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    "The Daffodils Still Grow" with Author Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell

    in Spirituality

    Tonight your Host and Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds welcomes to the show Author Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell.  They will be discussing Sherri's book "The Daffodils Still Grow."  It's the story of the loss of Sheri's  mother, signs she's received from her, and how she's been guiding her for many years.

    More About Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell;

    Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell is new to the publishing world. She has been writing stories since she was 4 years old and now, more than 25 years later, is finally sharing those stories with the world. Her book, The Daffodils Still Grow, is a picture book she also illustrated which portrays life after a loved one dies as seen from the observations of a motherless child, which reviewers call “beautiful and inspiring.”


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    Be Still

    in Motivation

    Life is complicated. Sometimes, we need to hustle, but sometimes... we just need to be still. Listen in as NICK talks about finding that balance!



    Tuesday nights @ 11 pm: NICK speaks, listens, and instructs you how to fly! Rise above your gravity!

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    Guest:Nicolas Chaudeurge/Editor/Still Alice/The Two Faces of January

    in Movies

    Nicolas has been editing for 20 years, mostly in the UK and France.Machination, the first film Nicolas edited prior to film school was nominated for a BAFTA Award in 1995. Until after film school, he edited over 20 award winning short films including Andrea Arnold’s Academy Award winning Wasp in 2005, which also won over 36 other prizes including The Sundance Special Jury Prize.Nicolas has collaborated closely with Andrea Arnold on features that have collectively won the Cannes Jury Prize, Best Newcomer BAFTA and five BAFTA Scotland awards in 2006 (Red Road), the Cannes Jury Prize and a Best British Film BAFTA in 2009 (Fish Tank) and the Golden Osella Award in Venice 2011 (Wuthering Heights). Other credits include academy award winner Kevin McDonald’s feature documentary My Enemy’s Enemy, The Crimson Wing (the inaugurating wildlife feature film from label Disney Nature, helmed by Matthew Aeberhard and Leander Ward) and All Good Children with director Alicia Duffy (Director’s Fortnight, Cannes 2010). Most recently Nicolas has worked with Working Title and Studio Canal on academy award nominee Hossain Amini’s directorial debut – The Two Faces of January after completing one of the four Cultural Olympiad films, The Odyssey, directed by BAFTA award winner Asif Kapadia (The Warrior, Senna). He also edited Still Alice and is currently working with French artist Philippe Parreno.In his spare time, he is still actively involved with the NFTS, lecturing and teaching editors to help improve their skills, as well as having lectured for the following institutions : Script Factory, London Film School, Channel Four, Norway Film Institute, BAFTA and The British Council. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

    in Religion

    As we approach Paalm Sunday and Easter Sunday we need to think about how much we love the Lord. Can we still love HIM when we don't get everything that we desire. When you have prayed all day and all night and your prayers haven't been answered, will you still love the Lord tomorrow? Listen in to our program tonight, our guest will be Prophetess Naima Williams. Join us... 

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    Your dreams still live

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of Beauty for Ashes, Prophet Kyle discusses revelation the Lord shared with him concerning 2015. God wants you to know that your dreams are not dead, they still live. 

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    Single Mom's Can Still Get It

    in Comedy

    Joe and Kate are joined by Aminah Imani to talk about what it's really like to be a single mom. Does it actually affect your dating life, or are you still able to go out and have fun? Listen to Aminah talk about her hilarious experiences of getting hit on while pushing a stroller!

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    Are there still any Big Mama's left?

    in Entertainment

    In today's society, there are more babies having babies, and mother's who would rather befriend their children.  Do you remember when Big Mama was the disciplinary, the chef, the maid, the taxi driver etc.  She had so many titles, that it would take us all day to name.  However, in this segment you will get your chance to express your views on this touchy topic.  Do you feel like there are still some Big Mama's out there, or does she not exist any more?  You will also get your chance to speak with another Amazon's bestselling Author this week.  Adrienne Thompson will be in the playhouse discussing her life, as an author.  It's definitely going down in this segment, and you don't want to miss it.  Come hang out with the Queens, and our special guest Adrienne Thompson, as we turn up the heat, and set the playhouse on Fire.

    Tivona Elliott Clark

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    Kim Gravel: Still Kim of Queens!

    in Women

    Kim Gravel is a veteran television host/interviewer, entrepreneur and leader, but most of all she has a passion for people and hearing their stories. She has logged thousands of hours as host of awardwinning talk shows "Friends & Neighbors" and  "Atlanta Live", is seen on The Steve Harvey Show and Headline News Network as a recurring contributor, is featured on the SiriusXM Radio show Dirty Pop with Lance Bass in the weekly advice column segment “Gravel Mail” and starred in the hit weekly docuseries “Kim of Queens” on the Lifetime Network. In 1991, at the age of 19, Kim became one of the youngest Miss Georgias in the state pageant’s history. She went on to represent her home state in the renowned Miss America pageant and as a result was asked to serve as US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan. Kim has worked for Revlon and Christian Dior as make-up artist; served as National Cosmetology Association spokesperson; and served as a make-up artist and stylist to over 100 fashion shows and photo shoots. She has taken her knowledge and experience in beauty and launched her own boutique
    cosmetic line, Hardee Girl Cosmetics. Combining her expertise skills of communication and leadership, Kim is also a certified Life Coach. Kim has a rare gift of encouraging and guiding people with loving directness. She somehow gets by with saying the things that everyone else is thinking. Her compassionate yet straight forward "Dr. Phil-esqe" style keeps her in high demand as a Life Coach, mentor, advisor and consultant. As lead singer and songwriter of recording group Beloved, Kim
    entertains and sings to thousands across the country every year, including hosting sold-out women's conferences annually in Atlanta. She still finds time to raise her two boys, Beau and Blanton with husband Travis. 

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    Broke Mack Mountain

    in News

    Broke Mack Mountain

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    Many million dollar lottery winners go broke ,what could possibly go wrong?

    in Current Events

    Join us today at 5:30 CST as we raise the question:

     Many million dollar lottery winners go broke what could possibly go wrong?

    We will also discuss other factors surrounding immediate gratification:

    How important is it  to connect and have the right people in your circle or network when building wealth and trying to hold on to it?

    Add your voice add your thoughts.... 

    Check out article




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    Twenty-Five: Still Not Broke

    in Hockey

    Yes, it's an honest-to-god milestone here on the Jewelcast, as we've hit episode 25! Celebrate six-plus months of technical difficulties with us as we'll stuff as many JFTC bloggers onto this week's episode as we can: editor-in-chief Eric (@EricJFTC) and contributor Sheng (@Sheng_Peng) join first-time co-host Robyn (@jollywhiskey) and, uh, that usual guy. In addition to the four of us, we're thrilled to have on return guest Ari (@thirtyfourseven) of SBN Flames blog Matchsticks & Gasoline, as she'll try to explain how the Calgary Flames manage to go 2-1-0 just about every single week of the season thus far. We hope you'll join us for this milestone episode!

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