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    Free Barrett Brown

    in Politics

    Call-in live show with guests: Douglas Lucas journalist who will be discussing the imprisoned writer, humorist and journalist Barrett Brown.

    Currently enduring 'diesel therapy' Brown can be contacted at a Texas country gulag: Barrett Brown, #45047-177, Kaufman L.E.C., Kaufman, TX 75142.

    Or better yet, contact the newspaper there at: Letters to the Editor, Call 972-932-2171 for guidelines, etc.
    The Kaufman Herald
    P.O. Box 460, Kaufman, Texas 75142

    Lucas' articles about Brown are linked at: Vice Magazine, the Daily Dot and a series some with Christian Stork. His latest at WhoWhatWhy is here.

    From his bio at WhoWhatWhy: Reporter Douglas Lucas studied philosophy and literature at TCU, graduating summa cum laude. His work covering national security matters, internet freedom, nightlife, and more has appeared at Vice, Salon, Nerve, and other venues. He also enjoys writing fiction, mainly in the SF and fantasy genres. He lives in North Texas.

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    8/27 Free Barrett Brown & Jeremy Hammond Event

    in Politics

    On today’s show recording of Sam’s hosting an event in support of freeing journalist Barret Brown who faces criminal charges for his journalistic work exposing the private security firm Stratfor. Speakers include Wikileaks attorney Michael Ratner, Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir, … Continue reading →

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Hammond Plea Deal

    in Dreams

    Hactivist Jeremy Hammond pleaded guilty this morning in a New York courtroom to violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) as a member of the Internet collective known as Anonymous. He is now slated to be sentenced on September 6 and faces no more than 10 years in prison. Hammond, 28, was arrested last March and charged with hacking into the computers of Strategic Forecasting Inc., or Stratfor — a global intelligence company based out of Austin, Texas.
    He has been held in jail for nearly 15 months since being apprehended and faced a potential life sentence if convicted by a jury. After spending more than a year behind bars — with weeks spent in solitary confinement — Hammond pleaded guilty early Tuesday for his role in the Stratfor hack as well as eight other computer network intrusions.
    Hammond wrote a statement which was released today and gives a good explaination as to why he opted for this plea deal.
    Tonight we will discuss the Hammond case and plea deal with Daily Dot columnist Lorraine Murphy aka raincoaster, Andrew "Panda" Blake, Subverzo and more!

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Cyber Cryme Sexy Tyme

    in Current Events

    This morning, District Judge Loretta Preska told 27-year-old Jeremy Hammond and a courtroom full of supporters that she will not be stepping down at this time from the federal case against the young political activist, who’s accused by the government of hacking private intelligence firm Stratfor during a highly-publicized security breach in late 2011. Prosecutors say Hammond, an alleged member of LulzSec, hacked into Stratfor and obtained a trove of personal information, including personal correspondence between executives and thousands of credit card credentials belonging to subscribers of a paid service offered by the company. In recent weeks, though, it’s been discovered that Judge Preska’s husband, attorney Thomas J. Kavaler, was victimized in that very hack. Mr. Kavaler’s personal information, including his credit card numbers, were leaked in the hack attributed to Hammond. Despite this knowledge, though, Judge Preska said Thursday that she is reserving judgment in recusing herself from the case. Hector Xavier Monsegur, a hacker who famously operated on the Web as LulzSec ringleader “Sabu,” will be sentenced in federal court for crimes that preceded the Stratfor hack. But although Sabu’s rap sheet is long and his crimes arguably heinous, he is expected to be let off easy: according to court documents, he pleaded guilty back in August 2011 but has had his sentencing delayed because of his ongoing cooperation with federal investigators. In fact, FBI agents provided him with the very computer used by Hammond to upload the hacked Stratfor files just two months later. Tonight Vince will be joined by Andrew Panda Blake to discuss this and anything else on your mind!

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    The Dave Levine Show

    in Politics Conservative

    An Independent Conservative law and order online talk show whose #1 topic is illegal immigration.
    A warning to Romneyites--don't listen to this show! You will NOT be happy campers if you do!
    I was proven right about Romney's Grand Amnesty Plan! In the second debate, Romney actually shouted over Soetoro-Obama "I'll get it done! I'll pass it next year!" There's no doubt about Romney's plans now. Plus, he denied he supported 1070 but that he only supports the E-verify provision which he didn't bother stating is "mandatory" for all businesses in Arizona.
    I mentioned the assault on a black Cleveland, Ohio bus driver by a black woman who punched and spit on him.
    I discussed the story on two law professors stating that Soetoro-Obama's Executive Amnesty "is unconstitutional".
    I talked about the CA Secession Movement which is quietly alive and well.
    Josh Barro wrote an excellent piece today at bloomberg.com on "The Final Word On Mitt Romney's Tax Plan" and I discussed this at length.
    This show went over 32 minutes--enjoy!
    BTW, this show has broken the record and is now the most-listened-to episode in the nearly 4 years of "broadcasting"--thank you all so much!

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    The American Insurgency

    in News

    George Bush's cousin defeated George Bush's cousin in rigged US election - Alex Jones busted with STRATFOR yet again - schoolchildren using hand scanning technology to pay for lunches - Colorado & Washington vote to "legalize it". Obama and UN says they voted wrong - Monsanto - more!

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    True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #187

    in Business

    Another helter skelter day in the markets as investors sell off on concerns for the economy for early 2012, commodities markets slip as investors cash-out, GOP presidential nominee candidates come out swinging before Iowa caucuses, Obama & Hillary Clinton most admired Americans (WTF?), Anonymous hacks security firm Stratfor Global Intelligence, U.S. police deaths rise 13 percent in 2011, America warns Iran that blocking oil route through Strait of Hormuz, Kim Jong Eun leads funeral procession for father in North Korea, Putin says he's ready to talk to the Russian opposition, Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari calls for democracy amid coup fears and former Iraq PM Allawi says the country is on the brink of a civil war.  Ghost goes off on the Holidays, Dick Clark and the Ghosties!  News, True Capitalist commentary and Radio Graffiti on this edition.  Follow on Twitter @GhostPolitics

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    The American Insurgency

    in News

    Alexander Emerick Jones - Republican Council for National Policy fake Truther phony PAYtriot Cointelpro STRATFOR Israeli agent

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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Thursday NiTE Massacre"

    in Current Events

    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Thursday NiTE Massacre"
    1st HR Current Events
    2nd HR "PARTY TIME
    U.S. soldier accused of killing 16 Afghans had been loath to deploy again after three tours in Iraq, lawyer says, and he had been upset recently that someone in his unit was 'gravely injured. 'Romney, Santorum maintain claims English should be official language while courting voters in Puerto Rico. Southeast Michigan community sees extensive damage after tornado touches down during heavy storms. In possibly an unprecedented move, prosecutors decide to charge mom, boyfriend after boy shoots classmate. In possibly an unprecedented move, prosecutors decide to charge mom, boyfriend after boy shoots classmate. The Chicago-based hacker who once threatened to burn down the White House and took credit for an devastating computer attack on intelligence company Stratfor made his first appearance in a New York federal courtroom, after his March 5 arrest.. Iran was largely cut off from global commerce on Thursday, when the company that handles financial transactions said it was severing ties with many Iranian banks -- part of an international effort to discourage Tehran from developing nuclear weapons.An Oklahoma man convicted of killing his wife with help from a relative of his mistress to collect insurance money was put to death by injection Thursday.Timothy Shaun Stemple's execution was carried out at the state prison in McAlester after Gov. Mary Fallin denied a request by the condemned man's family to stay the capital punishment. His family sought to have medical testimony disputing his accomplice's account of the 1996 attack on Trisha Stemple heard in court.And Twitter Shot outs @goofybone and much much more call in 646-595-4136.....day 75 with out weed   

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    why should i do this show on a regularar basis ?

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    Alex Jones - Stratford - Austin, Texas
    I cant justify $40 a month (for a premium supbscription), i dont have time to schedule guests..
    for the free version, you have to wait till  11pm EST which is too late and ruins sleep to discuss such things before bed .. i dont make money at this, alot of other people do a show that do it better , have been doing it longer and make money at it .... i have almost no listenership -- have to spend time promoting it to get less than half-dozen live listeners ..  it just doesn't seem to add up to needing to do something more than once a week ...  at least not for the negative news we are polmugated and pummeled with daily ..
    cant justify daytime hours of productivity doing other things to do a show then, unless of course it is for promotion of something ... (or not a negative news edition)

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    States Prepare for end of US, Romney's Black Problem, Wiki

    in Politics

    While Wyoming tries to prepare for the collapse of the US through legilstaive bills and other states seek to strengthen sovereignty, local currency is spinging up in the most unlikely places. Will a local currency save our economy?
    Fear that Mormonism would be a problem for voters, Romney spent millions of a "we are just like you" campaign. But the real problem may be a ban on blacks in the hierarchy of the Mormon church which likens blacks to children trying to do things that they are too immature to acccomplish. How does religion play in American politics, especially when it is less than inclusive?
    Was Bin ladin dumped at sea? Recently release Wikileaks documents suggest that his body was actually flown to Bethesda. Wikileaks is posting more than 5 million emails between "shadow CIA" Stratfor, US agencies, and private clients. Is Wikileaks the "good guy?"
    Michele Obama wants schools to monitor home made lunches to insure that children get a nutricous meal. But the gov just shoved 27,000 pounds of "pink slime" meat, rejected by fast food resturants because of high amounts of ammonia, and ecoli, salmonella, and other potentially dealy bacteria, into the school lunch program.
    Plus Super Tuesday and the world news....