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    Striking Matches and LOL Nashville At The Sound Shelter

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    A tree fell on Matt's house. He and Shawn discuss that, plus Zeke Duhon and Kylie Rothfield at ALoft Hotel, the shows they missed out on, Emblem 3 and more! They also feature an interview and an amazing performance by Striking Matches and a hilarious interview with local improv group LOLNashville!

    Striking Matches, made up of Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis, came to Nashville simply to play music. In December 2012, Striking Matches made their debut on the Grand Ole Opry where they have subsequently played more than twenty times. The duo has had six songs featured on ABC’s hit show Nashville. They became the first artist signed to the newly launched I.R.S. Records Nashville with their debut full length effort produced by T-Bone Burnett and Buddy Miller to be released in 2014.

    LOL Nashville is a short and long-form improv comedy troupe. Every part of every show is unscripted and is made up on the spot with the help of suggestions from the audience. Every improv show they have performed has been sold out, which meant the troupe has had to secure a large performance space for the rest of the year.

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    Striking a Balance with Angela Dockter

    in Women

    Today, we're talking with Angela Dockter, a bioenergetic technician, author and devoted mom. We're talking about how balance is necessary for healing and wholeness.

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    TSA – A Brood Of Vipers Striking At Constitutional Rights

    in Politics Conservative

    Papers Please........Welcome to the "free" America.  You only thought the pedophiles molest your children in the airports.........well here comes VIPR.  TSA's program that will all but destroy personal freedom in America.   Question is will it be enough to cause the 2nd American Revolution?


    Are you aware that there are TSA “viper” teams?  Yes, in the United States of America there are Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams (“vipr” teams) ready to provide “surface transportation security” in unannounced checkpoints and other search operations.  In our “see something, say something” fear induced culture, the “vipers” are at the ready to strike at your Constitutional rights, in the name of safety and homeland security.


    The TSA’s “viper” program, known by its creative acronym, wants more of your tax dollars in 2012 and will ask Congress for increased funding, in order to add 12 more viper teams. Big Brother wants to get even bigger, at taxpayer expense.  Now that airline passengers have been conditioned to accept any kind of bodily invasion by the TSA goons, the next step in transforming the United States of Apathy, into a police state, is to modify the behavior of all the homeland’s citizens.  The laws have been put in place to “legally” take unconstitutional actions while the TSA puts forth its own propaganda.

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    LA KINGS ROAD TALK RADIO- Lightning Striking Again

    in Sports

    Join guest host Matt Sellwood as we talk all things LA Kings hockey on the internets only LA Kings-centric live, uncensored, talk show after each and every road game. Tonight our beleaguered Kings hope to stop the road woe free fall against the Atlantic division leading Tampa Bay Lightning. No easy task for our stumbling team! Can we shock the hockey world or will our post season dreams continue to plummet. These questions will be answered and more on your show of shows! LA Kings Road Talk Radio.

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    15 Minutes To A Better You

    in Entrepreneur

    Life doesnt have to suck~! It was meant to really be enjoyed so what do you do in order to find peace? How do you have a break through moment? 

    the point in your life where things just begin to stop being so darn stupid and life begins to finally start working. Life has a code and I broke the code and will share it with you.

    I am not much for keeping secrets and I love to give so that is what this show is all about. 15 minutes of my life devoted to making yours better. 

    Each day I will bring you a nugget that if you apply it the tiny changes you make every day will lead to great wealth in every area of your life. 

    Welcome to 15 minutes that will change everything and to the good!


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    Relationship Resolutions Singles Chat: Are You Ready For The Ring?

    in Romance

    Commonly referred to as the relationship fixer; the Date Whisperer has over 10 years of experience solving the romantic relationship problems of men and women from all walks of life. Whether it is a successful corporate tycoon that keeps striking out at love, a young professional struggling to make sense of a relationship that just won’t progress, or a single-parent ready for a fresh start, the Date Whisperer has successfully tackled the unique challenges of her diverse clients. Her insight comes from an innate gift to quickly assess her clients during their first meeting, to identify harmful character traits that are hindering them from finding their true love.

    Join us every 4th Wednesday as we ask the question, Are You Ready For The Ring? Call in at 347-996-3160 or listen on the internet by clicking on th link.

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    Weekend Watchdogs: A-Rod Narrative, College Hoops, NBA Deadline

    in Sports

    Mike Silva is joined by special guest host Jim "Mojo" Morrison. They discuss Alex Rodriguez' return and the media reaction to his ESPN Magazine article. Zach Braziller of the NY Post talks Big East basketball and some of the best prospects he's watched this season. They wrap up by talking about the Knicks striking out at the deadline despite the wild flurry of trades.

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    Time cannot pass quick enough, when will 2016 get here

    in Politics Conservative

    We are sick to death of the ruler in the White House who blatantly breaks the Laws and our Constitution and now is siding with the Muslim enemies and targeting our allies such as Israel. Here I am complaining about the same administration that has transgressed so many laws and the rights of the American people and it is not done in secret, and that most Americans feel they are very small and mean nothing and therefore, must wait until the next election, but we say it is not the strong American way. On this radio program we teach methods of striking a blow to your congressman and to demand that they help us take our country back.  The majority of American people are now coming to the realization, that simply voting for the Black man, at the time, may have been the right thing to do, given our ancestors activities with the Blacks many years ago, and voting him into office was suppose to flush all of that garbage down the drain; but in fact, it has gotten much worse. We are more divided in this country today, than we have been in 50-years. Now for those who think there is nothing a simple little person can do, you are right to just sit back and put up with the status quo, until the next election, but for the Strong Americans, who will always learn from their mistakes, the time is now-- to be as brazen as you can, in every media that you can, such as we are here today, and produce for the Weak Americans, the links to their congressmen to shout out to them, that We The People Are the Boss, and you politicians work for us---and Mr/Ms "Congressman or woman" we are watching you and you will not escape us in the next election.Tune in Thursday morning at 11AM, for the rest of the story

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    Unlimited Life - Deeper Love, Better Sex - Lisa Rose

    in Relationships

    Join us for 1 hour at 4:00 PM Eastern.

    Host Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness to Wealth and Ultimate Success her seemingly unlimited well of information is simply mind boggling. Nicole is known internationally for sharing her amazing secrets and remarkable knowledge on stage, screen, TV and in books throughout the world.

    Please visit Nicole's website: http://www.nicolebrandonworldwide.com/

    Nicole's Guest: Lisa Rose is a love, dating, and relationship guide for successful women who are tired of striking out in love She is the founder of www.deeperlovebettersex.com

    Lisa is known for helping smart, successful women find and keep lasting love. Her unique approach is grounded in the belief that love makes sex better, sex makes love juicier & great communication makes it all a whole lot easier. Whether you’re single & looking, dating and discouraged, or in a relationship that feels stale or flat, Lisa’s skillful guidance will help you turn that around. Lisa takes women through the same powerful steps she took when she finally said good-bye to dating disasters and relationship ruts and found her true love and partner in crime. She’s worked with hundreds of women who were ready to give up on love but now they know first hand the pleasure of experiencing Deeper Love and Better Sex.

    Lisa is a published author and sought after speaker. Her new Ebook, 7 Steps to Deeper Love & Better Sex is available to everyone listening today as a complimentary gift. If you’re ready to make 2015 YOUR year for love, and never dread another Valentines Day againm then this show is for you!





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    Mihran Kalaydjian on Wisdom of Success

    in Motivation

     Mihran Kalaydjian “Mino” known as “Fast Finger” is a special breed, in the most complimentary sense of the phrase. He has it all – the whole package of artistic gifts – and in abundance. But what it striking about his playing is the sheer beauty – the concept, the intelligence, the control over every sound, the vision, the phenomenal listening to it all – all the attributes that comprise great artistry of the sort that touches out souls. Today on Wisdom of Success, we will not only hear the words of the man known as Mino but be treated to some of his enrapturing music.  You are invited to connect with Mino here: http://www.mihrankalaydjianpiano.com and from there you can find links to him on Facebook, reverbnation, Google+, Twitter and Sound Cloud.  Thank you for supporting this network by FOLLOWING and SHARING www.blogtalkradio.com/perspectivepower

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    War of the Words Radio #80: Lamar Brown, ATT, and Conflict gold

    in MMA

    Lamar Brown


    For reigning Conflict Lightweight champ Lamar Brown (5-0) out of American Top Team, this fight Feb 21 at Conflict 24 is a culmination of several factors. Defending the championship fuels Brown, as does his desire to continue to grow and move to the pro ranks. Whether he does turn pro after this title fight or not, the undefeated Lightweight has spoken that his full focus is set of defending his title. With unending cardio, good movement, solid striking, and a pro level grappling game, Lamar Brown is unquestionably one of the most dangerous fighters in the South.

    He recently let his intentions for February be known:

    “Getting in there and getting right after Kobe Wall. Proving I’m the Best up and coming lightweight in the Southeast is what this is all about for me. I go to war February 21st.”

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