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    Bulletproof Stockings: All Women Band

    in Self Help

    Have you EVER heard of a band that is made up of all women and plays for only WOMEN!!!!???
     Bulletproof Stockings founders, Perl Wofle and Dalia Shusterman are here to discuss their unique gifts and how they chose to share this to the world of Women!
    From writing their own music to living a life that "feels" right and following the signs and dreams brought this wonderful group together.
    Come and experience this powerful and inspiring show!!!!
    Find them on Facebook.

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    Fun and Interesting Facts About Christmas

    in Spirituality

    This Radio Show will brighten your day and give you something to talk about when you are around the Christmas dinner table.  You may be surprised to find out different meals people eat for their holiday dinner and other unusual traditions people follow, along with some of the reasons why people do what they do.

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    The Genius Lanny Poffo returns to Pipebomb Radio for our Christmas special!

    in Wrestling

    Twas 3 days before christmas and all through the Pipebomb Radio Studio, not a creature was stirring not even that little rat Austin James. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care with hopes that Nate would take all the eggnogg and presents for himself. To our surprise we thought we would see santa but instead we watched as wrestling Legend the Genius bore us with his poetry and bragging about how much smarter he was than everyon else. It's a Pipebomb Radio Christmas and tonight we welcome back Wrestling Legend The Genius Lanny Poffo back to the show to help us celebrate christmas, you do not want to miss this episode, you never know what the Genius may have in store. 

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    Is Jesus Really The Reason For The Season?

    in Religion

    Is Christ really in Christmas or is this as some say, a sacrilegious holiday? Where is Jesus in Christmas? Is he in Yuletide carols, Christmas trees or stockings? Where is Jesus? Where do you find the Jesus spoken of in the Holy Bible in any of the rites and rituals of Christmas? Is Jesus really the reason for the season?

    We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    An Old Time Radio Christmas Special On Mystic Moon Cafe

    in Radio

    Please join us for another evening of old time Christmas radio programs from the 1930s and '40s..

    We will have:

    Archie Andrews Christmas 1947 Titled Christmas Shopping. Original Air Date Was 12/13/1947.

    The Shadow Christmas 1939 Titled The Stockings Were Hung. Original Air Date Was 12/24/1939

    The Whistler Christmas Bonus 1944 Titled Christmas Bonus. Original Air Date Was 12/25/1944. 

    Amos and Andy Christmas

    Dagwood and Blondie

    Hall Of Fame Walt Disney Christmas 1934  Hall Of Fame With Guest Walt Diseny Christmas Show. Original Air Date Was 12/23/1934. "THE HALL OF FAME" aired on NBC's Sunday night schedule [10pm(et)] in the 1934-'35 season for Lehn & Fink's "Hinds" hand cream;

    More if we have time...

    So please join us by listing. Chat should be up and running too! Call in to listen if you have trouble listening via your computer - call number is 646-716-6207

    Find Mystic Moon Cafe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysticMoonCafe  or email:  MysticMoon@kc.rr.com







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    Theresa Drescher of City Santa and Everybody's Home - The Gift of Giving Back

    in Entrepreneur

    City Santa

    Each year City Santa answers letters from children in shelters for victims of domestic violence and families in crisis in and around New York City. These letters are from children whose requests differ from the usual red wagons or bicycles to simply the basic needs for food, clothing, shoes and blankets.  Using the donations received, City Santa volunteers purchase these necessities, wrap them, fill individual stockings and delivers them to every family.  This all-volunteer organization has been helping New Yorkers since 2001. For more information please go to CitySanta.org or call 212-614-3239.

    Everybody's Home

    Theresa Drescher and Tom Saitta, are the creators of Everybody’s Home. Everybody’s Home is a place for like-minded people who love their pets and want fashionable quality home furnishings for them.

    Whether looking to add a little flair to your apartment or re-designing a room in your home, everything in their collection is chosen for your pets comfort and your style! Not only will you add more love and style to your home, you will help feed an animal caught in the cross-fire of domestic violence through our Everybody's Pet Project initiative. Find out more, by visiting, EverybodysHome.com or call 212-614-3239.

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    The Final Countdown

    in Football

    Happy Draft Weekend, so this is it people the final countdown, the big bang, the opening act, the loss of your virginity, the first day of your senior year and all that shit. On todays show were have some special guests and by special guests I don't mean retarted. Kyle and Scott from our league will grace us with your presence and you can help with an electrical problem and a science question becasue they don't know much about fantasy football.........just everything so sit back kick off your shows take off your thigh high stockings and your clown wig and listen to the sweet sounds of radio gold. 

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    KITM/News/Facts About Willie James/Donald Trump/Bill Cosby/Sandra Bland

    in Radio

        Whoa, hold up a minute.  What is the real deal with Robert Redwine?  Did PILL COZ give Robert one of those qualudes?  Has Caitlin Jenner been confidential with Mr Redwine?  This guy is spinning into a whirlwind of girldrum.  With his T-shirt and panties on.  And the questions he asked - he should ask himself those questions.  If he feels girlish and SHEER, he should spend his time with his stockings and high heels on and find people who feel the same - which the KINGS IN THE MORNING do not.  If you ever heard this how, YOU KNOW where the KINGS stand - 347-205-9366 - let us know where YOU stand.  The JKN.

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    Finally It's Friday!

    in Fun

    Did you bike to work today? You should have, The culmination of Bike to Work Week is Bike to Work Day which is today. We're also celebrating Nylon Stockings and Chocolate Chips - I know I have the ladies' attention - and for you guys, this is Nat'l Pizza Party Day. For this and more listen in to some things that are on the Bright Side!

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    Under God stays, again - Guns kill - Guns save!

    in Politics

    Hr1   For the 5th time in a row, The Becket Fund successfully defends "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Religious freedom lives on, for now.

    Controversy over a gun image planned fallen soldier memorial. Really? 

    Mom says teenage son unfairly accused after beating, robbing, raping woman at gunpoint. Really? What would've been fair? 

    Muslim migrants travelling from Libya to Italy threw 12 fellow Christian passengers overboard to drown. No, there's no war on Christians.

    HR2   Auto shop owner said he's going to run his shop the way his faith teaches him, and will deny service to openly gay patrons. He's also going to give a discount to those who bring their guns.

    Is Whataburger transphobic? They say the student's clothing was too revealing.There's a big difference between thigh high stockings and garters vs. yoga pants! There is still such a thing as indecent exposure. And restaurants can still have a dress code. It isn't always about gender and/or sexual preference.

    When it comes to education, every child on campus should feel safe. You can't guarantee they won't be bullied or made fun of. But you can continually work to improve the environment for children.

    The first reality show about swingers, has been canceled. The lifestyle wasn’t easy to lead, and it wasn’t easy to sell. The general consensus was... it was just plain hard to watch. Thank GOD! 

    Hr3   Mom goes to San Diego for the day and leaves her 4 year-old daughter home alone to fend for herself. Her defense? Well, they do it in China. Well, lady, welcome to the USA. Here, we call that a felony.

    We think we're having peace talks with Iran, while the Ayatollah is chanting death to America. Wake Up!

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    Webcamming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #14 Guest Velvet Skye)

    in Entertainment

    This week on Web Camming with Sammy and Sage we are proud to announce our sexy guest is the amazing Velvet Skye.

    Here is a little bit about this Sexy Canadian Milf!

    Velvet is Canada's hottest MILF  - self proclaimed star, cam-star, model, actress!

    Velvet loves Glory Holes, being watched, swinging, sex with strangers, adult theaters, fun in parks in the car (doging), gangbangs,  being covered in cum, talking dirty, voyeur and exhibitionist

    Her shows are role play taboo, naughty neighbour/aunt/secretary, SPH, cuckhold - foot fetish - strapon - squirting - gushing - stockings n heels. And she has a Monkey Rocker & Sybian.

    Velvet offers Skype shows as well: Velvet_Skye

    You are all going to enjoy the show for sure it is going to be an Epic one so make sure you sit back and have a stroking good time..

    Follow us on Twitter: @SammyBrooks69, @SageMontana1, @VelvetSkye, @Dollhouse_radio

    Follow us on Instagram: @Sammy_Brooks69, @SageinVegas, @Velvet_Skye

    Catch our live cam shows: Sammy_Brooks.cammodels.com, Sagemontana.cammodels.com, Velvetskye.cammodels.com

    You can find us live every Thursday from 7-8pm ET only on Dollhouse Radio.