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    The European Mind: Waking up to systematic depopulation!

    in Politics

    Today Set is going to discuss major current events and how we can learn to make simple decisions that can wake up our brothers and sisters to systematic depopulation. We will also be talking about different historical esoteric conspiracies of where Europeans came from and what makes our folk different and unique!

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    Influence 2016: Becoming a Listening Brand

    in Business

    Today's Massive Momentum Guest:

    Angela Moten

    A native of Jacksonville, FL, Angela has worked in the Technology, Financial, & PR/Marketing industries all of her life owning several businesses over the years. Her specialties are Digital Content Creation, Leadership Development, Vision/Mission Creation Assistance, Communication and Administration. She loves brainstorming with individuals and entities to take their Brand to New Dimensions. 
    Angela successfully ran 2 businesses: Image Innovation a public relations firm for small businesses that she co-owned and AP, Inc. a computer repair/reseller business that also handled digital content creation and Cyber Safety training.

    Angela is a systematic researcher, providing insightful instruction and clarification of biblical principles. Angela currently serves as an IT Specialist concentrating on Social Media and Website marketing, SQL Report Writing, and Product Demos. She is highly sought after in the IT field because of her diverse skills; intertwining Business Acumen, Technology, and Kingdom Principles.

    Today's listeners will receive a discounted registration fee of $59  which is the same discount priced under  the group registration rate. For more information about Influence Me 2016 visit the website at influence-me.org. For sponsorship opportunities email contact@influence-me.org.


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    The Systematic Defeat Of Tamir Rice & Bill Cosby

    in Radio

    EXCLUSIVE: Not even $1m bail can wipe the smile off contemptuous Bill Cosby's face as he arrives at scene of the 'crime' mansion after being charged with ‘drugging and sexually assaulting woman’ 

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3378951/Arrest-warrant-issued-Bill-Cosby-2004-sexual-assault-Andrea-Constand.html#ixzz3vqrJVV16 


    Prosecutors defend urging no charges in Tamir Rice shooting

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-3379103/Prosecutors-defend-urging-no-charges-Tamir-Rice-shooting.html#ixzz3vqtgVrGM 



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    Intercessors in the Marketplace

    in Spirituality

    I have several stories I could share, but it is really not about the stories, but how God’s people are reacting in and to life.  God also allows our lives to intersect, to expose those hidden things that lie dormant in us.  I call them “awe ha moments.”  We see each other’s gifts, talents, and anointing, but God knows the whole man and in this hour it is about coming to a place of recognition.  Not hiding behind your gifts, title, responsibilities or talents, but confronting the person part of you.  Well I realize that everyone is not ready to do that, so what people do is cut whatever level of relationship and disconnect from the person entirely.  People move on like you have the issue or you wronged them.  Well this is why God has need of Intercessors in the Marketplace. 

    So what happens, this pain point isn’t the first time it has reared its ugly head, but because we have become accustomed to “Keeping it moving,” we learned how to do life with these deficit’s in our soul.  We go our entire lives, starting families, doing business, doing ministry and having church; all awhile dismissing and not taking responsibility for our own actions, but always seeing someone else at fault.

    God has need of you, beloved.  You were strategically positioned in that business, organization or ministry for more than just making money.  You are in the marketplace at this appointed time, because your customers need more than just what you are offering on your website.  Will you accept the assignment?

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    Reveal the truth, a further wake up call and eye opener.

    in News

    Todays show has the updated information and ongoing progress of the conference in leeds of real change, with ongoing updates.

    The interveiw of a couple Known as Parent J and parent K that are at present under fire of the isolating and gagging forced adoption practices by the athorities, having received the relentless disorientating systematic  lies corruption fabricated reports in taking their beloved children. these parent have stood up in fighting the fear and the manipulated perceptions cast by the authorities, that amount to kidnapping by coeced and deceived consent. having called out the system publically for narcissistically utilising unfounded and unlawful measures by the use of unevidential psychological and emotional confusion that amounts to psychological, emotional and finacial errosion, abuse and eventual exhaustion. Through the consistant damned if you do and damned if you dont dilemmas that are inducing anxiety etc, segrgating innoscent empathic parents and their loved unabused children still goes on inc  the fabricated character assignations. These parents give an insight and update to their case and the threats they are receiving to date.


    The show will be airing  the recent combined efforts of all jumping to reinforce the previous Chrissy Morris action and exposure against professor Plumber of working at Essex University (paedophile information exchange). Real change leeds saw the combined unity and calling for not only the active guests , but including the fore front organisers Russel Burton, Jason Nota, plus Gordon Bowden, Dave Whitcher, Claire kennedy, Del Henry all being called to swear and support the action. 

    tonights show is an update of the results unfolding since the meeting and that have come from letting diplomatic , secretive or avoidant measures not seen as acceptable with regards to Paedophilia, nor the smoke screen that the establishment enforce today.

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    Real Talk With The Word 4 H.E.R. ~ Can We Talk Part III

    in Relationships

    Can We Talk: Communicating with God Strategically in Prayer: Your Purity and Your Pressures

    Join The Word 4 H.E.R. Ministry team will be discussing things from their purity and the pressures of life. Please join them if you can. While it may be difficult to remain pure as the Lord requires of us and ignoring the pressures of life because of decisions made or being violated from another person. Join us to learn how God is training and preparing us through strategic prayer to get past and healed from the things that we have and in some cases are still struggling with.

    The goal of The Word 4 H.E.R. Ministry to heal, empowers, and restores women of all ages and background. They were founded to specifically address the spiritual and emotional needs of women whether they are in a leadership role in the church, home, or business.

    Motto: He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction. Psalms 107:20

    The prayer line is open right after the show. Call 641-715-3580 code 494931

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    Ep001@4pETCandidFrankLiveMlfbTalk with Nick Athan MLFB VP Media Relations

    in Football

    Join the Conversation call 714.242-5250 or Join us with Skype

    Today: Nich Athan Vice President Media Relations Major League Football, Inc.

    Topics Discussed:

    Who are the MLFB, the leaders aside from your self? Are many lifelong, success football people?
    What is their plan?
    Where will they be?
    When will we know the names of the teams, their locations etc?
    Why will the MLFB succeed and what will it look like?
    How will you get there?
    Describe for us the intent of community involvement, both financial and being good citizens in the community?
     MLFB 2016 DRAFT: Franchise Players-

    Joe Adams (WR/KR) Arkansas,
    Chris Bonner (QB) Colorado State Pueblo,
    Taylor Belstering (WR),
    Huntingdon College,
    Casey Pachall (QB) TCU,
    Emmanuel Stephens (DE) Ole Miss,
    Stephen Garcia (QB) South Carolina,
    Dan LeFevour (QB) Central Michigan, Darron Thomas (QB) Oregon,

    About Major League Football: Major League Football Inc. is a publicly traded, professional spring football league. MLFB is dedicated to creating an innovative, accessible, and fan-owned game, which is scheduled to kick off in 2016. MLFB’s strategically placed spring / summer season will fill a critical need for outdoor football at that time of the year when sports content is in high demand. The league’s teams will focus on emerging markets in select US cities in order to grow the overall popularity of the sport.

    For additional information on MLFB’s nationally accessible ticket database and our sponsorship opportunities, go to http://mlfb.fanfurnace.com or call 855-MLF-BTIX (855-653-2849 FREE) to sign-up for your tickets now.

    For more information about Major League Football, please visit our new website at http://www.MLFBmedia.com


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    Friday Fire with Unleash the Fire Ministries

    in Spirituality

    Jeremiah 4:4 circumcise yourself to the Lord, and take away the foreskins of the heart...lest my fury come forth like fire, and burn that none can quench it, because of the evil of your doings." The call to intercession is a deep call...one that will take you into the enemy's camp and will require heavy warfare. You must be strategically prepared for the battle. you must not only have the flesh cut back from around the heart, but also must be prepared for a close walk with the Lord. It is in this close walk- in the depths with Jesus that we are prepared for heavy spiritual warfare. The deeper circumcision brings you into battle with the hosts of hell. However, because of the circumcision of the heart, we meet the captain of the host of the Lord as Joshua did in Josh 5:13-15. We invite you now to journey with us into healing and wholeness as we discuss these "Matters of the Heart"

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    Real Talk with The Word 4 H.E.R. ~ Can We Talk III

    in Relationships

    Can We Talk: Communicating with God Strategically in Prayer: Your Past and Your Fears

    Join The Word 4 H.E.R. Ministry team will be discussing things from their past and things that they fear. Please join them if you can. While it may be difficult to discuss things of the past and things that we are afraid of could be challenging in itself, it is only when those things are voiced and faced could we all truly be set free. Jon us as we conquer out past and fears to be released from whatever it is that is holding many of us back from becoming the women God has created us to be.

    2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

    The goal of The Word 4 H.E.R. Ministry to heal, empowers, and restores women of all ages and background. They were founded to specifically address the spiritual and emotional needs of women whether they are in a leadership role in the church, home, or business.

    Motto: He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction. Psalms 107:20

    The prayer line is open right after the show. Call 641-715-3580 code 494931

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    Does Gender Matter in 2016 ?

    in Politics

    Political scientists spend a lot of time studying representation. Do women elected to Congress or state legislatures better represent issues that women voters care about, such as parental leave policies or reproductive rights? Do countries with more women in executive or legislative offices behave differently from countries with fewer women in these positions? .Sara Mitchell is professor of political science and department chair at the University of Iowa.

    Show Notes:

    The third edition of Gender and Elections offers a systematic, lively, and multifaceted account of the role of gender in the electoral process through the 2012 elections. This timely yet enduring volume strikes a balance between highlighting the most important developments for women as voters and candidates in the 2012 elections and providing a more long-term, in-depth analysis of the ways that gender has helped shape the contours and outcomes of electoral politics in the United States"American politics cannot be understood without attention to the role of gender in electoral dynamics. Women’s influence in U.S. elections continues to expand - as voters, candidates, and officeholders. Though still facing obstacles in their path to electoral success, women are transforming American politics, even in their pursuit of the elusive office of the presidency. Christine Marie Sierra, University of New Mexico http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/politics-international-relations/american-government-politics-and-policy/gender-and-elections-shaping-future-american-politics-3rd-edition#




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    HEALING POWER IN YOUR HANDS, Pranic Healing, featuring Jeff Noble

    in Self Help

    Jeffrey Vincent Noble is a master energy healer who performs Pranic Healing and uses Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) to help patients overcome health and emotional challenges. Jeff is an author and has traveled internationally as a transformational speaker. He has trained individuals from all backgrounds, including medical professionals, in the art and science of Pranic Healing and NLP. He is founder of The Noble Touch Ministries and has been in practice for 30 years in the NYC area. Jeffrey is certified by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and The National Training Institute for NLP as a Master Practitioner. He is also certified by the Institute for Inner Studies as an Advanced Pranic Healer as well as for Pranic Healing using Crystals.

    Jeffrey has helped thousands of people identify and release deeply held hurts, disappointments and stress. With energy medicine and NLP, he helps each client release the “emotional baggage” that is keeping them in distress or illness so that they can improve the quality of their lives, accelerate healing and achieve their health and wellness goals. He has helped his clients melt years of stress away in one hour-long session, so they are free to enjoy true healing and joy.Pranic healing is a systematic and time-tested method that uses prana (Sanskrit for life-force) to align or balance the body’s energy and bring harmony to the physical body, mind and spirit. Prana is acknowledged across cultures and throughout history as the vital energy that keeps the body alive and healthy. It does not use physical contact, gadgets or drugs/supplements and can be done in person or from a distance (phone consultations) with success.Through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, Jeffrey helps clients make powerful changes in their business and personal lives. NLP creates a channel to redevelop relationships between how one thinks and how they communicate in response to life events.