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    NOW 10 YEARS LATER?????????????????????


    on   "TRUTH HEALS"

    30 minutes of nothing but the truth.....the whole truth.......share  it....

    speak it....hear it.....

    Until Then,

    Stay True and Blessed

    Yours Truly,

    Teri Littlejohn

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    Storm Stories

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    Storms in life, we all face them. Storms in weather, thunderstorms, snow storms, dust storms or flooding just to name a few. But what about the stoms in our lives. Those storms can be real battles we face or they may be storms that are going on in our minds, how we face something. We will look at a couple of storms in Scritpures Mark 4:35-41 where Jesus rebukes the storm and Matthew 7:24-27, where one man built his house on a rock and another build his on the sand, but the storm came at them both. 

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    The Quiet Storm Interactive DJ Experience

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    The Quiet Storm Interactive DJ Experience - Live Ol' Skool, RnB, & Jazz

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    My Song Inside The Storm

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    I'm not sure where you are today with your walk in Christ. Perhaps you have back slidden or left the Lord for a time and find yourself inside a storm you can't possibly get yourself out of. The truth is, were either about to enter a storm, going thru one or coming out of it. And I must admit that I have gone through some difficulties, trials and temptations enough to know that I have no one else to blame but myself. Thats right, some storms come from our own wrong choices, decisions, actions and carnal thinking and so we find ourselves at times eating from lefteovers instead of enjoying the meal offered to us by God. Then there are those going through deep dark trials from perhaps an unbelieving spouse, the pain of divorce, or long-term illness. Even still, Gods grace is within reach asking of us to cling to him or return to him and trust Him through it all. His Grace is never confined or ever comes up short. For many of us we can say we've truly been blessed to have that reliable song inside of our storms of life....and that's Jesus. I truly would be lost without the grace of God, deep into my sin, struggle and painful circumstances. Thank you Lord for being my song inside the storm.




  • The Eye Of The Storm-Clearing and Redirecting Your Life!

    in Spirituality

    Sometimes we are prepared for the storm ahead and know what to do in the moment....other times we are hit hard and left picking up the pieces. What will be YOUR story?


    Call ins welcome  646-727-2585



  • Let's Talk Too! Author S. Raven Storm

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    I'm your host

    Author Sharnel


    Author S. Raven Storm

     Stephanie Jenkins a native of Queens, New York spent the last twenty-three year in North Carolina. She currently lives in Camden Delaware a small town outside of Dover, Delaware, where she writes under the name of S. Raven Storm and works at the local Hospital.

    Stephanie Jenkins is a member of Poetry in Motion, a local group of writers, poets and entertainers headed by Amillion the poet Mayfield. She’s won three (3) poetry awards and has published works in the Mount Olive Trojan magazine.

    Stephanie Jenkins has a BS degree in Business Administrations with a minor in English Literature. Her notoriety comes from her poetry, YouTube videos, and tracks on various artist beats. She is the author of Someone for Me which released April 22, 2015 under Platinum Pearl Publications. She is the lead author of this new imprint of Jaded Publications. This is Stephanie Jenkins/ S. Raven Storm’s first novel, which is on its way to being a bestseller

    Presently the Amazon eBook has a five star rating with great reviews. She also has a following on Good Reads.  She is working on the sequel titled Someone for Me Too, which will be release in the fall of 2015.



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    Indie Books #91 (Geoffrey Storm)

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    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 

    Author Geoffrey Storm joins me this week to talk about his book - Progeny of Gods: Vertuém Destiny.

    Greyson is a green-eyed misfit, teased all through his childhood for being some sort of demon, the only kid without brown eyes. Now 19, Greyson travels to the Kingdom of Viæden, an ancient and secluded realm where trees grow to be seven miles tall. There, he discovers his eyes mean that he is a vertui: something more than human, destined to play a major role in the fate of the world. But will it be for good? Or evil?

    The truth is never black and white. And on his first day as a Royal Guard, Greyson accidentally releases the kingdom's most dreaded memory: Stiqula, a monster sealed away by a goddess long ago. Born again, Stiqula strikes a deal with an evil god to end the world, and in return be reunited with his love. But is their reunion worth the world's destruction? And will Greyson discover his true destiny in time to stop him?

    For more information on Geoffrey Stone:




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    Surviving the Storm - The Seven Signs of a Changing Economy

    in Finance

    Read Jim Lunney's weekly update at www.wealthstratgroup.com. Jim is author of Surviving the Storm. The monthly conference call focused on identifying current signs of economic change. Jim is a Registered Representative with and Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC