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    Leadership, Truth Telling & Service: Paths to Happiness

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    Welcome to Happiness Index.  Today we will share our thoughts on Leadership, Truth Telling and Service as paths to happiness.  Mahatma Gandhi said many years ago, that, Truth never damages a cause that is just.  Leadership requires us to speak the truth during times that we would rather be silent.   Gandhi, further stated that, Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly. You may wonder what does this have to do with happiness.  Join us on a Happiness Index today and hear the connections and make the commitment to be the change you want to see in the world.  Join the conversation and share your wisdom on Leadership & Service: A Path to Happiness by calling (347) 539-5818.



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    storying telling with my Chantelle Alexanderia

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    storying telling with my Chantelle Alexanderia


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    WE'RE BACK! Every WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 8pm - 9pm CST. Join us for a MAGICAL NIGHT of Fortune Telling at it's BEST..Master Tarot Card Readings 100% FREE just by calling (213) 943-3643..or check out the recordings. BlogTalkRadio - TheBeautifulNerd radio show. TUNE in, LISTEN in or CALL in to our AMAZING show on WEDNESDAYS. SO, just sit back and relax while we ENTERTAIN you with WISDOM from the TAROT. Enjoy the MAGIC and see what the TAROT holds JUST for YOU. Get UP close and PERSONAL with the Layla. Wednesday nights readings from Layla Master of the Tarot & Fortune Teller. Her accuracy will simply AMAZE YOU! If you are a caller and want to ask a question, please call in (213) 943-3643 and PRESS the number 1 button..this will let us know you are not just listening and would like to speak and ask a question. After you have asked your question and would like to continue to listen, PRESS the number 1 button again. Hosted by TheBeautifulNerd.

    Contact Layla directly via her website at www.laylamasterofthetarot.com or call her at (424) 281-9441.

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            Why is it so important for trauma and domestic violence victims to tell their stories? Are they just sharing cautionary tales, or does the telling make a difference?

            It turns out that telling a trauma narrative does help with recovery for victims. Research also shows that sharing the story can also help minimize psychological effects that can follow.  At least one organization recognizes this and has helped survivors with the telling in at least one special project.

            Brian Pinero is the chief programs officer at the National Domestic Violence Hotline and its youth-focused program, loveisrespect.  He’s going to talk with us about a project designed to facilitate survivors’ stories and the results of that project. Prior to joining The Hotline, he supervised youth shelter services, was an investigator at Child Protective Services and worked as a juvenile probation officer. Brian is a member of the National Advisory Board for Crisis Text Line and holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Texas.

            Join us Saturday as we explore the importance of telling the story and how we can do that effectively. Call-in to share how your story or that of others has helped you deal with life experiences.  (646) 378-0430.

    Live at 11 am Pacific time, or go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Telling the Truth is the Key

    in Fitness


    TELLING THE TRUTH IS A KEY TO HAPPINESS.  Does lying/fibbing about anything make you happy?  How do you feel when you're lying?

    From higher blood pressure to increased stress, lying/fibbing impacts us physically, mentally.

    Lying lengthened PINOCCHIO'S NOSE, but according to research it revealed that the more falsehoods we tell, the more it shortens our lives.

    Lying/Fibbing releases stree hormones that can increase heart rate, breathing, slow digestion and cause tension and hypersensitivity in muscles and nerve fibers.

    When lying blood pressure in the heart rises.


    Lying damages trust and causes...etc,

    Lying makes the brain work harder...etc.

    When we lie, we give...etc.

    Writing detects whether you're lying...etc.

    Telling the truth is easier to remember...etc.



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    New! Amazing Life Coach! "What is your body telling you" with Tee Ming Ooi!

    in Spirituality

    My role as a success coach is to help my clients create more joyful lives through getting very clear on what they want in life, resolving areas of conflict within themselves, replacing undesired patterns of behavior with empowering new behavior, and supporting them on their hero's journey. We use a variety of mind-body-emotion-spirit techniques as intuitively guided in our coaching sessions. I help my clients in transforming difficult emotions into creative opportunities for personal growth, inner peace and happiness. I am also acertified "Tapping into Wealth" coach, working with entrepreneurs to dissolve their inner glass ceiling and double their income. If you'd like to be supported in realizing the grandest vision of the greatest version of you, I invite you to contact me or schedule a time to talk.


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    The TRUTH...about The Liar

    in Relationships

    Welcome welcome welcome EVERYone to The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show where this Chick'll Surely Have You Talkin...

    TONIGHT, The Diva and her Dudes are going in on the liars! We all know that when you KNOW better, you DO better...or atleast THAT'S what is supposed to happen. So why do people lie? Is a little "white" lie ok? Can you tell little "white" lies and still consider yourself TRUSTworthy? How many lies can you get caught telling before YOU admit you have a damn problem?

    Lies affect EVERYONE and it's time to get down to the nitty of the gritty of this epidemic! 

    SJ has some insight into The TRUTH...ABOUT THE LIAR. Join us...you don't wanna miss it!

    Who better to sing LIFE into us tonight on ThanksGiving Eve...then Ms. Patti LaBelle

    DJ has a jaw-dropper for AINT THAT SOME SHYT

    Reality will make it all better when he POUR SOME SYRUP ON IT


    TOMORROW is THANKSGIVING...We'll talk about what we are all THANKFUL for, we've got some updates on forgotten stories, our ChickS.H.Y.T. Horoscopes, The Ratchet Reality Review and where you can find some killer deals for BLACK FRIDAY.

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    Your Assignment Is To Carry The Message Of Kingdom

    in Current Events

    We Would Like To Wish Every One A Happy Thanksgiving Day,From All Of Us Here On God's Resurrection Power Church Of Christ Ministry Where The Holy Spirit Is Our Overseer And Jesus Christ Is Lord,We's A Bible Believing Ministry That's Teaching,Preaching And Reaching The Lost Souls Of This Sin Sick World For The Kingdom Of Heaven In The Name Of Jesus,We Are Here Every Morning Monday Through Friday From 10:30 a.m Est Until 2:30 p.m Est,Saturday's From 12 p.m Est And Sunday Nights Intercessory Prayer From 7:30 p.m Est Dial In Number Is 1-661-467-2411

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    Meet Best Selling Author, Producer,Playwright, Publisher and Director: Shani Greene-Dowdell

    in Books

    Do you enjoy a a good steamy romance novel with a breathtaking twist?  Like to read great fictional novels with plots that just keep on getting hotter by the minute?  Or how about those of you who would like to document your journey by writing a memoir, a fictional story, or  enjoy a good sexy read in general?  

    Well, you may want to save the date, and meet  our very special guest, a renowned Author, Playright, Director, Producer and Publisher, who is best known for her Sizzling and Sexy fictional romance novels!  Shani, will join us to talk about her Hot New Releases including the Billionaire Series on Amazons Bestseller list!  There is no wonder why the "Book Diva" keep her followers coming back for more and  has now taken her "pages to the stages"  Real Talk!  

    She will be standing by to answer any questions you may have on how to get started on writing your own memoir, tell all book, or to inspire others by telling your story!  

    Don't miss this opportunity to create something new in your life.  Yep, Let's Make It Happen Guys .:--)!

    ttys..  D'Luv

  • We Are Focusing On The Wrong Things

    in Christianity

    We are focused on the news and what others are doing bad in the world. I say beef up the message of Jesus and his apostles. Tell the truth and share the good goods of Jesus he come to save all who are lost. He seeks daily those that are lost, but he want his people to tell of his works and make known his deeds among the people.