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    Back2Us Show: Still Strapped Part II

    in LGBT

    Seven months ago, we went there with series Strapped and we discussed studs dating studs. That show was so hot that we promised a PartII. 

    This Sunday, we are back with Part II Still Strapped. Sharon is going to switch seats and be our guest as Dee joins me as our guest cohost.  Oh I almost forgot and Sharon is going to make HER BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. 

    What will it be? You will have to tune in and find out!

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    BWNYC 4U w/CharLena P-F

    in Women

    Wedding dresses:  
    This is a Fit or Fashion segment of Budget Weddings NYC 4U.  Awards show dresses turning into wedding gowns or bridesmaid dresses.  Whatever it is it's here tonight.  The new non-strapless dresses from the runway have arrived in the pages of the bridal magazines.
    Let Review
    Also stress can be good sometimes, if it can get you to meditate and planning for your wedding usually does get you there.

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    Wedding Gowns revisited

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    Remember those red carpet awards gowns I talked about right after the Oscars and just what could be used for your wedidng gown.  It seems Brides Magazine agrees with me.  Plus, I was super excited to see the new non-strapless gowns in pix.  Too much fun and excitment for words.  I have to share it with you.

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    Oscar Style: The Good, the Bad and the Boring

    in Culture

    Oscar time! Woo hoo! Actually, I missed it completely. Not that I didn't want to see it, surely I did. Yet, part of me knew....it would be another long-extended moment of...the usual.  There would unlikely be another Bjork, or a Cher or even a Barbara going wild and showing off their most daring self.
    Alas....but yet, there is something for being tasteful.  Want to know the difference? Listen here!

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    Getting Trendy with Trophy Boutique

    in Design

    It’s a Wednesday night, you and your gals are meeting for Godiva Chocolate Martini’s  downtown and of course, Janie Smith will be there looking absolutely fabulous as usual with her perfectly articulated outfit and smashing stiletto’s to go.  But how about just ONCE, you could out-style Janie with your stylish red jeans, knee-high leather boots and powder blue strapless shirt and have all the dudes buy you Godiva Chocolate Martini’s for a change??  Yes, ladies, guys are looking at how you’re styling it up, but more importantly, when you look confident with your style, people notice your confidence, your demeanor magnetizes people towards you and you create your mark as that unique-looking lovely lady who knows her style.  Do we have your attention yet…do we have you wondering how this could be you, do you want to feel amazing as you walk down the street and have everyone think “WOW, her outfit just looks great”?  Laurel Kinney, blogger at Trophy Boutique, knows all to well about this. She knows you want to look like dynamite with your gals, at your office, at next week’s happy hour, at Janie sister’s wedding next month (three Best Men roaming around) or maybe you just want to feel like an absolute fashion goddess? 


    Laurel’s services range from The Style Intro to Career Sort, Shop and Style to The Special Occasion service, the list goes on.  She is one of the trendiest Stylist’s I know and has a successful career empowering men and women to look and feel their best.  Take a look at our interview.


    Interesting, at the time I did this interview with Laurel, we talk about my single life, which is no longer the case…

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    Nicole Brewer

    in Fitness

    Nicole Brewer catapulted into the public spotlight as a contestant of the popular weight loss show on NBC. Having lost 100lbs, she has learned a few lessons along the way.

    Come listen as she shares diet and exercise tips, as well as the mental attitude needed to make lasting lifestyle changes.

    Nicole Brewer is one of the contestants on NBC's "TBL 7: Couples." Nicole Brewer teamed up with her fiancé (now husband), Damien Gurganious. Nicole Brewer is a celebrity wardrobe stylist from Brooklyn, New York.

    Though she was a dancer as a little girl and competitive in high school sports, Nicole Brewer gained her "freshman 50" in college and has been a yo-yo dieter ever since. Nicole Brewer learned emotional eating habits from her mother, a diabetic who craved sweets and used food to both celebrate and commiserate.

    Losing her mother unexpectedly to heart disease has inspired Nicole Brewer to embark on a mental and physical makeover, to prevent the onset of diseases that still plague her family. Nicole Brewer is glowing on the inside, but wanted to be radiant on her wedding day and walk down the aisle with confidence—in a fabulous strapless gown—to meet her best friend and the man of her dreams.

    And She Did Just That.

  • Getting Sized For A Plus Sized Bra

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  • Getting Sized For A Plus Sized Bra

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  • Tend Not To Prepare A Wedding Event Prior to Reading This Article

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    There’s certainly no problem with looking for a bit of ideas for your personal forthcoming wedding party. With much in your thoughts, it might be hard to focus on the a lot of specifics you should be focusing on. Use the tips in this post to aid supply that imaginative kindle for the wedding.