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    Empathic Gifts: Developing Them Into Strengths

    in Self Help

    Do your gifts as an Empath make you feel weak or vulnerable? Tune in to discover what your empathic gifts actually are and how to develop them into the strengths they are meant to be instead of allowing yourself to feel vulnerable and powerless. Your real power is in embracing your gifts not shying away or fearing them. Join us LIVE and ask me questions! Listener Call in 619-924-0698.

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    Understanding Your Spiritual Strengths & Weaknesses with Christopher Reburn

    in Spirituality

    One's own spiritual journey is never an easy one, and it's often filled with just as many challenges as blessings, and along the way one learns their spiritual strengths and weaknesses.

    During this show, listen as Christopher leads a discussion on how you can uncover hidden abilities and restore past life strengths into your current lifetime. Christopher also shares ways on how you can make your spiritual weaknesses your spiritual strengths over time with hard work, dedication and asking the universe and Spirit for guidance and assistance. 

    Want to learn more about your spiritual journey? Consider taking one of Christopher's intensive development courses! Details athttp://www.thepsychicspirit.com/spiritght.html

    Visit Christopher online to book readings, view tour schedule, prayer and healing center, and much more at http://www.reburn.org

    Become friends on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/christopher.reburn

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    Strengths Based Addiction Treatment

    in Self Help

    Our guest this evening is Katherine van Wormer, MSSW, Ph. D., professor of social work at the University of Northern Iowa and author of Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective.

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    Build on Strengths and Get Hired

    in Motivation

    Getting hired involves three things daily. 
    1.a positive attitude moves your forward
    2. appropriate clothing / builds confidence 
    3. time management skills / shows up in your every action
    These three area should top your list of strengths. For these three areas are either you strengths or your weaknesses. Don't expect to get hired until you are prepared to display strengths that shows you as the right person for the job. 
    Everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses. Identify your skills based on strengths and avoid as many weaknesses a possible. Make a list of weaknesses and strengths. In the areas of strengths, based on the job you desire, communicate your strengths in 1) actions 2)words and 3) written form. Where your strengths are is where you want to job search.
    Focus on current skills / strengths that frames you as the right person for the job. Some of your weaknesses will come up in an interview. Be prepared with an answer that pivots the conversation back to your strengths. 
    Everyone has weaknesses. Active job search time is not the time to repair weaknesses. Focus on selling your brand. Even your credentials will come after you sell yourself to the interviewer. Time is never on the side of job searchers. Being jobless amounts to you needing to spend time doing job search, not time involved in repairing weaknesses nor spending time involved in training. The job search goal is to get hired. If you need a job now, then do job search now. If you can get training and won't have financial issues, then by all means take this time to improve your skills. Knowing how to use a computer for job search speeds up the hiring process. Your strengths should cause you to step our of your comfort zone.

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    Live by Your Strengths

    in Lifestyle

    We will be talking about using our strengths to create the life we want.  Tuned In Coaching works with individuals and business owners who feel overworked and undervalued to discover and activate their strengths so they can experience success and fulfillment.  
    Discussions will be around the strengths defined by the StrengthsFinder assessment and will focus on ways to understand the difference between strengths and weaknesses and how to focus on what works for you.  
    We will have special guest and will encourage listener interaction.  
    Let's have fun!

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    Embrace Your Strengths. Fill Your Practice. Change the World with Allison Rapp

    in Women

    Full Snow Notes: http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/holistic-solopreneur/pdr-48/

    Show Topic: Embrace Your Strengths. Fill Your Practice. Change the World with Allison Rapp

    As a holistic practitioner, you know that every client is an individual and that what works so well for one person may not work at all for another.

    That's why it's so ironic that there's essentially ONE marketing strategy being taught by everyone right now, no matter what kind of business you have. That "straight out of the box" strategy probably won't work for you, although the gurus will tell you that it will -- if only you'll DO it.

    We're going to talk about why you probably can't bring yourself to follow most marketing advice and what works a whole lot better -- building your business by unearthing and developing the strengths that make you unique, so that you can get more clients without feeling salesy or unnatural.

    About Allison:

    Allison Rapp is Chief Enthusiasm Officer at GetThePracticeYouWant.com, where she helps hands-on holistic practitioners around the world discover their natural strengths, get more clients and get paid what they're worth.

    She really understand the challenges practitioners face because she brings more than 3 decades of experience as a hands-on practitioner to her coaching. Her gift is being about to translate the most effective marketing  ideas into strategies that can be used and language that can be understood by practitioners who want to be able to—literally—reach out and touch their clients.



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    Stretching Employee Strengths - Paul

    in Business

    Today's guest is Paul Brewerton, the co-founder of Strengths Partnership.  Paul discusses what businesses can do to understand and find their employees' "sweet spots"—the intersection of what they do best and what really energizes them about work.
    Paul and his business partner James Brook have just written a book, Stretch: Leading Beyond Boundaries, which shows entrepreneurs how to push themselves and their teams to the upper ranges of their abilities.
    Join us as wediscuss ways you can make the most of your talents and your team's!

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    Use your strengths for performance excellence!

    in Business

    Joining us this week is our special guest Jennifer Wolf.  She is a certified professional coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner working in the Human Resources and Talent Aquistitions field.  

    We will be discussing the value of knowing your own strengths and the strengths of those you work with to create high functioning teams.  

    Branding your leadership style is one of the great benefits of knowing and activating your strengths.  The strengths you have  do not pigeon hole you into a specific job or skill set.  Every strength can be used to reach your personal and professional goals.  

    Please join us for this call!

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    Focus on Strengths, Balance, Crystals, Perspective and Blessings

    in Spirituality

    Hello friends,

    I have had a very active week.  Three very big events have come to pass and in drawing cards to see what I should share with you, I was guided to bring in all three and to share with you how to focus upon your Strengths, Balance Career and Home Life, Crystals, Seeing the Other Person's Point of View and last but not least Finding the Blessings in Your Current Situation.

    Yes these cards all came together to address all three situations.  Then there is that little rant about the school thing.  lol But no matter when you listen in on this talk understand that it will be relevant to you and your current experiences.

    Lots of Love to each of you.


    Spirituality means different things to different people.  This program will bring to you new ways to look at old things, ideas, beliefs.  When you open yourself to the realm of possibility, you find life taking on a whole new texture, flavor and excitement.  

    Spiritual Communites Network is about exploring the Spiritual Community and what it has to offer you in the way of Spiritual growth, evolution, well-being, health, self-mpowerment and answers to some questions you may have held for some time.

    Listen in as we bring to you teachers from various walks of Spirituality.  See what resonates with you.  Yours truly will offer up her own take on all of this just to mess with you a little more.  

    Thank you for coming to explore with us.

    Gwen Peterson

    Founder of Spiritual Communities Network


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    Weight Loss- Turn your Weight Loss Struggles into Strengths

    in Fitness

    I know it's hard to lose weight and it's even harder when something is stopping that loss from within. So many times people blame their inability to lose weight on so many different things, but they fail to look deep within to find the REAL issues that are stopping them. What if losing weight were as easy as finding your soul purpose? It can be and my special guest, Marinna Rose is hear to share with us how to do just that!

    Marinna Rose is a Soul Alchemist who uses Vedic Astrology, Scientific Hand Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Soul Purpose Coaching to help people start living their fullest most purposeful lives.

    Through her life struggles she has discovered that each great struggle in your life contains a lesson to connect you with your soul’s purpose, and she is committed to helping people turn their struggles into their strengths and live their purpose through the power of curiosity, intrepid exploration, and staying true to their unique selves, internal guidance, and the grace of their unique life experiences.

    Join us to discover not only how to find your soul purpose but how to become the CEO of your own life and direct your success!

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    Maximizing your Signature strengths for Success

    in Business

    Did you know you have core strengths that aid you in every of your life. Through personal and business your core signature abilites are one of your biggest assets to winning. how do you know what they are. Tune in with louis Howard and learn how to recognize.

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