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    Strange Magic with Meredith Anne Bull

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    Actress, singer and voice-over artist Meredith Anne Bull drops by to talk about her work on Strange Magic, a madcap fairytale inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Meredith voices the key role of Dawn and performs three songs on the soundtrack. Her musical ability has caught the attention of many, and she is currently recording an album set for release in Fall 2015. 

    Strange Magic, an animated musical, features goblins, elves, fairies and imps whose funny misadventures result from battles over a powerful potion. George Lucas came up with the story, and the impressive cast also includes Evan Rachel Wood, Elijah Kelly, Alan Cumming, Kristin Chenoweth and Maya Rudolph.

    Meredith grew up doing theater and was signed by her first agent at age 12. She graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City and played the title role of Annie in the touring company of that beloved Broadway musical. She has also appeared in such  films and TV shows as Maladies, Good Intentions, Harold, Teen Cribs and Law & Order. 

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    Strange Beginnings

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    Welcome Special Guest Host: Shakir Rashaan along with Author and radio host Teresa Hardister as they interview Author Candi Fox.  

    Candi is a married mother of 8 (6 with fur, two without), with a passion for writing. However, she's not your average stay-at-home soccer mom by any means. She is also a published poet, a radio talk show host with over 750 thousand listeners, a writer for an International online magazine with over 300 articles published, and she's been paid to manage social media for models, radio personalities, and life coaches. 

    She has also done extensive work in what could be considered the occult. She is a wolf priestess who works with several deities, a reiki master who is also training students (primarily her oldest son), She is the Head Priestess of the Mystic Order of the Red Oak (a fully functional, period accurate renaissance order based out of Tulsa OK). She studies a variety of occult genres and has been mentored by one of the premiere psychics in the world.

    Her hobbies include Sunday night bonfires with her family, polishing up her bartending skills, busting out the period garb for the annual Muskogee OK Renaissance Faire, horseback riding, and exploring vast dungeons with her husband (Robert) and her son (Alex) via virtual reality.

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    Paranormal and Strange

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    Guest Speakers will talk about the Paranormal and Strange events happining in the field.

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    Adventures Into the Strange

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    We are back on the air, catch up on all that has been going on with our crew. Love to hear from you.

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    Movie Reviews: The Boy Next Door, Black Sea, Strange Magic, and More

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    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review five new films. First, we'll look at the new Jennifer Lopez vehicle The Boy Next Door. Then, we review hte new Jude Law film Black Sea. Next, it's the children's film Strange Magic, followed by Anne Hathaway's Song One and Al Pacino starring in The Humbling. 

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    Strange and Interesting Hobbies

    in Youth

    Are you passionate about air guitar? How about LARPing? In this episode, teen hosts Suzy, Brianna, Dylan, and Sydney discuss some of the strange and interesting hobbies they've come across, as well as some pastimes and collections of their own.

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    Slenderman, Shadow People & Strange Things.

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    In this episode the crew talks about everything spooky and strange including strange happenings across the world.  This episode focuses on slenderman and shadow people as well.

    Tune in to check out a show that you won't want to miss. Topics include but not limited to: Strange creatures, happenings, ghosts, demons, haunted places, psychics and a wohle lot more. Be sure to call in free and chat with the crew.

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  • Why So Serious Odd And Strange

    in Entertainment

    Creepy parasitic jewelry? Harness our bodies energy to charge our phone? What are you willing to do to charge your phone?

    Worm brains were used in an experiment to control a robot. Have we began the destruction of the human race?

    AirAsia Flight #QZ8501 went down, my heart goes out to everyone.


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    Why Men Love STRANGE

    in Romance

    It's the billion dollar relationship question, and has been as long as we can remember. Women have been desperately wanting to know “Why Men Cheat” as long a we can remember. (This could be looked at as a high desire, in men, for Strange). But there has been little to no change over the course of time, in the male attraction to “STRANGE”. Strange is defined as any woman you are not currently in a monogamous relationship with. In my opinion, the biggest filter/discipline against men constantly perusing “strange” is social conditioning, and NOT anything organic within men! We as men, are socially taught that we shouldn't cheat on our wives and that we shouldn't want to be with a plethora of “strange” women, and that has been the only seat belt in the wild and crazy ride of dealing with men monogamously in relationships, again IMHO.

    Let's dive into what is so attractive and motivating, etc for men in “strange” women, sex, bodies, conversations, etc? Hopefully we can learn some women as to how men really operate and think, when it comes to the most perplexing question of them all...

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    Strange sightings

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    Open Lines discussing strange things that you have seen.

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