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    Listening, Reflecting, Healing

    in Health

    Mary-Frances Garber is a genetic counselor who provides Supportive Genetic Counseling, complementing what is traditionally offered in medical centers. Supportive Genetic Counseling is for women and their partners who have experienced pregnancy loss, stillbirth, pregnancies affected with abnormalities, or for individuals or families with the recent diagnosis
    of a genetic condition.

    “My focus is on the emotional responses patients and their partners may have following various obstetrical and genetic complications. Each person is unique in the way they respond to these issues. It is my goal to listen to you, help you cope with your emotional response and facilitate healing and moving forward with your life.”

    Mary-Frances Garber is a board certified, licensed genetic counselor who earned her B.S. in Molecular Genetics from the University of Rochester and her M.S. in Human Genetics from Sarah Lawrence College. Having worked for 11 years in a high-risk obstetrical setting in the Antenatal Diagnostic Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, she gained extensive counseling experience. She has worked with many families having various genetic, chromosomal or developmental conditions. She is now in private practice focusing on patients with concerns surrounding compromised pregnancy outcomes, a recent diagnosis of a birth defect or genetic condition, and those in the process of obtaining a diagnosis for their child.

    Mike and Joyce speak with Mary-Frances about her work.

    See her website at http://www.listeningreflectinghealing.com/

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    This is not a game! What happens when we are come into this revolutionary movement but we are yet spiritually and emotionally dead! THERE WILL BE MILD LANGUAGE Y'ALL! IT ALL LOVE!

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    Secret Loss, Secret Love with Marika Baris

    in Spirituality

    Our broadcast honors, October 15, as “Worldwide Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day”. Marika Baris is the Founder and Executive Director of My Baby Angel Foundation, which was created out of the pain, shock, and grief she and her husband, Dr. Frederic Wiedemann, experienced in the pregnancy losses of TWO of their grandchildren. Their granddaughter was born on June 18, 2008 at 22 weeks gestational age. She lived 20 minutes and was too young to survive. Their grandson, born on March 14, 2009 was stillborn at 24 weeks. The loss was devastating to them and their family.

    The My Baby Angel Foundation was born out of Marika and her husband’s desire to help others suffering a loss, as well as to create a legacy of love for their deceased grandchildren. To learn more please visit MyBabyAngel.org and Pregnancy Infant Loss and Remembrance Day. You can also visit them on Facebook.

    Marika is a Mother of two, Grandmother of seven, Psychotherapist, Mediator, Corporate and Diversity Trainer, Humanitarian Consultant, Social activist, and passionate being. Her work over the last 5 years has been voluntary, “helping transform society’s response to pregnancy and infant loss.”

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    Erin Fall Haskell, Founder, The Inner Viewer

    in Motivation

    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, a columnist for ALIST magazine and PERREAULT Global Digital magazine; Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), EFT, Deep Yoga Teacher Training 200 (2014-2015) at Piedmont Yoga Studio, Consultant, and  Community Advocate. www.svetlanakim.com 

    Our Guest: There are moments in life when something happens, and life as you know it completely alters, life transforms in an instant. That moment for Erin Fall Haskell was 19 years ago. She was holding her stillborn son in her arms, just after giving birth to him. “Tears were streaming down my face as I looked at his beautiful body and realized his body was still there, but he wasn’t. Erin is an Author, Speaker, Divinity Worker, Researcher and Non-Denominational Minister, referring to all philosophies, religions and spiritual practices. She is currently developing the show ‘The Inner Viewer,’ interviewing Great Minds, Spiritual Leaders, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Innovative Scientists and Holistic Practitioners. Her passion is enlightening conversations that empower Divine Entrepreneurs, bringing their voice to the world. Claiming her birthright of prosperity and abundance, she is a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, mother, active philanthropist. Her time is primarily spend interviewing leaders and developing programs to pave the path for the thriving Divine Entrepreneurs.

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    The Mommyhood Project's Cortney Galster on The Mompreneur Model w Dori DeCarlo

    in Women

    The Mommyhood Project creator Cortney Galster joins me on The Mompreneur Model Show on July 31 at 10amPT/1pmET. Cortney is a 30-something working mom living in the suburbs of St. Paul with her husband Rick, their toddler son Ricky and their 2 dogs. They recently experienced the greatest loss of their lives when their daughter Addison was stillborn in May. They have committed themselves to moving forward in a positive way and putting meaning behind their sweet baby girl's short existence.

    By day Cortney is a freelance writer and marketing consultant who blogs about her journey at TheMommyhoodProject.com. She lives for her amazing family, chocolate cake and gorgeous shoes! Come meet her here on Word of Mom Radio - the show for Mompreneurs - the NEW business woman.

    Thanks to our show sponsors Order Out of Chaos and Safety First Bags. Meet them and all of our sponsors in our Mompreneuer Marketplace on our website.

    Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and email dori@wordofmomradio.com with questions, comments and to find out how to be a guest on one of our shows.

    Word of Mom Radio - sharing the wisdom of women.

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    Reader's Entertainment Radio Presents: Mingmei Yip

    in Books

    When it comes to versatility and talent, Mingmei Yip stands out from the crowd.  In addition to being an author of adult, and children's literature, she is a scholar, has held faculty appointments at universities, is a Qin musician, painter and calligrapher...and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

    Join me on Thursday, July 10th at 6:00pm EST as I chat with the incomparable Mingmei Yip about her latest novel, The Nine Fold Heaven...and lots more!

    In this mesmerizing new novel, Mingmei Yip draws readers deeper into the exotic world of 1930s Shanghai first explored in Skeleton Women and into the lives of the unforgettable singer-spy Camilla, the magician Shadow, and the gossip columnist Rainbow Chang.

    The Nine Fold Heaven is the story of an ex spy and nightclub singer who undertakes an emotional and dangerous journey to reunite with her lost lovers and the baby she was told was stillborn, and to discover the secret of her parents’ murder. 

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    Losing a Child to a Congenital Heart Defect

    in Health

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000200 EndHTML:0000003747 StartFragment:0000002470 EndFragment:0000003711 SourceURL:file://localhost/Volumes/USB%20DISK/H2Hw-Anna%20Series%201%20Program%20Schedule.doc “Losing a Child to a Congenital Heart Defect.” is an extremely emotional show, and it doesn’t have the happy outcome we’d love for all of our shows to have, but I believe it’s an extremely important topic and one that warrants our attention. To consciously decide not to talk about how many children we lose to CHDs would do a disservice to the thousands of innocent lives lost each year. During this show we honor not only the children we will talk about today with three loving mothers, but we also honor all children and adults who have died because of their congenital heart defects.
    While the United States death rate from congenital heart defects dropped 24% from 1999 to 2006 among children and adults, there are far too many people dying from congenital heart defects. Today we will talk with three mothers whose children died too soon. We’ll hear about mothers’ experiences with having a stillborn baby, a baby post-Norwood and an adult child who died long after it was thought she would.

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    Handling Grief Together: How To Survive The Death of a Child

    in Women

    When a couple experiences the ultimate grief of the loss of a child, this can be the greatest challenge to a marriage. How do you deal with the loss of a child through sickness? How do you handle a loss through an act of violence? How do you survive a miscarriage or stillborn child? And if you have a loved one going through such a challenge, what kinds of things can you say that are helpful? What things are not helpful to say? How do you help someone through this period of grief? How do you help surviving siblings?

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    What is wisdom?

    in Spirituality

    I will talk with Danielle Haik about her spiritual path and professional work. 

    "I am 31 yrs. old. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my family. I grew up on the east side of Michigan in between Detroit & Ann Arbor. I came to west Michigan to go to Grand Valley State University. I was planning on majoring in Advertising & Public Relations, but then I found my mind and self expanding through my studies & life experiences. I had a sociology class with a professor that always made us write him a note at the end of our class. He was great & very zen. He showed us the documentary 'Killing Her Softly Vol. 2', about how women are portrayed in mass media & how violent crimes against women have been on the rise ever since. I decided to drop out of my program. 

    I consider myself a full-time student of life. I struggled with having an undefined major & not following the "normal" pathway, like my family had hoped for me. I feel like since I was young I knew that I was here for a purpose.

    I am a reiki master & I truly enjoy spiritually enriching myself. I have taken intutive development courses & have studied many different pathways of natural healing. I feel divinely connected to the universe & feel most at home when I am in nature. I have passion for ancient cultures such as egyptian & mayan civilizations. I have led meditation & healing gatherings. I am a doula apprentice & will be completing my experience with 2 births in January( including a homebirth, which I can't wait to experience!). I will also be leading a miscarriage & stillborn support group starting in January.

    I am a mother, wife, artist, healer, lover of mother Earth & mother nature, and an advocate for unity & peace....I am on my pathway to AUTHENTICITY....ever unfolding."

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    Perfecting Failure- Hiking For Grammy & Hope We GO!! Pt. 2

    in Motivation

    Part two of Hiking for Grammy & Hope We Go! With Ethan Jenkins & Corry Klopp!


    Contact info for Ethan Jenkins: facebook.com/hikingfordottie LIKE AND SHARE


    Contact info for Corry Klopp: https://www.facebook.com/alitavon LIKE AND SHARE


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    Pefecting Failure- Hiking for Grammy & Hope We GO!!!!

    in Motivation

    Tonight's show will be the joining of two epic stories of two men who each have planned to embark on journeys of a lifetime for a cause close to their hearts. Co-hosts, Krystal and Janella, get up close and personal with Corry Klopp and Ethan Jenkins as they talk about what they plan to do and why. Keep the box of tissues close!