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    Are You The DUFF.... Designated Ugly Fat Friend

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    Designated - to mark or point out; indicate; show; specify.

    The DUFF (Movie)

    Frumpy high-school senior Bianca (Mae Whitman) has a rude awakening when she learns that her classmates secretly know her as the DUFF -- designated ugly fat friend -- to her prettier and more popular pals. Desperate to reinvent herself, Bianca enlists the aid of Wesley (Robbie Amell), a charming joc… Morek. In order to save her senior year from becoming a complete disaster, Bianca must find the confidence to overthrow a judgmental student (Bella Thorne) and revolutionize the school's social order.

    Designated Ugly Fat Friend (Urban Dictionary)

    Two hot chicks at a bar will have a really nasty fat ugly friend hanging out with them, refered to as a "DUFF".

    "Wow that fat DUFF is hanging out with those two attractive ladies, too bad."

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    Holy Nation Church &Rev.Russell Moore : A friend in My Enemy's House

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    The Lord Jesus gave us the best definition of a real friend" Greater love has no one than this, that lay down his life for his friends". The friendship between David and Jonathan is a true friendship. Inspite of King Saul's attempts to kill David  Jonathan stayed by David side. Its a good thing to have a friend among those who hate you, we have a friend in Jesus that when the world, the flesh and the Devil were against us. Jesus never left us alone. join me for an interesting look at the relationship between these to close friends.

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    Friend or Foe

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    Friend, Friend or Foe, Foe

    Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference that is until the smoke clears.

     a friend or an enemy. I can't tell whether Jim is friend or foe. "Who goes there? Friend or foe?" asked the sentry.

    Do you know?

    Let's Talk


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    Reality Series...Friend or Foe??

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    Join Dee & Celeste as they discuss Reality Shows Friend or Foe? Why are the Images more negative when it comes to Black Women on Reality Shows than there counterpart

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    So, Who's Your Friend?

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    If you're out with your mate and run into one of her friends and that friend hits on you while your woman is in the restroom what would you do?  Call in today at 7pm EST to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "WOULD YOU TELL YOUR MATE IF HER FRIEND MADE A SEXUAL ADVANCE TOWARD YOU?" Call 760.283.4647 to listen in and hit the #1 key to comment.  Don't forget you can download the mobile app from www.eblockradio.com and take the show on the go with you! *****SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST... Cheezy The Champ*****

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    "Family Talk Wednesday" Your Child Is Not Your “Friend”

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    There is a purely emotional part of the parent/child relationship that is built on affection and esteem. Parents and children are genetically geared to love each other, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

    But there’s a stage where parenting becomes a functional role, not just an emotional role. With infants, the emotional role shows when a mother demonstrates her love by holding, talking and singing to the child. The functional role involves feeding, changing diapers and bathing the baby. One without the other is damaging for the child. So if she just loved that child but didn’t do the responsible functional things, that child would be at great risk and would be harmed and neglected. If she just took care of the functional things and didn’t show that child any love, it would have long term effects on the child’s emotional development. The emotional and functional parenting roles go hand in hand. It’s not healthy to emphasize one at the cost of the other.

    I think as kids grow older, the parent’s role becomes more functional and less emotional, which is a hard lesson for parents who want to be their child’s “best friend.” As parents, they may feel those emotions inside, but they really have to do more for their child functionally, and set limits with the child. Limit setting is a very healthy function. It’s how kids learn to figure out what’s safe and what’s not safe. What’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate. The functional role changes for parents as the child grows. With a one-year-old, it involves changing diapers. With an eight-year-old, the functional role involves getting homework done. With a fifteen-year-old, it involves enforcing a responsible curfew.


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    President O'bama no friend of Israel.....He will pretend to be though.....

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    Tribulation Baptist Church....I'm the pastor of this church ministry by the Grace of God.....

    (GNN) Gregory news network....A worldwide Christian based news network and shows since 1999.....

    "The Target of Jacksonville" Born Again Christian online weekly newspaper.....

    My cell phone #;    1.904.504.4283.....

    My main e - mail site @:    quakeman30@gmail.com

    My main website for my shows and network since 1999 @:


    Also on You Tube.....Facebook....Twitter....Instagram......

    Sincerely, James William Gregory Jr.

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    Boy Scouting in 2015 and How to be a Friend of Scouting

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    The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

    Scout Oath  

    On my honor I will do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country
    and to obey the Scout Law;
    To help other people at all times;
    To keep myself physically strong,
    mentally awake, and morally straight.

    Scout Law

    A Scout is:
    Kind Obedient

    Listen in and find out about all the exciting things going on in this fabulous program... and find out how YOU can be a Friend of Scouting!

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    CBM With Steve and Greg- My Body! My Best Friend!

    in Fitness

    When you think of your body, what comes to mind?

    An adversary needing to be overcome?

    Or a partner, primary life partner that is to be grateful for?

    Do you ever ask your body questions about what it would like?

    Or how it would like to do something?

    Don't you give your friends that kind consideration?

    Join Steve and Greg as they explore the possibilities of comunion with your best friend.

    Your body!

    Today, Monday the 23

    1PM Denver   3PM New York   9PM Central Europe


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    The Friend Zone: Where the good men are

    in Relationships

    Many women complain about the shortage of "good" men, while self proclaimed good men complain that they are often overlooked or placed in the Friend zone. We've all heard the saying that good guy's finishes last, and that women historically desire the bad boy. Well tonight we will discuss the validity of such claims. Are there plenty of good viable men out there simply hidden away under the blanket of only being seen as a friend? Or is it true, there are no more good men out there?

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