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    New Beau Woes: When & How Do I Ask My Boyfriend To Go Get HIV Tested?

    in Relationships

    Here we go again folks...

    I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 months now and we are practicing abstinence. We've talked at length on so many topics but I have something I am yet to share with him.

    My Mum and Brother died from Aids 2 years ago. Ever since I have developed a phobia for getting close to men for fear passing any STI to him or even him passing an STD to me. I am yet to share this with him and we are getting closer daily.

    I really like this guy and would like to do the proper thing. Is it too early to ask for an HIV test? How do I even bring up the topic? Please help!!! 

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    Storytelling for Leaders: The Science and Power of Business Stories

    in Business

    On May 27, my guest will be Christopher Kogler he founder and CEO of NarrativeIQ.  Chris mentors some of the world’s top business leaders helping them discover & tell strategic business stories that inspire their employees and customers to action. Leaders’ strategies don’t just spring to life, they stick.

    Early in his career Chris worked in television as the Creative Director for New York City’s world class cultural institution, Thirteen/WNET. During his 16 award-winning years at WNET, he developed his love of stories and his storytelling skills garnered 5 Emmy Awards and numerous international kudos. Clients included GE, GM, ABC and HBO.

    In 2006, he founded STI Consulting. His goal was to build on his TV storytelling experience and work with companies changing the world. In 8 years, he has spearheaded change management initiatives, helped create a web design agency, led a state recognized business incubator & counseled clean tech entrepreneurs in such diverse areas as smart grid technology, food waste recycling & tidal energy. He enjoys helping companies succeed by teaching them how to discover and narrate their unique value proposition.

    Today, he’s building upon this work and his love of storytelling by partnering with the international consulting firm, Anecdote, and incorporating their outstanding 6 month programs, Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Sales, into his consulting practice. These programs help leaders in large and small organizations develop their story skills so they can effectively inspire and engage their troops to take action. In the process, their personal business stories humanize the corporation.

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    The Aftermath! What do we do with the WRECKAGE of the NEW American Norm??

    in Social Networking

    The Aftermath, this evening we will talk about the flaws and inadequacies in the follwing subject matter:
    Mental Illness
    Banning the Box

    Why are we so comfortable to be handed a broken system and broken views and be ol with it? What can we do as Americans based from different cultures, different religions and upbringing do to fit the "mold" that has been given us?

    Should someone that is doing horrible in school but be passed through? Does Common Core work for all and what do you do with a brilliant child that is failing in school due to boredom and NO challenging work?

    Should we be able to discipline our children without fearing the protective services threatening us? Why is it ok for the cops to SHOOT our kids but we cannot SPANK them? Do you agree with the new law that prevents Social Workers from telling a parent if their child is pregnant or contracted an STI or STD?

    How is Mental Illness affecting our youth to the point of suicide? Why are our communities so depressed and oppressed? 

    And lastly, if you paid the time, didn't you pay for your crime? Your voice is needed to BAN THE BOX!

    Text the show (302)729-2280--weigh in and tell us your thoughts.



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    Epistrophi sti pphishi

    in Music

    Μετ? απ? πολλ?ς αποτυχημ?νες συνταγ?ς,η συνεργ?της μας προτε?νει μια version ''επιστροφ? στη φ?ση'' που θυμ?ζει πολ? ?ντονα χρ?ος καφ?.....

    Με hignlights του πρωθυπουργο?πυ, κ Α. Σαμαρ?, του manager Μαραθωνα, κ, Ηλ?α Ψιν?κη, και τον αγαπημ?νο μας τ?ως υπουργ? υγε?ας, κ. Αδωνι, και τις φων?ς των George Kinousis, Stelios Rokkos, Κα?τη Γαρμπη.

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    S2 E15 Phone Sex, Body Image, and Living with an STI w/ @AshleyManta

    in Relationships

    Marrie and Suzie welcome Ashley Manta to the show. Ashley is a feminist sexuality educator, certified consulting hypnotist, empowerment coach and a certified sex-geek. She has been educating about sexuality since 2007. Her professional experience in sexual health includes working for Planned Parenthood. Ashley is also a trained crisis counselor and worked in both mental health and crime victim advocacy. She was recently hired as the E-Commerce Manager at the Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles.


    In this episode we’ll be talking about Phone Sex, Fantasies, Loving your naked body and living with an STI.

    We look forward to having you join us…

    And make sure to bring protection!!!

    Did you know Ashley’s a published author? Great news – her educational guide, “A Feminist’s Guide to Phone Sex” is now live through Frisky Feminist Press!

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    Black HIV/AIDS Awareness with Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

    in Entertainment

    HIV/AIDS is still a major issue in our community. What are we doing about it? Did you know that infection rates are on the rise? 

    Let's talk about it family. 

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    Epistropphi sti pphishi

    in Music


    ....εκπομπη αφιερωμενη στα φαντασματα και τα πνευματα....


    ...ghosts in contemporary music....

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    Epistropphi sti Pphishi

    in Music

    Αφιερωμα στις εκλογες....

  • 00:43

    Epistrophi sti phishi

    in Music

    A show dedicated to Ryan....

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    Mitsubishi Evo or Subaru STi

    in Automotive

    Brett Middleton from MRT Performance and Subaru Secrets talks about the differences between the Mitsubishi Evo 9 and 10 and the Subaru MY07 or MY08 STi.

    Which one would Brett recommend for driving at the track or to and from work.

    Find out more here:

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    Epistrophi sti phishi

    in Music

    Womens' voices...

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