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    To The G.R.I.T. of it ALL: The BEAUTY of our women Solidifies our Mens strenth!

    in Entertainment

    Its time for some good men to finally show our women that they are appreciated. Not to mention what kind of men would we be to not acknowledge the POWER and ancestrial knowledge or our BEAUTIFUL women. We welcome all WOMEN to call in and listen to us uplift the backbone of our communities and our strong men.

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    "SAMSON & The PHILISTINE WOMEN: The Untold Story!"

    in Spirituality

    Samson is a fabled biblical hero whose physical strength was legendary. His relationship with Delilah is still a very popular sermon in many churches. The loss of his sight and the destruction of the temple are well known, but what was the true source of his strenth and what about those other Philistine women he lusted with?

    Tonight on P2T we are going to release a revelation about the spirit of Samson sure to blow your mind! Don't touch that dial!


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    Human Trafficking - A Survivors Story - Jennifer Kempton

    in Motivation

    Jennifer shares "I grew up feeling unloved and unworthy. I had deeply embedded negative thoughts and feelings that drove me to seek comfort in negative things. After loosing my virginity to a sexual assualt at 12, I began to seek comfort in drugs and older men. After a series of abusive relationships, I ended up with what I thought was someone who took care of me and truly loved me. That man quickly turned me onto iv drug use and started grooming me for a darkness I had never known existed. What started as being a dancer at local strip clubs quickly evolved into placing ads on Craigslist. Before I realized that my soul was being emptied, I found myself being raped regularly, kidnapped, held hostage, sold to gangs and branded. After 5-6 years of enslavement, including birthing my last child by myself on a strangers floor, I was able to escape. Only to be left with 4 semingly permant marks of demorilization and constant reminders of the violence I escaped. After 8 months of saving I was able to fund my first of the four cover ups of my brandings. That is when a very special person came into my life and sponsored me to have my remaining coverups done. The feeling of freedom and empowerment I felt reclaiming my body was amazing and life changing. That is when I founded Survivor's Ink. It quickly became a non-profit strictly for survivors of human trafficking who have been branded or scarred from their traffickers, abusers and time of enslavement. Not only have I been able to give this freeing gift to other survivors. I have found my strenth, myself and healing by us uniting and fighting back against human trafficking and grip of that darkness. I now have been able to try to use my story to raise money for the strongest, most amazing survivors ever! My sisters.

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    Inspirational Monday

    in Radio

    Inspirational Monday was createdd to inspire, uplift and encourage our listening audience.  Each week, our listeners get the words of wisdom they need to help them have a great week in every day life.  Words that will give them strenth to endure whatever they maybe going through.  Tune in each week for a dose of Inspiration.

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    Spiritual Concepts Show By Presenter Ken Morris CEO " Psychic Choice Radio"

    in Spirituality


    Join Ken 
    On Psychic Choice Radio The Spiritual Concepts Show  for the last show of 2014.

    Where Tonight's Guest is Medium Shay White, look out for a few surprices as we may well be bringing a lot Guests/Hosts to wish you all Seasons Greetings. It will be a fun packed show with lot's of your favourite Christmas tunes, Messages From your Love ones in "The World Of Spirit" an interactive GOOGLE HANGOUT is now also available.

    Dial (818) 475 9293 FREE Worldwide from the hangout link https://plus.google.com/…/_/eve…/cecc73afhqoqrtl6trojpc29nr4

    Looking forward to taking your calls from the Hangout in 2015

    So relax crab yourself a Mince Pie or anything else you may like put the lights out, tree lights on and enjoy the show I will keep typing until the Signal Strenth hits 100% or it says I can not put anymore.

    Coming in the New Year we want a lot more of your feed back, there are plans for Station 2 to hit a wider audiance how do I get past 81% here LoL

    Back again Saturday 3rd January 2015 . If you can't make the last show then Please make the first! 




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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    SAT NOV 15, LIVE 11:00am til 2:00pm 12 HOUR a day, 7 days a week, the number 1 QUARTET STATION in the WORLD, the NFI Radio Gospel Network, in STEREO. playing the very best in gospel music and the word of God. taking you into the Noom day drive, it's the ANOINTED 1 giving you that foot stomping toe taping music. that will make you shout, following him at 2:00pm til 5:00pm it's A FRONT ROW SEAT with various artist in CONCERT, featuring the Loving Sisters, THE mCDONALD sISTERS, gEORGATTE jOHNSON AN dELIVERANCE, ALSO wOMEN OF sTRENTH AND THE cLARK sISTERS AT 2:00pm til 5:00pm and at 5:00pm til 8:00pm it's COMPENTARY music NEW and OLD catch the WAVE today on the NFI to listen join our web site nfiradio.com or by phone 347 215-8049 today.

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    Discouragement and Defeated

    in Christianity

    "Discouragement in the Life of a Christian" by Pastor Russell Long

    Discouragment in the live of Christian cause them the find themselve unfaithful to comments, and even at the point to totally giving up.  In this sermon you will see how God encourgages thoses who are faith to him.

    Music: "I Belong to You" by William McDowell


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    Providing Strenth, Empowerment, and Family Uplifting.

    in Family

    We will be discussing ways to uplift families, and what we can do as a community to help uplift anyone in need especially families, single parents, and the effects of broken homes on children.

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    Fully Persuaded- After the Storm is Over with Kendra Norman Holmes

    in Motivation

    Kendra Norman Holmes has been described as powerful, dynamic and gifted. She is a best selling author and profilic minister as well. Join us Monday evening 6pm for an hour of encouragment, inspiration and motivation. Kendra has a dynamic testimony about the faithfulness of God before, during and After The Storm is Over. Kendra will also talk with us about turning our pain into purpose and walking into our divine destiny.



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    12 Stepology /With Mike/ The Study of the 12 Steps/ Spiritual Paths to Freedom

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    12 Stepology is the study of the 12 steps. It all started for me in AA / NA then Ala-non mixed with some ACOA and a little OA for dessert. No pun intended. I use the 12 steps in all aspects of my life and have found the happiness I was  looking for in The Drink / The Drug / The Person / The Food /   Oh! did I mention Sex.


    So I share the 12 Steps, how they work in my life, how ego does not work in my life. The Highs, The Lows,The In Betweens. Other words the path in my recovery to happiness. Have I arrived, Hell! No! But I am on the right path and the journey has improved. My Goal is to share my Experience,Strenth and Hope with as many Peeps possible.

    Let The Fun Begin!