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    Stitches #3

    in Sports

    Tune in to Frat House Sports Radio Network’s newest all-sports program, Stitches with Jon & Harold.

    It might be MLB baseball season, and we’re into the finals rounds of the NHL and NBA playoffs, but what’s dominating sport-talk is the NFL, New England Patriots, Tom Brady, and deflated football, and that’s topping the roster on this week’s program.

    But, the guys bring around to the NHL Playoffs when they are joined by 18-year NHL veteran Bernie Nicholls to help break-down the playoffs and some of the off-ice management moves.

    Baseball takes over the second hour of the program when the guys are joined by ESPN 98.7 New York’s sports-talker Steve Lenox to help analyze the New York Yankees, New York Mets, the surprise that are the Houston Astros, the woeful Philadelphia Phillies, Alex Rodriguez, and a possible shortened season in the future? Plus they introduce a new weekly feature, the all-time all-star “Franchise Four” for each and every MLB team.

    They’ll finish it all up with a look at the NBA Playoffs. . . oh, and they’re also taking you calls at 347 – 826 – 9964. So be sure to give them a call and wish them all of the best on their brand-new program, Stitches!

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    Stitches #2

    in Sports

    Tune in to Frat House Sports Radio Network’s newest all-sports program, Stitches with Jon & Harold.

    At the top of the list are the events from this past weekend including the NFL Draft; the Floyd Mayweather – Manny Pacquiao bout; and, the Kentucky Derby.

    They’ll also be joined by sports director of WNJC 1360-AM’s and host of “Sports Maniacs” Ray Moffo; and Baltimore’s 105.7 The Fan’s Rob Lang to chat about the situation in “Charm City” and a lead-up to the Orioles – Mets and the O’s – Yankees series.

    They’ll finish it all up with a look at both the NHL and NBA Playoffs. . . oh, and they’re also taking you calls at 347 – 826 – 9964. So be sure to give them a call and wish them all of the best on their brand-new program, Stitches!

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    Stitches #1

    in Sports

    Tune in to Frat House Sports Radio Network’s newest all-sports program, Stitches with Jon Blayne & Harold Hershman.

    On their debut program, Jon and Harold will be joined by sports-talker Dennis Koulatsos from Baltimore’s WNST, and host of Sunday Sports Voice.  Together they’ll be sharing their thoughts on the upcoming NFL Draft and some of the side-bar stories going on right now.

    Later in the program they’re joined by everybody’s favorite New York Islanders fan, TJ Ber to chat about Game 6 and the upcoming deciding Game 7 in the first round of the playoffs with the Washington Capitals.

    In between, the guys are chatting-up, breaking-down and analyzing all of the biggest stories in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA . . . oh, and they’re also taking you calls at 347-826-9964. So be sure to give them a call and wish them all of the best on their brand-new program, Stitches!

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    in Knitting

    On a special Thursday edition of Fiber Hooligan (9/19/13) my guests will be some of the gang from Team STITCHES. I get lots of requests and suggestions about who to have as guests on the show. The one that has been most requested is the team that makes STITCHES Expos happen. People have told me that they want to hear how the shows work and what it takes to make an event like STITCHES happen. So I've decided to have Mavis Smith (our customer service manager and the person who takes care of the teachers), Lisa Mannes (who does a lot of our marketing & PR and who takes all the pictures at the shows), Kristi Miller (a.k.a. Knitters Brat who takes care of all the vendors and sponsors in the Markets) on the show next week for a special (extra) episode on Thursday at 11:00 am (central time). 
    They are going to be talking about all thing STITCHES and giving highlights to our upcoming show in Hartford, CT in November. With a little luck they won't tell too many stories about me (smile). Oh right… And we're probably going to be giving away a few prizes for our live listeners.
    These are remarkable women. I hope you'll join us for this show.

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    CMC Radio Presents: Thelma Glowacki of Say It In Stitches - Part 2

    in Entertainment

    CMC Radio Presents: Thelma Glowacki of Say It In Stitches - Part 2

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    CMC Radio Presents: Thelma Glowacki of Say It In Stitches - Part 1

    in Entertainment

    CMC Radio Presents: Thelma Glowacki of Say It In Stitches - Part 1

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    Benjamin Levisay, CEO XRX Books, Stitches Events and Yarn Thing Sponsor

    in Hobbies

    Benjamin Levisay, CEO of XRX, Inc., publishers of Knitters Magazine and XRX books, is a second-generation partner in this 29-year-old company originally started by his uncle, Alexis Xenakis, his father, David Xenakis, and their partner Elaine Rowley. promoters of STITCHES Expos, also as as CEO and Director of Marketing & Sales and board member of Halos of Hope.

    Listen Live for chance to win great prizes!

    Stay up to date with the Yarn Thing podcast with the App available on iTunes and for Droid.
    Find our more about Marly at www.MarlyBird.com or follow her on facebook

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    Knitter's Magazine
    LoLo by Bar-Maids
    Decade by Drew Emborsky
    Bijou Basin Ranch
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    Green Mountain Spinnery

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    I Need Stitches

    in Religion

    What Happens when you do need stiches? There are so many of us that are struggling to overcome emotional wounds and spiritual wounds that have not been healed. 
    The word healed (or Hebrew word - rapha) means to mend/repair/physician by stitching.
    So when you say, “I need stitches” you are also saying that I need the stitcher, who in the medical field is called a physician; which a physician is what Jesus is to us, of whom we called our healer; a healer that mends together and conjoins back together our physical, emotional and spiritual wounds.

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    Love Liberty & Lip Gloss with Glamour Model Abigail Rich

    in Lifestyle

    Abigail Rich returns to Love Liberty & Lip Gloss on April 23 at 7 p.m. Eastern:

    Abigail was born in Dallas Texas and abandoned by her mother when she was only two months old. She grew up with foster families until she was 17 years old. All through her school years she knew that she wanted to help people. She became a Paramedic right out of high school and quickly moved up to flight medic on a air ambulance helicopter. In the early 2000’s, she was working on the medical helicopter when it crashed. Abigail was critically injured and had to undergo three lifesaving surgeries receiving over 400 stitches and over 200 staples as well as numerous steel plates for her broken bones. The doctors told her family that she would not survive. After 6 weeks in the intensive care unit, Abigail proved them wrong when she woke up. Then after another 3 months she walked out of the Hospital on her own. After her recovery, Abigail concluded that life is too short and she wanted to still help people and show them that they can overcome life’s hurtles. At the same time, she intended to enjoy her precious gift of life.

    Through an odd twist of fate, Abigail became a professional Glamour Model. Abigail has worked as a trade show model, modeled at fashion shows, even as a spokes model promoting products and services, to becoming an Internationally published Glamour Model.

    Call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.

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    The B.O.V. proudly presents Live from the Clubhouse with B.D.D.

    in Entertainment

    Thats right BDD and the BrotherHood of Violence would like to invite you into the ClubHouse yet again for another Violent show of agressive behaviour. We will cover many things tonight including the stupidity of drama plaguing unstoppable.. as well as bannings for some yet not others. ..isnt it true that snitches should get stitches? Or perhaps thats too old school for many of you. Come on down speak your peice or shut your trap its up to you. Lets get it on in the clubhouse tonight.

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    ShowTime Synergy – EP 04 – The Music Awards

    in Television

    In Episode 04 of ShowTime Synergy TFG1Mike, LadyWreck, and BeatlesDiva give you their thoughts on the next three episodes of Jem and the Holograms! This week Mike and the Misfits, Aimee and Nicole find themselves “In Stitches”, and then we all attend “The Music Awards Parts 1 and 2″!! So get truly outrageous with us here ...