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    John Sileo--Honrary Identity Theft Warrior #20

    in Current Events

    John Sileo lost everything as a result of identity theft. Over $300,000 and a flourishing software business and he faced criminal prosscution as well. This led him on a quest to fight identity theft and cyber crime. John's story has a happy ending,  he's now a worldwide authority and travels the globe as an Honrary Identity Theft Warrior. 

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    How To Minimize the Risk of Identity Theft

    in Technology

    Have you been a victim of IdentityTheft? Are you concerned about all the reports of personal information being stolen from corporate data bases?

    Today's guest, Steve Weisman, a lawyer and member of the Massachusetts Bar and Federal Bar, is one of the country’s leading experts on scams and identity theft. He writes about identity theft for USA Today and has been featured on Nightline, CBS News, ABC, CNBC, among others and quoted in numerous publications including The Associated Press, The Boston Globe, Barron’s, The New York Times, Money Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.  Steve has authored eight books, including Identity Theft Alert: 10 Rules You Must Follow to Protect Yourself From America’s #1 Crime (2014) and The Truth About Avoiding Scams (2008).

    Today, Jim and Steve will discuss what you need to know about identity theft and what you should be doing to minimize your risk of becoming a victim. 

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    Heather Wagenhals--Identity Theft Can And Probably Will Happen To You Part 23

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    Another day, another data breach. Yet another health insurance company has been breached. Where will your data wind up? But there are ways to prevent or inhibit data thieves and hackers. Always be certain to review all of your statements monthly. You never know when the ID Thieves start out slow with a few small charges and then they slam you with massive fraudulent charges.  And most importantly go to KeepMyID.org and use the value code FSN2. 

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    Learn about Identity Theft with Jonathan Brower

    in Health

    ID Shield Plans from LegalShield

    Today Jonathan will be explaining the benefits of being covered by ID Shield Plans from LegalShield, allowing you to protect yourself from Identity Theft which is running rampant throughout the world today. Hackers are easily stealing individual’s identities, selling the information and causing harm to the individuals.

    Learn about and Protect yourself and your Family today with ID Shield. To learn more about ID Shield you can call Jonathan at 805-380-3315, AGAIN that is 805-380-3315 or visit www.tremendousbusinessopportunity.com and click on ID Shield Plans.

    Protect yourself and your Family Today with ID Shield Plan.

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    Bruce Anderson--Same Crime Different Victim #27

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    The drumbeat of Identity Theft goes on and on. In this episode we examine the massive breach of JP Morgan Chase. Over 100 million customer's data was breached. How can it be stopped or slowed down. Are we all just sitting ducks waiting for our identities to be stolen. There must be something that can be done. It looks like companies and governments will start coming together to actually handle the problem. 


    For more info on how to protect your identity go to KeepMyId.Org and us the code FSN2

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    It's Tax Time. What You Need To Know About Income Tax Identity Theft

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    Join Jim Blue and Steve Weisman is a discussion on how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of income tax identity theft.

    It's tax time and we all know that income tax identity theft is a major problem.  The most common way that income tax identity theft occurs is when the identity thief files an income tax return using his or her victim’s Social Security number along with a counterfeit W-2 that indicates a large refund is due.

    Steve Weisman is a lawyer, a professor at Bentley University and one of the country's leading experts in scams and identity theft. He writes the blog scamicide.com, where he provides daily update information about the latest scams. His new book is Identity Theft Alert.


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    Thomas Ruskin--Chips Are No Guarantee That Your Credit Card/Identity Is Safe #28

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    Former NYPD Detective Thomas Ruskin joined us today for an update on identity theft trends. Chipped credit and debit cards were supposed to be the cure all to credit card skimmers and scanners that have become rampant. However, my brand new chipped card was cloned and used in a grocery store in Illinois. To my bank's credit they caught it after two relatively small charges. I was sitting in a restaurant in New Orleans when the crime struck and I received a text informing me of the deed. Hopefully more secure measures will be implemented soon. 

    And most importantly go to KeepMyID.org and use the value code FSN2. 



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    Pat Crow--Military Grade Identity Theft Protection Is Now Available--Episode1

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    Patrick Crow is COO of KeepMyID.org, and a leading expert on identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America.

    He served the country in military intelligence for many years. After 9-11, it became essential for the government to authenticate and establish the identity of those serving in the military and government.