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    A Speak UP Thanksgiving with Carol Stratton & Amy Sullivan

    in Christianity

    Carol Stratton has written for several publications, including InTouch magazine and Kyria. She is a contributing writer for Forsyth Woman magazine and has been published in two anthologies, Writing so Heaven Will be Different and Extraordinary Answers to Prayers. She speaks to women's groups such as MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), and at national writers’ conferences. She attended Capenwray Bible School in New Zealand. Carol and her husband live in North Carolina and have four children and two grandchildren. Her website, www.ChangingZipCodes.com, helps women who are relocating. Carol’s newest book is a contemporary Christian romance called Lake Surrender. 

    For the past two years, Amy L. Sullivan looked harder, loved stronger, and discovered more by fixing her gaze on something other than the person staring back at her in the mirror. Amy writes for oodles of print and online publications and loves speaking with groups of any size. Connect with her online at www.AmyLSullivan.com. A portion of the proceeds from her new book When More is Not Enough, will benefit Transformation Village, a new housing development for women, children, and families in crisis in Western North Carolina. 

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    A Girl of the Limberlost Film Study

    in Film

    In this 1934 classic, Marian Marsh plays as the rural Indiana farm girl Elnora Comstock who wants to be educated and does what she can to overcome the obstacles. Based on the Gene Stratton Porter novel. 

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    Think it Through - Guest Tim Stratton on his Thesis Argument Against Naturalism

    in Education

    I will be interviewing Tim Stratton again in the new 45 minute format here on Intelligent Interactions Radio, and Tim will be discussing his Free Thinking Argument Against Naturalism in depth, and I will be interacting with him on various aspects of his argument. This is the same Tim that is my co-host on the new Tim n Trevor Show that aired for the first time on Thursday, July 31. Tim Stratton is a great and very smart guy who has a heart for the gospel and for defending the Christian faith with intellectual acuity and vigor. Be sure to check out this episode of Think it Through!

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    Interracial Love

    in Romance

    They say we love who we love. You've heard it said that love is blind, but is it? Truth is, there are still many obstacles that come along with interracial relationships. Nevertheless, it can work! Our guest, Danny Leopold has been happily married to his wife, Lori for 12 years. He will be sharing his interracial marriage experience with us. Share yours!!

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    I Am A Superwoman Radio Presents:

    Survivor Laura Cowan CEO/Founder of the Laura Cowan Foundation and Playwright Joey Ruffin and the Cast of "STAY ALIVE...How Not To Become A Victim" Celebrate our Encore Performance December 5, 2014 Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

    Joey Ruffin and Laura Cowan will talk about the most intense Stage Play you will ever see... 
    "STAY ALIVE... How not to become a victim" 
    A dramatic story about human trafficking depicting actual events of 
    Laura Cowan's life.

    Joey is a man who has recovered from drug and alcoholic addiction, Joey Ruffin reaches into his family roots as an entertainer to help people overcome personal obstacles in their life by writing and producing films and plays about real life stories. His first major project began with “Man Cry The Movie”, a film and play done on his life, to the now in production ”Stay Alive”, a play based on the life of Laura Cowan, and scheduled for the big screen in 2015. 

    Laura Cowan: Laura is a pillar of strength, inspiration and aspiration in the Greater Cleveland community. (Widower), Single mom of 3 children. A graduate of Bryant & Stratton College, working in the field of Information Technology at Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority as their I.T. Technical Trainer;.  

    Laura is a woman who despite the devastating events that have occurred in her life has been able to use those experiences to empower women who have been affected by domestic abuse. As An Advocate for Domestic Violence-and survivor of Domestic Violence and abuse Laura has turned her personal experience into a tool to empowerment for other women. 

    Laura is a friend and a community leader who works diligently to end abuse against women. 

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    Ep 55 Easter With Gene Stratton Porter

    in History

    In honor of Easter, let's take a listen to a great author's memories of how her family celebrated Easter in the late 19th century. Listen to part of a chapter in "Laddie: A True Blue Story" by Gene Stratton Porter, complete with how they did Easter eggs.

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    Focus on YOU: Pain, Passion, Purpose and Prosperity with Carol Sankar

    in Business

    Focus on YOU: Pain, Passion, Purpose and Prosperity
    This series will be all about your journey, the obstacles and open doors along the way to the pursuit of success. During this time your energy should be focused on you, what you love to do and also where you love to serve. We will be helping you to overcome the pain, align your passion with your purpose so that you can prosper and create abundance in all areas of your life.

    This week we have Carol Sankar sharing how to get out of the mindset of playing small, going after what you want in a big way & ASKING for the things that’s going to change your life and business once and for all.


    JOIN us this Thursday for #LunchAndLearn with DeKesha and Ke'Aundra.


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    in Politics

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Quisling--Norweigan Nazi --his name is now synomous with TRAITOR AND TREASON

    Nathan Hale--American spy during the Revolutionary War--When captured and convicted of spying he replied" I have one life to give for my country"  Americans still don't understand spying and its need in national security

    Dateline Chicago 1969 DAYS OF RAGE---Have some of those domestic terroists gone to Ferguson Missouri and involved themselves in domestic terroism in Ferguson?

    New claim by Black Nespaper--"Michael Brown appeared to have paid for those cigars!"

    Sept 10th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)  Nathan Leopold and Loeb--Gay young lovers involved in the thrill murder of 14 year old Bobby Franks

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Dr. George Hatoum, Gerald Lucas and guests

    in Business

    Dr. George Hatoum Medical Director of Radiosurgery & Radiation Oncology at JFK Hospital.He is a recognized teacher and has had a distinguished career at such places as the Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, NY and carries an appointment as an Affiliate Associate Professor of Clinical Biomedical Science 

    Glen Garvin veteran automotive services provider spending more than 20 years working with car dealerships nationally in improving their sales operations and marketing.  He's avid student of social media and how car dealerships can work with today's consumers to make their shopping process easier and less painful

    Gerald Lucas internationally recognized real estate expert & best-selling author and was named one of "America's Top Business Leaders" in Fast Company Magazine. He is the Founder & Managing Director of real estate investment company, Performance Property, LLC . His latest book, “Dare To Succeed” 

    George McCranie his practice in the areas of DUI and Criminal Defense. He is a nationally recognized Best Selling Author of the #1 best-sellingbook "Protect & Defend"  and  "The Authority on DUI Defense". He was awarded a "Golden Quill" award by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors . He is also a Global Ambassador of the National Academy of Best Selling Authors

    Greg Herlean has personally managed over $500 million in real estate transactions. He has flipped 450 homes and 2,000 apartment units. He has also purchased and sold nine hotels. He founded Horizon Trust, a New Mexico based custodial company. He is also a sought after platform speaker on the topics of estate planning, capital development and investment growth through use of self directed IRA vehicles

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    Are You Rocking Your #ShePower?

    in Business

    Rock Your SHE Power with Dr. Linette Montae?  

    In the entrepreneurial journey you can easily adapt your messaging and vision with someone else's.  Dr. Linette wants you to walk in your OWN power and unaplogetically 

    Dr. Linette Montae is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and award winning results strategist. On stage, online and in her community – you can find Dr. Montae using her  doctoral education in Training & Performance Improvement to help action taker CEO’s “Lead with Unapologetic SHE Power™” and Make More Money in Less Time!

    JOIN us this Thursday for #LunchAndLearn with DeKesha and Ke'Aundra.


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    MTHFR, OMIM, NCCAM and Rapport

    in Health

    Dr Jonas uses the new microphone again, hopefully blocking out the feedback and fuzz this time.  He introduces the business of the week:  S & S Technologies in Centerville, OH and thanks owner Steven L. Stratton for his generosity. Then he comments on the DPC online registration and member management company Hint Health and EMR's Elation and Praxis. 

    After ten minutes he starts the Blog review about MTHFR, a gene and enzyme of major significance.  Site intro about NCCAM.NIH.GOV, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  Site comments about OMIM site.  Additional comments about patient rapport.  Come on in. 




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