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    RumRadio Interview with Anita Robles

    in Spirituality

    Native of Cordoba, Argentina, singer-songwriter ANITA ROBLES (who is affectionately known as "Ana" to her friends) has been performing a variety of styles and rhythms for over 20 years in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Ana started singing and playing guitar before she became a teenager, abandoned a career in law, graduated from Opera School in Cordoba and worked recording jingles and background vocals in her home town.
    Ana moved from Los Angeles to Miami, Florida, where she started performing with her Latin Jazz Band at the Cardozo Hotel on Miami Beach and other venues owned by Estefan
    Ana is presently developing a program of Music Healing that involves special performances and sound energy treatments for all kinds of body-mind unbalances. She has participated in many studies of music therapy and her new CD “the HEALING ABC’s” will include meditation music as well as inspirational originals.

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    Art of Living Well-Charlotte & Lindsay - Author Liz Sterling

    in Spirituality

    THIS WEEK ON ART OF LIVING WELL Guest Liz Sterling takes you Behind the Scenes in an engaging blend of biography, autobiography and inspiration. Liz’s unique life experiences qualify her to ask the more soulful, penetrating questions, giving birth to a spiritual handbook that presents a rarely seen, more intimate, side of our many public figures including Wayne Dyer, Maya Angelou, Gloria Estefan, Shirley MacLaine, Dr. Deepak Chopra, et al.
    Liz Sterling, in addition to hosting her radio show, Sterling Spin, on Art of Living Well Radio Network, is an inspiring interviewer, author and motivational speaker. As host of the InnerViews radio show in South Florida for ten years, Sterling interviewed over 2,000 local and national authors, celebrities, scientists, politicians and artists. She served as Advice Columnist for the Sun-Sentinel, the southeast feature editor for Balance Magazine, and host of Be You Radio broadcasting on 101.5 LITE FM. She is the author of Behind the Scenes, Celebrity Interviews and Inspiring Life Lessons; a Huffington Post Blogger; contributing editor for The Happy Herald Newspaper; host of The Sterling Spin Radio Show, offering Smart Talk and Real Alternatives; and president of Sterling Communication Services, a consulting firm for companies and individuals seeking to increase their exposure and potential.
    EVERY WEEK  Charlotte McGinnis and Lindsay Babich bring you guests and topic to inspire Enlightened Living.

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    S03/E15: Happily Never After...Tales Of GOP Destruction

    in Politics Progressive

    The Politics of Personal Destruction continues with this "Do-Nothing" Republican led House. No Jobs bill, no budget, no nothing. Only the surpression of:
    Women's Rights LGBT Rights Immigrant/Minority Rights The Middle Class & Working Families The 99% Voting & Civil Rights That is just some of the issues Republicans fight against as they do the bidding of their 1% Corporate Masters.
    Had Enough?!
    Join political puindits and social commentators, Dave Franklin and Lori Picarella, as they break down the destructive policies and obstructionist politics of the 21st Century Republican Party. Your calls are always welcome on this and any other hot button issue on your mind.
    We are expanding to the 60-90 minute format in September 2013. Thanks and continue spreading the word about our humble little radio show and blog. We love hearing from you.
    READ: kitchenpolitics123.weebly.com
    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123

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    Lucid Dreaming with Robert Waggoner Best of On P I

    in Books

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    Carmen Harra's On Line Hay House Seminar on Relationships Begins July 16th-Register Here & get a Free Book and 20 Min Consultation at No Additional Cost !
    Peter Shapiro, author of Ghosts on The Red Line, is re-scheduled for Thursday Julyy 1tth 8 PM EST.
    With the release of the blockbuster film Inception, dreams, the world of Lucid Dreams and perhaps also entering the dreams of others is very much in the public conversation. Scott Cluthe interviews one of the world-recognized experts on lucid dreaming, Robert Waggonner. Author of Lucid Dreaming, Robert Waggoner, is past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) . For the past ten years, he has been the co-editor of the online magazine, The Lucid Dream Exchange, the only ongoing publication devoted specifically to lucid dreaming. Robert has a regular show on Iowa Public Radio, discussing dreams and lucid dreams. Robert frequently speaks on lucid dreaming at national and international dream conferences, workshops and college classrooms, like Sonoma State University, Iowa State University, University of Washington and Evergreen State College.
    More than 30 years ago, the author taught himself a simple technique to become consciously aware in the dream state. Since that time, lucid dreaming, or the ability to become consciously aware while dreaming, has been proven by the pioneering research of Dr. Keith Hearne, University of Hull, and Dr. Stephen LaBerge at Stanford. Lucid dreaming is a revolutionary psychological tool. Now, western science has a new means to experiment and investigate the deeper aspects of the dream state and the mind, while consciously aware. 

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    Fan Junkies Radio - Five Minutes at The Frat House #91

    in Sports

    Tune in to "Frat House Saturday" with "Frat House Mike" annnnnnnd Sidekick on the most-consistent Internet-based Sports-wrap video program, "Five Minutes at The Frat House."  This week, here comes a very different 91st edition with Sidekick "on location" in St. Louis, but that doesn't stop them from analyzing this past week's longest NASCAR race ("is it too long?") of the season; MLB and Mike's "screwy stories"; and Sidekick's update as the NBA playoffs are coming in to the Finals!
    As always, Mike’s Frat House Saturday Commentary LIVE! What will he rant about today? The only way you’ll know is if you listen in! Check out the newest Saturday afternoon sports-talk sensation here on BTR and Fan Junkies Radio Network . . . plus GIVE US A CALL!

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    THOE Presents - Prophet Paul Favret

    in Spirituality

    The House of Ephraim Presents: Ephraim, come home! We are a not for profit organization dedicated to finding and educating the ten lost tribes of Israel. Come and listen to the latest news and teaching concerning Ephraim today

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    truth b told and honesty advanced

    in Family

    When will you be overidingly honest and true to our country. When will you identify with what is best for   us and you. its time, unless you don't sense, think, share, know and feel it that way. and its still time to   do it. unless you personally have timed out with both the past & present and refusing our better future.
    listen to what may be the very best out there, it is an overwhelming task to honestly address the sorest of matters. until i falter, it still the best out there. will you bring it in...  harvest and share...  
    you see, politics, both democratic & republic, over- ride our day. We vote empty skiled pormises into the White House and Congress. We elect skilled fabrica-tions into our government. We suffer the electoral college and the meida that advocates it. We suffer from imperfect media. We suffer from money and influence. We suffer from carelessness.
    Twice i have vied for a very high public office. Twice,  we could have had better and gotten better.  
    since i am one of you, completely human. i, too, may have failing, but can i bring out the best in you and the best for you......  listen in, take to heart and doing...       i will give you accuracy of perspective and honest actions..  humbly yours  

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    Guest Bruce Mullins

    in Spirituality

    The Lake Okeechobee Summer Solstice Pagan Festival that is launching it's first annual happening on June 19 th has caused quite the stir in the local Christian community in the area.
    Please chek our blog for more indepth information on admission, vendors and festival guests.

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    Rand Brenner: What's Your Intellectual Property Worth?

    in Business

    Are you getting paid for your Intellectual Property?
    Would you like to expand your business by offering other's proven content?
    Our guest is Rand Brenner, an intellectual property strategist and licensing consultant. He's the President and CEO of Licensing Consulting Group and the founder of Licensing4Profits.
    He has over 25 years experience in the development of licensing, marketing and revenue strategies for numerous entertainment and consumer brands. He has developed licensing and promotional deals with Fortune 1000 companies including Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, Quaker Oats, Hasbro, Mattel, Random House, Harper Collins, Pillsbury, Topps, Sara Lee/Hanes and others.
    Rand was also a licensing executive at Warner Bros. where he was responsible for licensing high profile theatrical, television and publishing properties including  Batman and Batman II movies, Looney Tunes and more.
    He is also a public speaker and has taught classes at the university level.
    Intellectual property is the new currency of the 21st century, and you'll discover how to capitalize on it and build your IP wealth.

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    in Marketing

    Video Scene: In Studio ExperieceHOW TO CLAIM YOUR EXPERTISE USING VIDEOWELCOME EXPERT, Scott Southall, Chief Visual PersuaderIn 2005, Scott Southall formed Aha Image Studios to support entrepreneurs and small businesses with strategic marketing and digital media production. Scott adds value to client initiatives by figuring out solutions to unique marketing challenges then using the power of visual media and technology to connect with your target market.Scott leveraged his engineering know-how to develop Aha’s unique Visual Persuasion™ process, which includes a Message Development Mastermind, High-Impact Production, and Tracking Results.Aha is a strategic marketing and media firm that leverages the power of Visual Persuasion™ to help your business create powerful messages that connect with your target market. But, we go way beyond strategy, delivering the compelling marketing collateral you need to start driving new business through your doors.Aha has a full-service, in-house production studio to bring your messages to life using copy writing, graphic design, photography, green screen, and video.Aha Image Studios, Inc.15375 Barranca ParkwaySuite G-104Irvine, CA 92618949.831.2222http://www.ahaimagestudios.com/

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    in Religion

    Host Pastor/Prophet Wiggins Take caller's - Prayer request, those who seek counseling, Testimonies, Ministers with a word, Scriptural Topics of Discussion each day Pastor/Prophet R.D.Wiggins House of Manasseh Christian Ministries P.O.Box 596 Bronx NY 10568

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    Diana Barton (Mari Jo, The Young and the Restless)

    in Entertainment

    Diana Barton is the quintessential American beauty.  Recognized wherever she travels as Mary Jo from the hugely successful soap opera, The Young and the Restless,  Ms Barton is now being acknowledged for her fabulous line of Diana B. natural beauty products as much as her stint with the famous TV show.  Officially launched in 2006, the complete Diana B. line of beauty products is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Diana B. is a remarkable product line because it heals as well as enhances.  Using restorative ingredients are at the heart of Ms Barton’s quest to help and influence women who may be troubled with skin imperfections or who experience a negative reaction to chemical-based beauty products.  With a product line that today ranges from sugar scrubs to body lotions, bath gels to face care, and soy-based wax candles to an exciting new chocolate truffle-scented, 60-second Instant Miracle Tan, Ms Barton’s unique formulas include components that are based on natural science and produced with a genuine quality that is second to none. Some of the fundamental ingredients include: cane sugar syrup from England, maple syrup, anti-oxidant green tea essence, grapefruit essence, black figs (rich in natural glycolic acids), aloe, chamomile extracts, precious marine oils, white peaches, frangipani flowers, seaweed, fruit, and herbs.