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    Strength Talk Interviews, "The Bench Monster", Ryan Kennelly

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    We are back, B*&ches!!!!  Unlike any other show, we are Strength Talk Radio try to bring you the best in powerlifting, we call ourselves “powerlifting voice” for a reason; It is because we are the only radio show that brings you the best in powerlifting and powerlifting only!!  So how do we prove that we are powerlifting voice?  We get the one and only Ryan Kennelly, for a one and only interview he will do answering the questions about his recent past.  Never again will he talk about what happened.     

    Ryan has been out of the game for a while and we all heard why.  But was it all true?  Not one website, not one radio show or podcast and not even one article explained Ryan’s side of what happened, all the information out there was completely speculation, views from others that did not know the whole story and for all of us at STR, well that’s just unacceptable!!  So because of that we reached out to Ryan, to give him the opportunity to explain his side, what he was fighting for, and most important, to kill the rumors. 

    Ryan without a doubt is one of best of all time bench pressers.  His 1076 was without a doubt without controversy one of the best multiply benches ever.  We have seen the videos, we now know Ryan is back and wants what is his, the all-time multiply bench, the biggest bench ever.  But will he get it?  Does he have enough to come back and hit an 1100+ bench?   And most important, at what event will smash this record.  And not to mention, will he ever challenge Tiny Meeker, to finally set to rest, who is the best?!?!    

    Find out all these answers, the only true powerlifting radio show!!

    DON’T MISS THE BIGGEST SHOW OF STR HISTORY, Ryan “The Bench Monster” Kennelly!! 


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         Have you noticed that spending time with the LORD causes your spiritual strength to increase? You're now able to stand, to endure and overcome giants that in the past just the thought would have frightened you. Now you have a level of confidence not in yourself but in HIM such that you're not phased at all. Yes, your intimacy with GOD is the secret reason for your winning in the race.  It is the secret of your strength. Join us today for live prayer at 6:00 AM and Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.  

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    Silent Tears of A Military Mom

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     Recently my cousin messaged me, I would die if my son will be in the military. How can you live with the fear that any moment he could be sent to a war? I couldn’t do it .. I would have done all I could to stop him from going in the military, and for that I admire you.

     My answer to her was…I will never forget how my heart dropped when my son came to tell me he wanted to join the military. I asked him if he was sure and if that’s what he wanted then.. I will support his decision 100%. He explained his reasons and I noticed he had really thought it over and was sure of his decision. I knew if he saw that his decision was breaking my heart he wouldn’t go through with it. The next few months were emotionally torturing and that’s when my silent tears began. The day came when we had to drive him so he could begin his journey. On my way to drop him off, I prayed for strength. The time to say our goodbyes came, he said bye to my daughter, my boyfriend and then me. That hug almost made me break down, as I hugged him in my head I scream to God for strength and to please help me hold my tears. As we pull away I saw his tears, I took a deep breath and said "Hey, don’t cry you see me I'm strong and time will fly, we will see each other soon." He cracked a smirked and said "true," took a deep breath and walked away. I held my tears in till I got in my car, and I just let it out. I was not seeing my son leaving but one of my best friends. 

    I'm very proud of him and his achievements so far in his military journey, but I couldn’t be selfish. A mother or any parent must let their child free and let them spread their wings. My faith gives me strength and yes I'm hurting but I have faith that the Lord and my grandmother are watching over him and keeping him safe. Only I know how many silent tears I've shed.

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    Strength Training

    in Lifestyle

    It's time to get into the gym. Firm up your body and get ready to hit the beach!

    Today's show is all about Strength Training: I know there is a lot of products floating around in the gyms. I want to talk about a product that is every gym from LA to NY. It's crazy. Fit Line.

    Our guest today is someone that is no stranger to the gym He has been working out his entire life. He has trained in the same gyms with some the biggest athletes in the country . He treats his body as a smooth oiled running machine. Jeff Wallen.

    Jeff has been using this product tons. Want to really know more about Fitline's power cocktail?



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    NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT - Old-School Natural Strength Trng, Guest Roger La Pointe

    in Motivation

    Host Bob Whelan, Guest Roger La Pointe, For more information, please visit the website: MindForceRadio.com

    Natural Strength Night is an informative, humorous, sometimes a little raucous, good-time of myth busting and honest training information from the trenches. We strive to help everyone involved with old school strength training (without steroids) to not make some common training mistakes. Along with great information, you'll hear a fair share of steroid bashing, flamingo sightings, breaking goons, iron game history, and honest drug-free training information from various leaders and strength coaches in the field to help you get real results!  If your primary training information comes from reading "Muscle & Fiction" magazine we'll help get you straightened out. If you love high-intensity strength training, dinosaur style training and just like lifting heavy weights ... or loved Jack Lalanne, Sandow, Grimek, Peary Rader's old Iron Man magazine, Brad Steiner's articles, Stuart McRobert's Hardgainer, Iron Nation, Osmo Kiiha's The Iron Master, you will love the show. 

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    Getting Answers thru Prophetess Hechose Neicy

    in Social Networking

    She is back and ready to bless us with some prayer and answers! Call on for a word of encouragement, a word of knowledge and prayer!!!

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    Bhyy - Building Mental Strength

    in Culture

    Shalom Ladies! We would like to welcome you back to the show. Tonight, we'll be discussing the importance of having a strong mind. Below is a list of things mentally strong people do to keep you excited and we hope to see you on the show (Don't forget, this is a live call in show. Listen in at: 347-633-9606):

    They move on
    They keep control
    They embrace change
    They stay happy
    They are kind
    The take full responsibility for their behavior
    They accept other people's success
    They have staying power
    They think productively
    They reflect on their progress everyday

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         Have you noticed that at times you feel spiritually depleted until you begin to pray for someone. Then it seems that spiritual strength begins to flow into your spirit. Your atmosphere becomes charged with courage and power from Heaven. You're able to stand in victory and your confidence in the Lord is amp up th the maximum. No matter the reason you call upon the LORD, strength comes into your spirit because HE is your SOURCE of strength and power. Join us today and Mon.-Fri. at 6:00 AM for live prayer and intercession. POWER UP! Dial 714.459.3963 

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    Strength Talk Interviews The Dominating Daniel Tinajero.

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    Don’t miss Sunday Sept 28th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST as Strength Talk’s Anthony Pastorello interviews the dominating Daniel Tinajero. 

    Dan is coming off of a huge performance with a 2500 total at the Westside Pro, losing becasue of body weight to Jimmie Pacifico; then he had a monster comeback with a win at that USPA Olympia, beating number 1 ranked Ben O’Brian, with a 2276 and earned the best lifter award. 

    Listen as we discuss training methods, competing singly ply vs multiply, what's coming up next and the direction of powerlifting. 

    Don’t miss our first, of many, interviews with Dan!



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    A Renewed Strength

    in The Bible

    The Lord will restore your strength.

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    The Tears Of A..... G!

    in Social Networking

    The street life is hard::You can  become Victims When we love::Join me at 11:00pm central time::Live from the Cyberhood:;Your host::Big Shi.Getti.}Guest call in at 347}633-9524}