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    Adventures Into the Strange

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    We are back on the air, catch up on all that has been going on with our crew. Love to hear from you.

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    Why So Serious Odd And Strange

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    We live in a strange world, one where anything can happen. Odd news and Strange happening are common on Why So Serious Odd And Strange every Sunday 12pm.

    Listen to here this weeks strangest and oddest stories.

    Jordan James Parke is trying to look like someone 

    Sony drops the premier of "The Interview" due to hacks

    Scott Stapp of creed is on a downward spiral and thinks he is on a mission to kill the president




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    Why So Serious, Odd And Strange

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    This show I will talk about a few strange things that happened in the world this week.

    A man was NOT eaten alive. 

    A robbery so good it was hypnotic.

    And robots giving hand jobs. (This is interesting)

    This is my show where I talk about odd things taht happen around us.

    If you have a strange story please feel free to call and tell us.


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    Why the Rich eat Strange Dishes

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    Join Fred and William as they discuss a topic requested by one of their many fans of the show!  Tonight we cover the strange food choices that seem to represent deep pockets among other things.

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    Dr. Clifford N. "The Strange Man" Alford: Cherokee

    in Religion

    Prerecorded April 3, 2004

    Dr. Clifford N. Alford began his training at five years old, when his Grandmother, a Texas Cherokee Medicine Woman recognized his interest in herbs and the ways of Mother Earth. She taught him an average of two to three months per year for the next fourteen years.

    Naturopathic and Shamanic Services, Inc. was founded by Dr. Sir Clifford N. Alford, Th.D, DD, MH, S/RMT, in May of 1995 in Tahlequah, OK for the purpose of protecting and reviving indigenous matriarchal shamanic traditions of the Cherokee Tribe and other similar traditions worldwide. This ministry had operated in Tahlequah and the surrounding areas, and in Texas, Louisiana, Michigan and New Mexico since 1993. His name was changed to Prajna Shiva Kalidasa by his Tibetan and Javanese teachers. 

    Prajna Shiva Kalidasa was born as Clifford Nelson Alford, and was apprenticed in Cherokee Medicine from the age of five by his maternal grandmother for fourteen years. His great grandmother assisted in that process for three years until her death. Prajna then apprenticed with others in the Asaga Medicine Society for another eleven years, which resulted in his being declared to be an Adawehas (Cherokee Spiritual Leader and Sexual Healer), and has pursued every opportunity to study and train with other Shamans in shamanic, sexual healing and empowerment methods from all over the world. His name in the Asaga was Stone Heart until his main teacher died when he received a new name of Henowetak which translates as "The Strange Man". 


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    120 PROGRESSING IN GOD 76th - Being Led By The Spirit Not Flesh Pt2

    in Spirituality

    We continue looking at the results of Abraham's wife's operating in the flesh to bring forth the promise of God.


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    In the beginning was the(spoken) word and the word became flesh #2

    in Current Events

    O YE DRYBONES , IT TIME FOR "IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE(SPOKEN) WORD AND IT BECAME FLESH #2. calling all poets nation-wide to join us today at 9 pm /et with are host Leroy the Poet, all who perform there words to the universe you will have 3min to speak to call in dial 626-414-3504. All topic such as ferguson, love,hate,balance,sex,the new world order,racism,Africa,america,maat,black people , white people , all people, mason ,slave, free your mind and your ass will follow.

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    Flesh Wound Radio: Debut Episode

    in Film

    Tune in this coming Thursday at 9:30 PM Eastern time to Horror Society Presents Flesh Wound Radio with Todd Loya and I as we bring you the debut of a fiendish new series called Horror Society Presents Flesh Wound Radio. We will be bringing you ghastly reviews each week from the indie, underground, mainstream, and cult movie worlds, as well as all the latest horror hot topics and controversy disemboweling the internet. So tune in Flesh Wound Radio Freaks ^^. On our first episode we will be exploring 26 ways to die in ABC's Of Death 2. Also we tackle the brand new Amazon Blu Ray exclusive of Housebound, a horror comedy from New Zealand. Continuing an international theme we go to Spain for Alex De La Iglesia's bat shit new flick Witching And Bitching. All that plus reviews for the latest Code Red Blu Ray releases of Lady Stay Dead and Messiah Of Evil, and finally Vinegar Syndrome's Blu Ray release of an Xmas slasher fave Christmas Evil and several new titles from the VS camp.

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    TCH Ep. 50: Joe Forsberg, Shay Morgan Brook and the Hosts of Flesh Wound Radio!

    in Film

    On this episode, we are going to have Executive Producer/Writer Joe Forsberg and Producer/Director Shay Morgan Brook on to talk about their new project Shadow Theory (how it came about, crowdfunding, the cast and crew). We will also have Todd Loya and Daniel Schein (previous co-hosts of Creep Show Radio) on to discuss the newest show on Horror Society Radio, Flesh Wound Radio!

    We will be reviewing Scream Factory's Blu-Ray Release of Dolls as well as R Squared Films Mental Scars!

    We will also be featuring several bands in our Metal Blade Spotlight!

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    Two hours of the strange and the weird.

    in Paranormal

    My second show- the first one was over the top with non stop listener call ins. Strange stories about skinwalkers to ufos. 

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    Words Manifest Into Flesh

    in Education

    What does "Words Manifest Into Flesh" mean? What is the process of it? What is the power of words? Where do words originate? What are the positive and negatives to words manifesting into flesh? Join us as we address the power of words, action, and the ingredients of productivity. With Host (Kevin), Co-Host (Michael) and Chatroom Facilitator (Jamillah); we will be delving into the moves of a movement.......Universal School Of Thought ! Call-in (323) 323-3897 press the # 1 on the touchpad of your phone to speak live with us on the air or Log-in at www.blogtalkradio.com/usot and type out your questions, answers and/or comments. Your calls and texts will be answered in the order they are received. See and Hear you there !

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