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    Christmas Storybook

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    Christmas with Beth and the Snow Angel

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    A Storybook Journey with Siobhan Owen

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    "This album promises to take you on a reflective musical journey across the Celtic lands of Wales, Scotland and Ireland – and far beyond! You will be enchanted by sublime vocals, heavenly harp and stunning instrumental arrangements," is what has been written about Siobhan Owen’s new album, Storybook Journey.
    Siobhan and I sit down this evening for an evening of pure bliss – beautiful music, folkloric conversation, and quiet times getting to know this remarkable young lady. 18 year old Siobhan was born in Wales with Welsh and Irish heritage.  Classically trained, she turns her haunting soprano voice and delicate harp playing to a repertoire of traditional Celtic songs. At a young age she has already recorded three albums, won classical and folk awards and has played at many major festivals. She is a truly enchanting performer.

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    WTR: MARINE/Singer/Activist - John Preston & Sr. Chief Don Shipley

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    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn is exctied to have the one and only Jeff Young as guest co-host!!  Jeff is former Mil Intel, Former Mil athlete, Former Police Officer, Former pro whitewater paddler, Former HRE PSD (Iraq) In-country manager/ team leader, current full time firearms instructor, and a contributing writer for Warrior Talk Radio. Did I mention cute and cuddly?

    GI Jenn and Jeff Young will be joined by MARINE VETERAN, Singer, Song Writer John Preston and the AMAZING Sr. Chief Don Shipley!

    John Preston is a singer/songwriter raised on a farm in Kentucky and is a great example of a true American born for service. John was highly decorated as a Marine during his tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom and now is currently a Firefighter. Through all of his travels of the world and growth in life he has used music as his storybook to follow his journey.

    Don Shipley retired after 24-years in the Navy as a SEAL Senior Chief in 2003. He served at SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO, the Naval Special Warfare Center (BUD/S) and Naval Special Warfare Group TWO in Little Creek Virginia as a SEAL Advanced Training Instructor.

    He served in eight SEAL Platoons, was Platoon Chief in five, and awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for Heroism during a Search and Rescue Mission.

    He conducted operations in Bosnia and Liberia, Africa while at SEAL Team TWO and became the first Non-Corpsman SEAL to graduate Paramedic School.

    Guest Call in 646-595-3504

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    Decisions, Decisions

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    We will discuss why location is the most important decision in determining where to live and what makes certain locations more popular for retirees.  The decision where to live is not an easy one but with planning and research this program will help you as you consider the pros and cons of a senior fifty plus community.  Together we will explore this subject at length in the hope that you will be better prepared to make a good decision about your future. 

    Your thoughts, comments and personal experiences are encouraged and welcome!


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    The Three Little Pigs

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    A classic tale that will entertain and teach your child a valuable lesson in how to overcome adversity and succeed in life.  Your child will enjoy the adventures of the Three Little Pigs as they remain determined to build a house and outsmart their enemy.  I hope you will enjoy this story and that you will want to play it again and again for your children and their friends.

    My goal is to bring the world of favorite children's stories to a new generation of readers.

    Happy reading to all my wonderful listeners as together we will explore the exciting world of books. 




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    A classic tale about a prince searching for his perfect princess.  The story will entertain and teach your child a valuable lesson in relationships.   I hope you will enjoy this story and that you will want to play it again and again for your children and their friends.

    My goal is to bring the world of favorite children's stories to a new generation of readers.

    Happy reading to all my wonderful listeners as together we will explore the exciting world of books.




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    The Three Bears

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    A classic tale that is sure to entertain your child. Follow the adventures of the The Three Bears as they try to solve a puzzling mystery.  I hope you will enjoy this story and that you will want to play it again and again for your children and their friends.

    My goal is to bring the world of favorite children's stories to a new generation of readers.

    Happy reading to all my wonderful listeners as together we will explore the exciting world of books.




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    WDW Fan Zone BlogCast #49

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    Stuart Sternberg, Lottie Ferguson, Emily Helstrom, and Kurt continue with the topic Keep It, Change It, or Replace as they finish up their discussion on  the Magic Kingdom attractions in Storybook Circus and Tomorrowland. Join the fun for 30 minutes of magical mischief!

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    PETER BLACHLEY debut album, Nevada Sky.

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    Nevada Sky documents a life of inspiration, reinvention, and marks a profound coming together of many of the facets of Blachley’s life ,family, photography, music, loves won and lost, and professional and personal aspirations.In Blachley’s journey, he’s been a carpenter and served in Vietnam. His second act was being a music video pioneer through making culture-defining videos with the Stray Cats, George Thorogood, and Duran Duran as an executive producer/marketing visionary. During this time, Blachley worked at Capitol/EMI, and he went from mailroom up to being a music marketing exec before cross-fading to EMI’s Picture Music International as music video executive, content producer and marketerer. At 50, his music business tenure ended, and he reinvented himself as a gallery owner, co-finding the fine art music photography gallery the Morrison Hotel Gallery with partners Richard Horowitz and iconic photographer Henry Diltz.“There is hope in the fact that you can always reinvent yourself. Reinventing is about finding something you want to do everyday, something that makes you happy, and finding a way to make money doing it,” . For his third act, Peter Blachley is emerging as a captivating singer-songwriter with his debut album,Nevada Sky. It’s one of those storyteller albums that instantly feel like an old friend. It recalls the work of CSN, John Stewart, Neil Young, Waylon Jennings, Ian Tyson. It stretches across the highways of high lonesome country, confessional folk, and swampy rock n’ roll and it authentically evokes the rugged mountains and big open skies of the West, and the burly swagger of the big cities of the east it is pure Americana through and through.Nevada Sky folds family stories, personal and professional journeys, and lifelong dreams into one Americana storybook. Blachley says in conclusion “With this album, I’ve left my legacy "

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    West Coast Bias Episode #05 S06

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    With the start of the NBA season right around the corner Double K and the Doual will be looking at the NBA preseason so far and talk about which teams shined and which teams kind of faded into the background. They will also discuss the biggest question of the offseason can LeBron James complete the storybook ending and bring a title home to Cleveland. All this and this weeks NFL action right here on your favorite Sunday night sports show West Coast Bias 8pm PST/11pm EST on www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents ...

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    Callywood Live with CeCe Peniston, Sensere, Roy Belfrey & Urban Wolf Symphony

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    CeCe Peniston was born Cecilia Veronica Peniston on September 8,1969. Her storybook beginning is magical in that CeCe Peniston spent most of her formative years in Phoenix, Arizona and got her first start singing before her congregation in church. She performed in plays and musicals and participated in talent shows while learning to play the piano. The real testament of her talent was in 1987 when Peniston, still a high school student, landed a part in a local production of Bubbling Brown Sugar. From their, she would earn her diploma and continue on to the University of Phoenix to study Liberal Arts. 

    Neo-soul/gospel/group SENSERE, groomed and promoted by former Sony VP, Eddie Pugh. This group is based in South Florida, and would be awesome for an inspirational show looking to pair non-traditional, but uplifting  fare -- in that Earth Wind & Fire way. With a touch of hip-hop, jazz and neo- soul, SENSERE looks and performs like The Roots (dapper & funky) with a horn section like EWF and the lyrical spirit of Mary Mary! 

    Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Roy Belfrey is a business mogul turned moviemaker. Roy participates in multiple facets of the entertainment industry, as he owns and operates MN FINEST Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. "Matthew 18" is Roy Belfrey’s first feature film, which he wrote, directed and self-produced.

    An eclectic jazz collective blazing out of Hillside, New Jersey, Urban Wolf Symphony breaks barriers, creating and performing music that both defies categorization and comparisons, yet feels familiar and welcome to the music lover's ear.  This cutting edge jazz/fusion collaboration also features a deejay, for that extra aural touch.  They're not just “outside the box” – they fashioned a new one.




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