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    We are HONORED to have our Special Featured Guest Bobby Hedglin ~ Taylor of STREB! Bobby is doing OUTSTANDING works in the communities and bringing greatness in the lives of our youths! We invite you to visit his website www.streb.org for more information! You just may find yourself interested in doing the unthinkable!!! Be sure to tune in to another AWESOME SHOW!!

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    Soma Time For Danger Fields!

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    In case you didn't notice, I'm not a mainstream dude. I tend to focus on the topics, people and professions that 'don't get no respect'. So it's no shock that I'll be one of the few places you'll get a real hockey fan's take on in game events as the Chicago Blackhawks attempt to close out those pesky Flyers with Lord Stanley's Cup under wraps in bowels of the Wachovia Center. And I found the perfect SAPEVINE guest to help us break down some of the
    walls that has made the social benefits of dance a hidden artform. I had the exhilaration of yapping with author, choreographer, innovator and all-around visionary Elizabeth Streb, who's
    also the founder S.L.A.M. - the Streb Lab For Action Mechanics - STREB.ORG - We tipped over
    a lot of the sacred cows that have shrouded the dance community from the public and drew some interesting parallels to the fate and future of somatics. So we have that, maybe some
    live look-in's on Mets-Padres as the 'Ropolitans' go for 10 straight at home. Of course, they'll be SOMANUSE, maybe a movie review and I'll check the social media rolodex for juicy stuff.
    Lock in and hang on BTR's #1 show for covering the culture like the oil-soaked pelican eating vulture I am! Be sure and bing SOMASPACE.ORG for the latest ripples in the whorl we live in.