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    RTR Trapped 2: The Stockholm Syndrome

    in Christianity

    Have you ever heard of the Stockholm Syndrome? What does it have to do with being trapped in system?  Today on RTR we are revisiting a topic called Trapped: Knowing the truth and remaining in lies, but we are coming from a different angle today.  We are going to look at how the system has taken people hostage without them even knowing.  Some people are trapped in the system because of fear.  We are going to focus on the Stockholm Syndrome and how that keeps people within the system, not out fear, but a sense of love and loyalty. You can join in on the conversation by calling 661 449 9951 or just listen live. This and every Sunday at 10am est.   

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    The Movement Revisited Stockholm Syndrome

    in Psychology

    This episode of Struggle & Progress was originally broadcast on March 7, 2011

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    The Stockholm Syndrome and Trauma Bonding

    in Self Help

    Why is it that the hostages of the Stockholm Bank Robbery defended the Robbers even after continual threats of death and abuse?  Why did two of these women hostages get engaged to their captors?  The Stockholm Syndrome is an example of trauma bonding that is also prevalent with victims of narcissistic and other pathological abuse.  In this episode we will talk about the trauma bond and how it keeps you connected to the abuser long after he/she is gone.  Callers are welcome to call into the live show at  347-826-9626  .

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    Impostor Syndrome

    in Lifestyle

    Impostor syndrome is the feeling that you’re a fraud—that you’re somehow less qualified, less deserving of success. There is the fear that you’ll be “found out," which may lead you to attempt to work longer and harder than others. This can be a source of resentment, exhaustion, and a sense of impending doom. While Impostor Syndrome is not solely the domain of alcoholics, many of us report deep attachments to perfectionism and, it's cousin, Impostor Syndrome. Many of us drank over our feelings of resentment and fear arising from the core belief that we were frauds. Now that we are sober, we can bring these fears into the light of truth. When we think, "I'm a fraud," instead of drinking, we ask, "Is that true?" We connect with our recovery communities and see the truth of our own self-worth reflected back at us in the faces of our sober friends. We learn to discard these old patterns of thinking and replace them with healthier, more balanced ones. In recovery, we find freedom from the tyranny of Impostor Syndrome.

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    Willie Lynch and Stockholm Syndrome

    in Culture

    Willie Lynch and Stockholm Syndrome : The Psychology of a Slave
    The goal of the slave master was to "train" the slave to get the most out of them. The tactics that were used to keep the slave in line can be found in the letter/speech by Willie Lynch. Is the letter fact or fiction? If its false why are we in the very state that the author described? How do we break the chains? How does this mentality translate into Stockholm Syndrome?

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    Does Bo Snerdley have Stockholm Syndrome

    in Politics Conservative

    Does Bo Snerdley of The Rush Limbaugh Showhave Stockholm Syndrome



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    MyNDTALK - The Olivia Pope Syndrome

    in Psychology

    The 'Olivia Pope Syndrome' 

    Psychotherapist Sabrena Barnes-McAllister discusses her personal and professional experiences with what she has termed "The Olivia Pope Syndrome" - why do women knowingly - or perahps unknowingly - fall for unavailable men - and stay in what are ultimately unfulfilling and painful relationships? 

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Stockholm, PA Episode

    in Television

    The program all about TV. Our guest: first-time TV maker Nikole Beckwith, writer/director of Stockholm, Pennsylvania, Lifetime's latest original movie (debuts May 2).

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    Duensing / CthePower; Stockholm Syndrome

    in Current Events

    Freedomizer Radio Call in and join us - 347.324.3704
    Join our live chat and listen at  http://www.freedomizerradio.com
    The Jim Duensing Show "Opinions So Good They Ought to Be Yours"

    CthePower in YOU Today's discussion is about THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME Whatever your spiritual, religious or cultural beliefs, strengthen who you are on a deeper level with ideas and tools that can be applied by anyone.
    Topics for better health, mentally and physically.  Find your voice; find your strengths, sing your truth out into the Universe.  Times are changing fast and as we learn new information, there is a need for change; sometimes painful, personal change.  We can all use more and better tools to facilitate those changes.

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    Cancer in Families - Lynch Syndrome

    in Health

    Joyce and Mike speak with Georgia Hurst as part of Lynch Syndrome Awareness Week.

    Georgia Hurst is a patient advocate for those with Lynch syndrome. She is the founder of the website and blog: <a href="http://ihavelynchsyndrome.com">ihavelynchsyndrome.com</a>. She frequently writes about the emotional aspects of having Lynch syndrome, and writes for various websites and journals in order to create awareness amongst the global medical community about this hereditary cancer syndrome. Georgia is a wife and mother, and loves espresso, books, and being bossed around by her adorable dog named Sid.

    What is Lynch syndrome?  We will learn more from Georgia, or you can read about it on her website, or in this article from <a href="http://http://www.curetoday.com/community/georgia-hurst/2015/02/i-have-lynch-syndrome">www.curetoday.com</a>

    Georgia noticed that there were several people in her family who had cancer at early ages, and several with the same cancer.  This can indicate that there is something genetic predisposing family members to cancer.  She delved deeper, got to a diagnosis, and kept asking questions, finding out how to protect herself and others in her family from the worst consequences of this condition.

    Hear her remarkable story, the path she followed in doing her own research, and the partnerships she has developed with medical professionals to help her make progress for herself and others.


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    In Utero Surgery for Babies with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

    in Health

    Now, more than ever before, parents are finding out in utero if their baby will be born with some kind of congenital birth defect. One potentially fatal congenital heart defect is hypoplastic left heart syndrome (or HLHS). According to Texas Children's Hospital, this occurs in about 1 in 6,000 live births when the fetus's left side of the heart does not develop normally. Boston Children's Hospital led the way for babies diagnosed in utero with HLHS by creating an in utero procedure to reduce the severity of HLHS or, in some cases, to prevent the critical congenital heart defect from actually occurring -- allowing the baby's heart to eventually work with four pumping chambers (instead of the 2 chambers so many HLHS babies have). Today's show will feature a couple who traveled to Boston when they discovered their unborn child would have HLHS. How dangerous was the surgery? How many surgeries did their son need? What is their son's prognosis? Listen to this show for answers to these questions and more!