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  • 01:31

    HART BEAT Radio with Bruce Hart

    in Wrestling

    Calgary's Bruce Hart and Texas wrestling legend Cowboy Johnny Mantell talk with guests about pro wrestlings past and new generation of Old School Attitude

  • 01:31

    HART BEAT radio with Bruce Hart

    in Wrestling

    Discussion about prowrestlings past and the new generation of Old School  Attitude

    You host Bruce Hart and co-host Cowboy Johnny Mantell talk with SPECIAL GUEST   Hillbilly Jim.

    Johnny also gave a little update on the Red Bastien's TX Shoot Out that is held each year in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 

    and the upcoming guest....


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    HART BEAT radio with Bruce Hart

    in Wrestling

    Bruce Hart wrestler,promoter and booker with Stampede Wrestling and the Head Trainer of Hart Brothers University and senior member of the famous Hart Wrestling Family in Calgary Alberta Canada  joins his cohost the legendary Texas wrestler Cowboy Johnny Mantell for a weekly exchange with their guests on pro wrestlings past and focusing also on the next new generation of Old School Attitude.

    Guests include pro wrestlings legends from the past as well as others including wrestling historians and writers and others connected to the wrestling industry.

    Guests who have appeared on Hart Beat radio  include  Terry Funk  Ric Flair  Harley Race  JJ Dillon  Mick Foley Jeff Jarrett B Brian Blair  Stan Hansen  Ivan Koloff  Hillbilly Jim  The Goddwins  Debra McMichael  Paul the Butcher Vachon Alexis Smirnoff  Bruce Swayze Barbara Goodish  Col DeBeers Baron Von Rascke Larry Matysik  George Shire Sir Mo Bobby Horne  Bobby Eaton  Ricky Morton  Joyce Grable  Amazing Kong  Princess Victoria  Dianne Von Hoffman Dave Meltzer  Don Fargo  Lord Zoltan  Jody Hamilton  Fidel Sierra  Mike Mooneyham  Jimmy Korderus  Billy Silverman  Evan Ginzburg  Mike McCurdy  Thomas Rude  Merv Unger  Jon Trotsky  Bob Brooks  Scott Teal Micheal Elliott  Fulvio Cecere  Nikita Bresnikov   Dan Murphy  Melissa Coates   Tom Burke  Richard Blake   Ross Hart Bertrand Hubert  Pat Laprade  Dr Mike Lano  Barry Orton  

    We welcome listeners to recommend guests or themes they would like us to talk about. The show can be downloaded.as well as past episodes all available on HBU  FB fan page







  • 02:59

    Hart Beat Radio w/ Bruce Hart - Special Guest Rip Rogers

    in Wrestling

    "The Hustler" Rip Rogers joins Bruce Hart on a BRAND NEW EPISODE of Hart Beat Radio!

    Bruce Hart brings his unique style to Hart Beat Radio as he discusses old school pro wrestling with some of his greatest friends in the business. And tonight, Rip Rogers joins Bruce in the ultimate old school pro wrestling discussion.

    Call the show at 760-888-5749 and join in on the conversation by tweeting @PWPNation. And if you have any questions for Bruce, please call in!

    Check out ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com 

  • Hart Beat Radio hosted by Bruce Hart w/ Mike McGuirk, Dr. Mike Lano & Others

    in Wrestling

    PWPNation.com Presents:

    HART BEAT RADIO: This week's episode is hosted by Calgary's own BRUCE HART featuring an interview with former WWE ring announcer Mike McGuirk about her career in the pro wrestling business. 

    Bruce will also be joined by Dr. Mike Lano, Glen Braget and you never know who else will drop by HART BEAT RADIO!

    Join Bruce each and every week on the PWP Nation Radio Network as he uncovers the world of old school professional wrestling in his very own unique style! 

  • 01:34

    INVISIBLE DARKNESS-Stephen Williams

    in Entertainment

    Invisible Darkness is the story of one of the more bizarre cases in recent memory--killings so sensational that they prompted the Canadian government, in the interests of justice, to silence its national press and to lock foreign journalists out of the courts.

    To all appearances, Paul and Karla Bernardo had a fairytale marriage--beautiful working-class girl weds bright upper-middle-class guy and they buy a fashionable dream house in the suburbs. But, bored with his straight, prestigious accounting job, Paul soon went freelance as an international smuggler. He also revealed his boredom with conventional sex--enough so that, one Christmas Eve, he persuaded his wife to drug her own sister and engage in a menage a trois, during which the sister died (a bungling coroner ruled her death accidental).The couple then upped the ante, kidnapping and imprisoning several high school girls for sexual marathons, which they videotaped before savagely murdering their captives. When the girls' bodies were found, the police were stymied (although Paul had been accused of rape and given a DNA test that vanished for two years and only recently was linked to some fifty sexual-assault cases) until Karla tried to have her husband arrested for wife beating. During questioning, she confessed to the crimes and is now serving two concurrent twelve-year sentences for manslaughter in exchange for testifying against her husband who was jailed for life. INVISIBLE DARKNESS-The Strange Case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka-Stephen Williams

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    St. Stephen - The First Martyr

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    St. Stephen - Stephen's name means "crown," and he was the first disciple of Jesus to receive the martyr's crown. Stephen was a deacon in the early Christian Church. The apostles had found that they needed helpers to look after the care of the widows and the poor. So they ordained seven deacons, and Stephen is the most famous of these.

    God worked many miracles through St. Stephen and he spoke with such wisdom and grace that many of his hearers became followers of Jesus. The enemies of the Church of Jesus were furious to see how successful Stephen's preaching was. At last, they laid a plot for him. They could not answer his wise argument, so they got men to lie about him, saying that he had spoken sinfully against God. St. Stephen faced that great assembly of enemies without fear. In fact, the Holy Bible says that his face looked like the face of an angel.

    The saint spoke about Jesus, showing that He is the Savior, God had promised to send. He scolded his enemies for not having believed in Jesus. At that, they rose up in great anger and shouted at him. But Stephen looked up to Heaven and said that he saw the heavens opening and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.

    His hearers plugged their ears and refused to listen to another word. They dragged St. Stephen outside the city of Jerusalem and stoned him to death. The saint prayed, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!" Then he fell to his knees and begged God not to punish his enemies for killing him.

    After such an expression of love, the holy martyr went to his heavenly reward. His feast day is December 26th.

  • 02:58

    Hart Beat Radio - Detroit Wrestling w/ Abdullah The Butcher, Fred Curry & More

    in Wrestling

    PWPNation.com Presents: HART BEAT RADIO w/ Bruce Hart!

    A brand new episode of Hart Beat Radio featuring Detroit Wrestling! Abdullah The Butcher, Fred Curry & Bruce Swayze join Bruce Hart!

    Listen as Bruce & company give their thoughts on the current state of the business, a unique look at the old school of the business and so much more! 

    CALL THE SHOW AT: 760-888-5749

    FOLLOW on Twitter @PWPNation


  • 02:00

    Hart Beat Radio: An Evening with Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer

    in Wrestling

    Hart Beat Radio w/ Bruce Hart brings you an interview with Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer! The 85 year old wrestling legend has wrestled all over the world and he will engaged in some OLD SCHOOL wrestling talk with Bruce Hart! Join us each and every week here on Hart Beat Radio for old school wrestling talk!

    As always, you can listen to Hart Beat Radio right here on Blog Talk Radio, on iTunes, Stitcher or visit ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com for all of your PWP Radio needs!

    Please follow us on Twitter @PWPNation

    And check us out on Facebook.com/ProWrestlingPowerhouse



  • 02:06

    Hart Beat Radio w/ Bruce Hart feat. Harley Race & Larry "The Axe" Hennig

    in Wrestling

    PWP Nation Radio Presents: An all-new episode of Hart Beat Radio with special guests "The King" Harley Race & Larry "The Axe" Hennig! The two wrestling legends join Bruce Hart for an evening of old-school pro wrestling talk!

    Hear some amazing stories from the old-school territory days! Bruce Hart brings his unique style to the airwaves & is sure to bring the hard-hitting questions & controversial opinions with Harley Race & Larry Hennig.

    Call the show at 760-888-5749 and join in on the conversation by tweeting @PWPNation. And if you have any questions for Bruce, please call in!

    COMING SOON: PWPNation.com!!!!

    Keep an eye out for some upcoming announcements on the future of PWP Radio & Hart Beat Radio as we are looking to move onto a bigger and better platform for our shows!

  • 02:59

    Hart Beat Radio: Special Coaches Corner w/ The Coach Bob Johnson

    in Wrestling

    PWPNation.com presents a special edition of Hart Beat Radio!

    The Coaches Corner w/ The Coach Bob Johnson as Bob sheds light on his 50 years in the wrestling business! Join Bob (as Bruce takes the week off) as he goes through his perspectives over the past 50 years. He's made friends, enemies and has seen the business from a unique perspective!

    Plus, you never know who is going to call in to join Bob Johnson on this special edition.

    Keep it locked in to Hart Beat Radio on the PWP Nation Radio Network!

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