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    What makes Janice Hoffman unique?  Janice’s background comes from being Dr. John Gray’s protege and teaching the first Mars Venus Workshop in 1997.  That workshop was the beginning of a meaningful  relationship working  Dr. John Gray and the Mars Venus Institute.

    Janice is the author of the award-winning book, Relationship Rules ~ 12 Strategies for Creating a Love That Lasts.  Men especially like each chapter’s “How-To” section.

    Janice specializes in helping both genders apply the right tools to improve the quality of their relationships.  Men and women now have a “communication toolbox” they can use to increases peace and love in their lives.

    For over 18 years, Janice has been speaking to audiences  nationally and coached men and women on our many differences.   According to Dr. John Gray and Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, Relationship Rules should live on every couple’s nightstand.

    What motivates the opposite sex? What influences behavior? If Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, how do we get along on earth?       Let Janice show you how to bridge the gender gap in your world.   Create your own road map for effective and easy-to-use relationship skills.

    Since 1998, Janice has been a member of the National Speakers Association and has been nominated twice NSA/Colorado Member of the Year.  She is a member Colorado Independent Publishers Association, and the Colorado Professional Clergy Association.  She has served on the Advisory Board for Consumer & Family Studies for the State of Colorado.Janice’s sincere and warm spirit and her knowledge of gender differences are invaluable.  http://janicehoffman.com/

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    The Detectors radio Network on Stress in relationship as we see no Jobs

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    So what is happening with the relationship you had held dear to you, that of family, your wife and or lover. Are you cuting out going out because its not something you can do with lack of money. Are those within families at each other because of lack of jobs and seeing nothing in the future, so lets talk about it tonight

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    6 juicy relationship questions

    in Romance

    Today's show is all about answering your questions what would you do in these controversial relationship scenarios.

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    DIY SERIES: De-Stress your Holidays with Relationship Expert Randie Shane

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    Randie Shane Tollefson, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

    Randie has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from CACREP- and COAMFTE-accredited Capella University, has completed her externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelors of Science in Theater.

    In her approach to counseling, Randie trusts that there are real, adaptive reasons for what we do in our relationships to everything, whether with a partner, parent, child, friend, or career. She believes it is only when we become trapped by those reasons in a way that robs us of choice and flexibility that what started as right starts to feel wrong. Randie creates a safe and judgment-free space to stretch, experiment and try on parts of ourselves we may have lost contact with along the way.

    Randie is also the creator and star of the show HIS HEART, an exploration of gender and relationship through the songs of today’s male singer-songwriters. The show tells the story of one man’s journey in and out (and in again) of love, while considering the impact of the Hero narrative on his experience. Randie is giving our listeners a free 45 minute conslutation. Email her randi@lotustreetherapy.com Check out Randie's website www.lotustreetherapy.com

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    Stress Tested

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    We become steadfast Christians, able to endure and overcome, through the power of Jesus Christ. Job stress has become such a universal problem that many medical professionals now classify it as an occupationally related disease, precipitating numerous other serious problems such as ulcers, depression, and even suicide.

    Over time, you truly will find His strength, wisdom, and presence sufficient for the fray. Your stress will become a catalyst for spiritual stability instead of an agent of destruction and despair. The pressure will reinforce your faith, not weaken it. We became steadfast Christians, able to endure and overcome through the power of Jesus Christ.

    Psalm 55:22 "Cast your burden on the LORD, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved" 

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    Women's Relationship Advice 101

    in Relationships

    Come join RAW truth about relationships. Why we do the things we do, and how can we be better at relationships. Love can be hard and often leaves us confused. Let me help you better understand some of your toughest questions regarding relationships and love. Come feel the magic and empowerment :)

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    Overcoming Stress and 5 Pillars of Relationship

    in Lifestyle

    Discover on the first segment of the show how stress affect your health. Understand the healthy emotions, and thoughts and how they benefit your health. The top signs you are expressing too much stress, and what you can do to kick start your inner fountain of youth using your water, mind and body connection.

    The second segment of the show will address five pillars of great relationship, ways to make a man love you and other relevant relationship topic.

    Live on WOLB 1010 AM station; Online on blogtalkradio.com/gfem-radio; Phone: 347-989-1700. 5pmET

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    Relationship Reinvented- Awakening Of The Twin Flames Discussion

    in Romance

    Sherry & Lee (aka; Lois & Clark) from Relationship Reinvented and Twin Flames Group closed group on Facebook Eileen and Trevor Bild will be on board to talk about twin flames what they are, what they mean, what the truth is to this connection that you will be able to call in and ask questions or have them answered by posting questions that are able to be answered on the air!  




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    Stress the Main Source of Disease

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    Stress is the main source of disease!

    Stress comes in 3 forms: Physical, Chemical, and Emotional, all 3 sources have the same responce in your body!

    Learn how to recognize the intellegent body responces to all 3 stressors and how those responces are misdiagnosed has diseases!

    Learn how to use stress to build and heal your body and mind!

    Don't miss this life saving show!!

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    Mananging Seasonal Stress

    in Health

    From crowded malls to tense family get-togethers, the most wonderful time of the year can sometimes be stressful. Plan to attend this month’s tele-lunch & learn to discover tools and techniques for managing the stress of the Christmas season.

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    Relationship Central: The Christmas Edition

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    Broadcasting live on location from our own Christmas celebration in Palmdale, CA at Papa Q's! Don't forget the reason for the season... Christ! Call and give us your Christmas sentiments and tell us what you were blessed with this year! We'll be playing Christmas tunes to enhance your experience. We want to hear about those gifts and ideas from your loved ones as well!! 

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