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    Jesus Strong! Do You Believe In God or Believe God?

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham as he continues his Message Series on, "Believe" This week Brother Brian is going to deliver another faith filled message on Do We Believe In God Or Believe God. This is going to be a message where it's realy going to shake up our faith to another level. Join Brother Brian as he deliver's another powerful message straight from the Word of God tha will make us ask ourselves, Do We Believe In God Or Believe God. This is a message EVERYBODY needs to hear!

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    Jesus Strong! You Got To Believe That God Can Work In Your Circumstances!

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham as he begins a new teaching series on "Believe" This week Brother Brian is going to speak on Believing That God Can Work In Your Circumstances!" God can move the mountains that are in your life and he can be your peace in the calm of the storm. Join Brother Brian as he brings forth another dynamic message straight forth from the Word Of God! ONE WORD FROM GOD CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! IT CAN SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE!

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    The Strong Stance with Eli Strong

    in LGBT

    America has always been called the "melting pot" but the past few years, that melting pot has reached a boil and if you have been on social media, you've seen all of the hashtags.

    Even the Huffington Post recently decided to release an article on the topic of race and dating (http://huff.to/1AcI9ty). There has been a lot of dialogue about the issue of race and its impact in all facets of life.  On this episode of The Strong Stance, we will open the dialogue on gender, race and interracial dating because the reality is that we aren't as progressive as we like to think we are.  The reality is that race and gender do play critical roles in our relationships and how outsiders view those connections--more than we admit in public, polite society. 

    Tune into this show as we talk about the reality and the misconceptions of interracial dating. In what ways do race and gender identity play a role in who we have romantic relationships with? Is the personal really political? And for all the prejudice and expectations that are heaped on couples that come from different backgrounds, is that hardship lessened in the LGBTQ community, or is it just more of the same?

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    How to Effectively Manage Multigenerational Sales Teams

    in Business

    Please join us for a lively interview tih Deanne DeMarco, an expert on generational communication.

    Deanne is the author of four books, and her articles have been published in over 300 trade magazines and professional journals. Her coaching program won national recognition from "Training Magazine's Top 100."

    Interesting Facts

    Deanne was a medical technologist and focused on medical research. During that time in her life she was a member of the three-member research team that first discovered the cancer link to secondhand smoke. Their work was published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet.
    Deanne was a conflict mediator during the first Gulf War Crisis
    Her multicultural training and research extends across 28 countries and 52 cultures.
    Deanne is certified as a Corporate Coach Instructor
    Highly Acclaimed Keynote Speaker




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    STANDING STRONG! in the Day in which We Live #1 Introduction, with Sharon Hughes

    in Christianity

    For the Introduction to our new 4th Friday of the month lunchtime 'interactive' Study: Encouraging us to Stand Strong! in the Day in Which We Live, we'll look at the importance of the Armor of God and how Truth of the first, necessary, piece to put on.

    Whether married or single, working or stay-at-home, young or of good age, our goal is to encourage and equip believers to stand strong in faith in every area of life, and to use our gifts and talents in lasting, effective and fulfilling ways.

    Our world, nation, families and personal lives are being challenged as never before in history, and we all need encouragement and wisdom to stand strong in the face of today's challenges, small and great, including even persecution.

    In following sessions this interactive study will allow for Q & A with guests, plus Sharon's Eph. 6 Study series, "Standing Strong in the Armor of God,"  Today's show is the Introduction.

    Looking forward to Standing with You!

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    "The Broken Strong Man" A Mans Transparency

    in Relationships

    Greetings & Welcome to "The Essence of My Love" as we present "Mantled To Man Up Monday" with your hostess Shawna Romance Coach Davis. I thank you for joining us today. We are blessed to have your continue support. Amen 

    Today joining me in the studio is a Man of God that is transparent about his life. He is a former NFL Football player, He is a Dad, a Author and Pastor. Please join me in welcoming to our studio, Pastor Jerone Davison.

    As we discuss the Topic & Title of his new book that is released "The Broken Stong Man" as he shares his story about being married, wife cheating and breaking up the family, through divorce.

    There are 50 phone lines open to call into (347) 637-1509 to speak live on the air. Broadcasting times are as follows, 7:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM CST, 5:00 PM MST & 4:00 PM PST. 

    Studio House Rules, please do not use your speaker phone feature. Make sure if you are speaking live on air, that you are in a quiet setting. We are recording and want to release the best quality for your listening pleasure. Amen 

    You may purchase "The Broken Strong Man" www.brokenstrongman.com and on www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com

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    Georgia Wrestling Now with Roderick Strong

    in Wrestling

    Wrestling with Pop Culture's Jonathan Williams, Anarchy Wrestling commentator John "The Body" Johnson and New Generation Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion The Jagged Edge wish you a happy Presidents Day on this week's Georgia Wrestling Now. We spend a majority of this week's show discussing the positive direction the Georgia wrestling scene seems to be heading, with additional commentary from Georgia Wrestling History's Larry Goodman. Our guest is one of only two Ring of Honor Triple Crown Champions Roderick Strong, who discusses his Winter Warriors Tour match against Kyle O'Reilly on Feb. 21 at the North Atlanta Trade Center, ROH's 13th Anniversary pay-per-view and more. We also hear from former Universal Independent Wrestling Women's Champion Pandora about her match against former Total Nonstop Action Knockouts Champion ODB on Feb. 21 at UIW's Winter Beatings. We also discuss recent and upcoming events at Flatline Pro Wrestling, Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, Passion of Wrestling, WWE and more.

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    Strong Women: When is Strong Wrong?

    in Entertainment

    Many women are proud of their strength and ability to be self sufficient. They chant “I am woman hear me roar”...loudly…and ALONE! Why? Is their strength being misinterpreted or are they misinterpreting what it means to be a strong woman? Can a woman be too strong? When does strength become a detriment to the woman who ascribes to having this quality? Is her strength a barrier to receiving the love and relationship that she desires? How do women balance the dichotomy of being both strong and vulnerable? We will discuss these questions and many more…call in or listen in at 646-716-5470 and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!!

    Check out the video from Torahscents that sparked this show topic:


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    Strong Delusion - Alternative Christ and World Order

    in Religion

    I thought I would answer some of the questions being asked of me in conjunction with the Strong Delusion, Anti-Christ, and global governance being established to usher in the reign of the son of perdition.  I will also in this show speak about the end of days and what we as seekers of truth and disciples of Christ should do to prepare for the coming deception unfolding even now.

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    Large Love - Single Strong Independant Ladies Talk

    in Lifestyle

    Dating in General is a touchy subject, everyone feels the sting of hurt and the glee of joy.

    When your a Larger Lady there can sometimes be things that  make playing the field a challenge.

    Between the guys who think they are doing you a favor, to the ones who are looking to see what you can give them.

    Being a Single Strong Independant Woman of Size, comes with its own rules.

    We are calling all Large Lovelies to join us in talking about dating challenges.

    Guest: Stacie Smith - LargeInCharge Cover Model of the Decade

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    Message to "bubble" teams and KO's plan to eliminate halftimes

    in Basketball

    The eighth episode of the Pac-12 Networks Basketball Podcast with Mike Yam and Kevin O'Neill begins with KO's suggestion for the removal of halftimes as well as some other nuggets on how we could make the college game more entertaining. O'Neill also reveals his current No. 1 seed predictions for the NCAA tournament and what he told his teams when they were on the bubble.

    The duo move on to reveal KO's favorite rapper and he weighs in on the length of Mike's sideburns. This week on our serial segment "The Recruit," former Arizona standout Matt Muehlebach and former Wildcat assistant coach O'Neill recall the aftermath of Matt's refusal to redshirt and what that meant for how hard KO rode Matt in practices to ensure he was prepared to take over as Arizona's point guard in the following years. Let's just say the two had a fiery relationship that first year at Arizona. 

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