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    Talking In Circles: Coke 600 Review, Richard Petty's Comments, Ty Dillon

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    On this episode of Talking In Circles we review last weekend's Coca-Cola 600 and has Toyota caught the other teams on the intermeidate tracks? What does that win do for Carl Edwards. 

    Plus, NASCAR legend Richard Petty gave his take on what he would like to see for changes in the NASCAR rule book and believe it or not, it made a ton of sense. 

    Also Ty Dillon is spending another year in the XFINITY Series in 2016. The original plan was to move Dillon to the Sprint Cup Series after 2 years of XFINITY Series racing but that is no longer the case. Is this a good move for RCR and Dillon? Or is this just a result of a team not being able to find sponsorship? 

    The Ratings for the Coca-Cola 600 failed to eclispe the Indy 500 for the first time in 10 years. Sign of things to come or just a blip on the radar? 

    Plus we preview the FedEx 400 Benefitting Autism Speaks from Dover International Speedway. We will win? Who will run good and who will struggle and who needs a good run? 

    Plus we take your phone calls. 917-889-8280

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    Talking In Circles: Talladega Review; Crazy Weeekend

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    On tonight's episode of Talking in Circles; we discuss this weekend's events at Talladega Superspeedway. The NASCAR Xfinity Series race was clouded with controversy as Joey Logano won the Winn-Dixie 300, but the rules in the NASCAR Xfinity Series prohibit drivers from "push drafting." It was evident that no matter how big or how small, there was push drafting during that race, and some think that there should have been a different winner. 

    The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, the Geico 500 was the exact opposite today. There was an early "big one" that was caused when Trevor Bayne got sideways in front of the field. This took out some early contenders in the race. 

    Other than that, there wasn't much action. Everyone was anticipating the others making their move with around 20 laps to go. No one did. No moves were made. A couple of drivers tried to get out of line, but no one gave them any help and Dale Earnhardt, Jr went on to the victory. 

    We'll discuss the strategy of the end of the race, and what just may be going through people's head at the end of the race.

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    Talking In Circles: Coke 600, Indy 500, Hall of Fame reaction

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    On this episode of Talking in Circles we discuss this weekend's Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.Memorial Day is the greatest weekend in racing, Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500, Coke 600 on the same day. We'll give our thoughts on the Coca-Cola 600 and what we think we're gonna see. 

    Also NASCAR voted 5 people into the Hall of Fame this past week. Jerry Cook, Curtis Turner, Terry Labonte, Bruton Smith and Bobby Isaac- who missed that should have made it? and we give our opinions on why these people made it. Rick Hendrick, Ray Evernham- Both guys should be over Bruton Smith. Why did Bruton Smith get in?

    My 5: Bobby Isaac, Ray Evernham, Robert Yates, Curtis Turner, Mark Martin

    Jeff Gordon joins Fox broadcast booth in 2016. How do you think Jeff will do in the booth and it looks like Larry McReynolds will move to the Hollywood hotel. Jeff said he was joining Mike Joy and Darrell Waltrip. Rumors DW might be out too but right now that's not the case. Happy with Jeff? 

    Rumors about a second team for Furniture Row Racing in 2016. Who could go there and is that the right fit for that team right now. 

    Jimmie Johnson and Kasey Kahne's truck team get handed out penalities from Charlotte. Johnson gets a 'written warning' and Kahne's team gets fined 10 points and $6k fine for Joe Shear Jr. Is that right and what should the penalities have been? 

    Also we'll take your phone calls as we get ready for an awesome weekend of racing this weekend. 

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    Talking in Circles – 69 – On the Fly

    in Pop Culture

    Due to some rather large life events our normal crew was unable to get together to record a full episode. It’s okay though, because Greg is here to ensure you will still get your weekly TIC fix. He touches upon a variety of topics including Suicide Squad and the recent uproar with the New England ...

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    Talking in Circles – 70 – And We’re Back

    in Pop Culture

    After missing a week of podcasting we are back and better than ever. We catch up on some major news as Dan gives the lowdown on what its like being a new father. (Yes there will be poop stories) We also discuss the Super Girl preview and give out thoughts. This leads to a discussion of the representation of women in the world of comic book movies and television.

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    Talking in Circles: Danica Patrick Sponsorship Woes; Talladega Preview

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    On today's episode of Talking in Circles, Clayton, Brandon, and BeyondtheFlag.com's John Harlow will discuss the big news of yesterday, which is the fact that GoDaddy.com has announced that they will not be back with Danica Patrick for 2016. 

    We will talk about the implications this could bring on Danica's career, and how it will be affected, as well as the reason why GoDaddy.com decided to make this move and how this is a black eye for the sport as a whole.

    We will also discuss what other options Stewart-Haas Racing could have for this 10 car if Danica is not brought back.

    Also, since tonight is the NFL draft, we'll talk about a NASCAR draft of drivers and crew chiefs and which one you would choose first, which would be interesting on who we think is more important. 

    Also, the other news topics of the week will be discussed, which are mainly out of the Toyota camp. 

    And finally, we'll preview this weekend's events at Talladega SuperSpeedway, which will be an exciting one for sure.

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    Talking in Circles – 71 – Would You Either

    in Pop Culture

    On this week’s show we debut a new game, which we quickly realize is basically an old game renamed but we go with it anyways. Dan also has a review for a comic that even non-comic readers will dig, Chuck is surprised by his reaction to Big Hero Six, and Greg is keeping the book recommendations going. All that and more on this week’s episode.

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    Talking In Circles: Kansas Review, All-Star Race Preview, 2016 Rule Package

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    On this episode of Talking In Circles we review the SpongeBob Squarepants 400 at Kansas Speedway. Who impressed us, who disappointed us and who needs to pick it up fast. 

    Plus we break down the NASCAR Sprint Cup All-Star race and the Sprint Showdown on Saturday. Who will run good? Who will win? What kind of race will we see? 

    NASCAR has been kind of debating back and fourth on what to do with the 2016 rule package. It was assumed that they would run it at Charlotte for the All-Star race but now that's not the case at all. Will we see any changes at all? and we'll give our opinions on the 2015 rule package and whether or not we like it. Is it a step in the right direction? 

    Eric McClure is moving teams, jumping from JGL Racing back to Tri-Star Motorsports. Why? Will this help Tri-Star Motorsports more or JGL more? 

    Plus your phone calls! 


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    Talking in Circles: Dover Review, Drivers Union, Side Skirts and Fuel Shields

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    FedEx 400-

    Jimmie Johnson’s 10th victory at Dover. 74th of his career. Johnson now leads the sport in victories in 2015 with 4.

    Kevin Harvick finished in the 2nd position but the race came down to strategy at the end. Johnson and Harvick stayed out on old tires and beat drivers with 2 drivers and were able to pull away and win.

    Martin Truex Jr has another strong car. Can’t close the deal. Pretty tough time for him. It makes you wonder if they’re gonna win this year at all.

    Hamlin was strong, wrecked by Bowyer. Bowyer says he didn’t mean to do it.


    Kenseth- broken suspension. KB had a problem as well.


    Drivers Union? 8 Drivers met with NASCAR on Saturday to discuss safety, competition and empty seats. Thoughts?


    Side Skirts issue being pulled out with tires. Kenseth’s radio chatter.

    Fuel shields on Kurt Busch’s fuel cans.


    Pit road coming up. Bad job by Dover


    Bogus tire debris- with tire on pit road.

    Brandon goes after Fox for Nationwide Insurance Update- Dale Jr Updates


    Xfinity race quick recap- Buescher and Bubba make contact. Big controversy. Thoughts?

    Points- Who’s competing for a championship?


    Truck race recap- Reddick. Points- Championship?


    Jennifer Jo Cobb and Trevor Bayne may get penalized for exiting the car early before the crash ended. Cobb was angry at Tyler Reddick for getting wrecked. Went after his truck. Bayne was not happy with Michael Annett. Thoughts?

    Axalta We Paint Winners 400 at Pocono Raceway- Who wins?

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    Talking In Circles: 20 Drivers in Last 20 Years, Money over Talent

    in Sports

    On this episode of Talking In Circles we discuss an interesting article from NBCSports.com Dustin Long. Long wrote about the best 20 drivers in the last 20 years and our hosts will debate these 20 drivers. Who was too high? Who was too low? Who was just right? 

    Also an article on Racersguide.com by Pete McDonald explaining the harsh reality that money is more important than talent in the auto racing world and what can be done to try and make that less of a problem in racing. 

    Also, the Duck Commander 500 at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. It's the first night race of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. Texas is a fast track and a mile and half track, the type of track that makes up the majority of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule. Has Toyota gained on the compeitiion or will Hendrick Motorsports/Stewart Haas Racing still have a strangle hold on those type of tracks. 

    Plus John Harlow from BeyondTheFlag.com joins the show to bring his thoughts and he's always a treat. 

    Also we're looking forward to your phone calls 917-889-8280. 

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    Crop circles & Archetypal Nature

    in Spirituality


    EWWWW I am excited about this show! 

    I will be interviewning  Gary S. Bobroff M.A. Author of "Crop Circles, Jung and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine."

    He will be chatting to about crop cirlces and the Archetypal Feminine energy.

    He has a HUGE list to of credits check him out.....

    Gary S. Bobroff is an international speaker, author and workshop leader. His work brings insight from Jungain psychology to our pursuit of medern questions. He is the primary developer and facilitator of Archeypal Nature.

    www.archetypalnature.com He has an M.A. in counseling psychololgy from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2002. His first book, Crop Circles, Jung & the reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine was published in August 2014 by North Alantic Books. " An original masterpiece." - Andrew Harvey.