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    01052016 Living stones from heaps of rubbish.

    in Christianity

    Join Bro. Josh Sparks at 11:00 PM (EST) as he preaches a message titled, " Living stones from heaps of rubbish." Can revival come from a trash pile? Can reconstruction come from rubbish? Can riches come from refuse? Jesus can turn junk into jewels, waste into wonder, and trash into treasure. There is a reviving among the rubbish.

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    Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones and Celebrating your life

    in Radio

    Welcome to Our Own Voices Live with Angela Thomas and Rodney Smith

    Today's Topics: Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones and Celebrating your life

    To listen or to Call in: (347) 826-9600
    Press option 1 to talk
    Listen in through your computer by clicking here:


    January is Celebration of Life Month

    Jan: 1-7 is Celebration of Life Week

    Jan 2 is National Motivation and Inspiration Day and National Personal Trainer Awareness Day


    Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones and Celebrating your life
    Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you sent out 2015 with a bang and welcomed in 2016 ready to go.

    The title of the show was meant to be positive and uplifting.  The year is just starting and there is so much to do.  I thought that if we started it off with words of affirmation and focusing on the positive verses the negative then it would be a great way to start the New Year off right.

    For today’s show I will share some of my stumbling blocks and plans to turn them into stepping stones.  It may expand from me to local and national things.  Most important I would like for you to call in and share some of your stumbling blocks and how you plan to turn them into stepping stones

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    The Douglas/Canady Family & Friends NTWK

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    What up Family,TONIGHT Tuesday 9 Feb., 2016 your invited to join Co-hosts Darlene Douglas, Edna Tulip Louise Mathews, Donald Shaw and Myself for an Exciting yet Informative show!! Black History Month is here and we have BLACK HISTORY, pre-slaveships until the current times. Also, tonight we welcome Mrs. Rosetta Spann, she have a special message to the Family you can't miss. Lastly, we open up the phone lines to hear from your family and we have important announcements about Belize Cruise and the New Orleans getwaway. There's MUCH MORE.... See u there!! . Shalom (Peace)

    The Douglas Canady Family & Friends NTWK
    Show times 8-10pm CST
    Tonight's show link http://tobtr.com/8289553

    Call phone# (914) 205-5590 to listen. Remember to press "1" to comment. These shows are recorded, you may click on this link and listen later, fast forward and rewind.


    Call phone# (914) 205-5590 to listen. Remember to press "1" to comment. These shows are recorded, you may click on this link and listen later, fast forward and rewind

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    Crystals and Stones that Uplift the Energy of your Environment

    in Self Help

    Join Rainy Jordan and Laura Carucci as they continue their conversations on crystals and stones that uplift the energy of your environment.

    Laura Carucci is the owner of Zenmetry, LLC, is a certified Advanced Interior Alignment Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.  She assists those she works with by utilizing a very unique and individualized blend of ingredients incorporating Feng Shui, Reiki, Space Clearing, Hypno-Counselling, The Rock GirlÆ Foundation Treatment, Chakra Balancing and Auric Cleansing and more.  Laura has been a Rockhound her entire life and has been blessed to have the ability to incorporate that love into her work. For more info visit Zenmetry.com.

    Tune in at 6:00 pm Eastern on Sunday, December 6th, to listen to this amazing duo.

    For more information about Rainy please contact her at Rainy@perfectbalance.info.

    For more information about Laura please visit her website at www.zenmetry.com.

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    There's A Rock For That! Open Lines/Open Minds and The Foundation Stones

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of "There's A Rock For That!" Host Tarot Dactyl will be taking calls from fellow Stone Guardians and Crystal Keepers. Call in with your questions and comments. Share your Crystal Journey. Free mini crystal readings too!

    This is the final show of the year.  Tarot Dactyl will be looking back at 2015 and ahead to 2016. This week's "Crystal Guest" is "The Foundation Stones"!  We will explore the history of these biblical stones.

    Tune in to the live show on December 17th 2015 at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT! Call in number is (347) 989-0744

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    The Douglas/Canady Family & Friends NTWK

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    Shalom (Peace)  Family, hope this email find you well and peaceful. Tuesday 2FEB. 2016 8-10pm CST we continue to build bridges getting to know each other with multiple Co-host and spotlighting Family members. Tuesday we will get to know Gwen Burks from the line of Ennis "Buddy" side. Gwen is the granddaughter of Ennis and Inez Douglas and the daughter of Iopha Douglas Pierce. Gwen is a proud mother of two, Brandon (28) and Danyelle (23). She retired from Fresno State after 20 years in October 2014. She is currently the Executive Assistant to the President at Fresno Pacific University. Gwen is a member of Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church. She is a missionary who has traveled to Haiti and the Congo of Africa teaching women and children.

    Also, lot's of Challenging times for several Family members many still grieving lost, others are challenged with new very difficult moments. So, this show we will ask the Family to stop by share a word or TESTIMONY with the Family that will hopefully inspire, uplift and encourage . Please share we need to speak up this week. Show details will follow later!!

    Call phone# (914) 205-5590 to listen. Remember to press "1" to comment. These shows are recorded, you may click on this link and listen later, fast forward and rewind

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    The Douglas/Canady Family & Friends NTWK

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    Peace Family, hope this email find you saturated in Peace that the Father can give. TONIGHT'S SHOW Tuesday 26 January 2016 8-10pm CST is a show dedicated to addressing the challenges we have as Family. This show we're asking you to share any of the Father's goodness in your life, we're asking you to share his blessings or miracles be it Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Financially to remind us all of his presence. We have had several challenges confronting our Family, none bigger than the home going Nefertiti Smith, daughter of Keandra Spann Johnson (Kim) and the great granddaughter of Dorothy Spann. This Show is just a simple effort to add Comfort, Encouragement and Entertainment. The entire show will aim to uplift and strengthen this Family and others in need. Come hang out with the Family and look to have a good high Spirited 2HOURS. Also Important announcements and information. See you there

    Show's link http://tobtr.com/8254665

    Accepting Funeral Funds for Nefertiti Smith (Click on link below)

    Call phone# (914) 205-5590 to listen. Remember to press "1" to comment. These shows are recorded, you may click on this link and listen later, fast forward and rewind. Seth (817) 808 2073 or Darlene (512) 922 8161 Peace

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    What the Rolling Stones Taught Me About Being an Entrepreneur with Jeff Stoller

    in Entrepreneur

    Whether your dream is to open a new restaurant or to sell a new product or app, you will have to address contracts, licensing, labor and a whole range of topics you may never have thought of before.  On Smart Companies Radio with host, Kelly Scanlon this week, you’ll meet Jeff Stoller, the author of his newly released book,“You Want to be an Entrepreneur,” Jeff is a successful attorney, accountant, consultant and entrepreneur.  Find out why he created the book and his life lesson from working with The Rolling Stones.

    To hear additional shows with host Kelly Scanlon visit our archives.

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    The Douglas/Canady Family & Friends NTWK (Pre-recorded)

    in Friends



    Call phone# (914) 205-5590 to listen. NO COMMENTS TONIGHT!!!!  These shows are recorded, you may click on this link and listen later, fast forward and rewind.  Seth (817) 808 2073 or Darlene (512) 922 8161 Peace

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    "Why Are African Americans at the Bottom of every aspect of life" Final Part

    in Friends

    TONIGHT is the Final episode!!   On this show we brings new voices to the topic of "WHY ARE WE AFRICAN AMERICANS FINDING OURSELVES ON THE BOTTOM OF EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF LIFE." TONIGHT WE SHARE SOLUTIONS. Our young and old  deserve a solid, realistic, error proof, biblical answer!!  New guest Bro Elyshuah Ellison and again Bro Yahshuah will share how this revelation have answered many questions and brought them closer to the Father. They have taught for years the revelation of the real Jews (Hebrew) and the prophecies that to be upon them are synonymous with African American plight in the USA. Also, they have taught  to many that this truth is vital to understanding the bible and End time prophecy. Folks So-called African American lives are 100% biblical or prophetic in every single aspect. Five Smooth Stones network has been shouting this truth on the wall for many years. African Americans (and others) will find out shortly on this show they are nowhere near in History the people they once thought. Then, after their great secret History is unveiled on the show, they will find out it got better with what was inherited from the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ.

    Show link http://tobtr.com/s/8186639

    Call phone# (914) 205-5590 to listen. Press "1" to comment or just listen over you computer. BE THERE EARLY WHERE YOU DON'T MISS THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW!! These shows are recorded, you may click on this link and listen

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    Fred Goodman's newest Book; Allen Klein,The Man Who Bailed Out the Beatles...

    in Pop Culture

    Fred Goodman is a New York-based author and reporter. His books include The Mansion on the Hill, which was a New York Times Notable Book and received the Ralph J. Gleason Award for the best music book of the year. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, where he was an editor, as well as the New York Times and many national magazines. Allen Klein was like no one the music industry had seen before. The hard-nosed business manager became infamous for allegedly catalyzing the Beatles’ breakup and robbing the Rolling Stones, but the truth is both more complex and more fascinating. As the manager of the Stones and then the Beatles—not to mention Sam Cooke, Donovan, the Kinks, and numerous other performers—he taught young soon-to-be legends how to be businessmen as well as rock stars. In so doing, Klein made millions for his clients and changed music forever. But Klein was as merciless with his clients as he was with anyone else, earning himself an outsize reputation for villainy that has gone unchallenged until now. Through unique, unprecedented access to Klein’s archives, veteran music journalist Fred Goodman tells the full story of how the Beatles broke up, how the Stones achieved the greatest commercial success in rock history, and how the music business became what it is today.