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    Playing to Your Strengths

    in Family

    We all have them, strengths and challenges.  We seem to spend so much time focusing on our challenges that sometime we forget that we even have strengths.  Today we'll be talking about how to play to your strengths and how it imrproves your life to do exactly that.  What if we allowed everyone to do what they do best.  Every household and business could benefit.  Join us live or in the archive.

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    Step Into Your Strengths

    in Lifestyle

    It is time for Divine Purpose coaching! 

    Which means Elynn Light is back with us on the show today! 

    Elynn has become a regular on our show as a result of her generously sharing her unique and effective coaching solutions with us.

    On previous shows we've talked about how to project a radiant presence, the energy of your coaching style and dressing to match your natural strengths.

    We'll continue our conversation today by diving into how we can actually "step into our strengths". 

    She'll show us how to understand our gifts and use them to create success naturally!


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    Developing your inner signature strengths

    in Business

    Everyone has a unique set of gifts talents and abilities. learn how to recognize, develop and activate your core strengths which will move you in the direction of your goals and positively impact others.

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    #16 Making Shifts Happen - Living Your Strengths

    in Health

    Stephanie Stanfield, Ph.D., stress expert and energy therapy practitioner, shares her vast experience and research of health and stress management into an entertaining and educational format. 

    Are you used to living from your weakness rather than your strengths? Does living from your weaknesses increase or decrease your sense of peace and joy? Wouldn't you love to know how to decrease your stress and increase your purpose in life? How does it get any better than this?

    Are you curious as to what you can do to feel more energized, be more efficient, feel happier, have fewer illnesses? Spend some time with Dr. Steph and enjoy the journey to a healthier and more purposeful life!

  • A Story of Learning from Your Past Generations to Cultivate Your Strengths

    in Current Events

    What do you know from your ancestors about the spirit of the women?  Were they strong, healthy, a little out there, or very conservative?  How do you resonate with what they went through in life to see how you have become the powerful women you are now?  Perhaps you are having lots of issues and don't really know where it is coming from?


    Barbara McNally is the author of Unbridled which is a memoir from a housewife going back to Ireland to search out her roots to find strengths or weakensses.  She tells us a great story of tracing the adventures of her late grandmother and finding independence in life.


    For more information visit:  www.UnbridledFreedom.com

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    LaRae Quy- Mental Toughness for Women Leaders: Utilize Your Greatest Strengths

    in Business

    Mental Toughness for Women Leaders: 52 Tips To Recognize and Utilize Your Greatest Strengths by LaRae Quy

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews LaRae Quy. The original live interview was 3/27/15.

    But mental toughness has little to do with physical strength or aggressive behavior; instead, it is understanding how to control the way your mind thinks. In Mental Toughness for Women Leaders, former FBI undercover and counterintelligence agent LaRae Quy shares how she created a strong mind by overcoming obstacles she encountered while at the FBI Academy, working in a male-dominated environment, and recruiting foreign spies to work for the U.S. Government. As an FBI agent, LaRae believes that while theory is nice, evidence is better when you are serious about looking for ways to achieve goals in life. She relies upon science-based research and real life experiences as she explains how you can clarify your goals, take practical steps to make them happen and connect with your ultimate purpose.

    Her website is http://www.laraequy.com/

    To order the book click HERE

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com

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    Knowing your strengths, and your weakness

    in Self Help

    Join me as I talk about knowing where your strengths, and how even your weakness can make you strong.



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    Strengths Based Addiction Treatment

    in Self Help

    Our guest this evening is Katherine van Wormer, MSSW, Ph. D., professor of social work at the University of Northern Iowa and author of Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective.

  • lead With Your Strengths Isaiah 48:17

    in Christianity

    1.) How do you determine our strengths and succeed in them? 2.) What determines the growth of a church, business, and or individual? 3.) How effective is logos, websites, brochures, and slogans? 4.) Why are the keys to success priorities concentration?

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    Episode 33: Oh! The Places You'll Go! Building Strengths and Happiness

    in Psychology

    Think back to a time you’ve been in a situation where you haven’t been quite sure of yourself, a little tentative, as if you could play it this way or that, almost like a coin toss, you have no idea which way will yield the result you want. But you make up your mind and go for it anyway. After the fact, if you’re happy with the result, maybe you’ve sat back and patted yourself on the back as you’ve let out a sigh of relief, whispering, yes!, I love the way that worked out for me! Or, maybe you’ve walked off, shoulders slumped, thinking, not my finest moment. First off, let’s just say that each of us has found ourselves in this situation at one time or another…and I for one would like to feel more of the yes moments than the shoulders slumped moments! But how do we build that characteristic? Today, as we speak with Shannon Polly, co-founder of Positive Business DC , keep your ears open as she shares exactly how. So throw those shoulders back, and get ready to give me your best YES!

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    Empowerment Zone - finding your Strengths again - With Les Paul & Tae

    in Self Help

    Living with and knowing you have Brain Injury or any disability can be really hard and downright nasty!!!

    Tonight we are going to be turning the table tables because here in the Empowerment Zone we believe that trough the power of peer support, Advocacy, and the Independent Living movement and especially us the survivors finding the motivation of self-determination that we can all do much better once we start working to build a better tomorrow now!

    With that in mind we want you to call in, chat on the show, and provide input on how as a community we can start changing the World together now!!!

    Tonight’s topics include:

    Life is too short so why not enjoy it
    Challenging yourself to learn something new
    Not re-inventing the wheel
    Free your mind
    No mistakes many opportunities
    Being and encourage
    Music as recovery therapy