Dallas hosts the Patriots with a team of what we're assuming are medical redshirts. Seattle heads to Cincy with two losses while the Bengals are 4-0. Huh? Jacksonville heads to Tampa Bay because the NFL hates us.

    And lots more!