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    Stephen A. Smith Fires Back at Mayweather

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    Stephen A. Smith from ESPN’s First Take responded to comments Floyd Mayweather Jr. made about him in an interview with Ben Thompson from Fighthype.com. Mayweather verbally assaulted Smith and apparently wasn’t too happy about Smith saying on a recent episode of First Take that if Mayweather doesn’t fight Manny Pacquiao next that he would publicly state on the show that he believed Mayweather was avoiding Pacquiao.

    Smith stated earlier today on First Take that “Floyd knows better than that. He knows that I say what I mean and I mean what I say. And if anyone is back tracking, some would say that he is back tracking. Even if I did backtrack which I don’t believe that I do, at least I got a legitimate reason to, I work for somebody. I have to answer to somebody, that’s ESPN. You want to call that a shame then call most of the American public being shameful because they’re employed by somebody else.”

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    Free Stephen A. Smith!!!

    in Basketball

    Hey welcome to another edition of the "Jay Byrd Show!" I'm sooo sick of this over politcally correct world and I plan on letting some steam out on today's show! They did Stephen A. Smith wrong after he did an excellent job articulating his thoughts and they still picked through his words and made him out to be some sort of advocate for abusing women! I'll talk about this and much more on the all new "Jay Byrd Show!"

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    Discover the Supernatural with Stephen Choate

    in Paranormal

    A supernatural discussion with Stephen Choate

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    RELOAD... Math Doesn't Equal Money with Stephen C. Smith

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    Math Doesn’t Equal Money with Stephen C. Smith

    Thursday August 7, 2014 @ 1pm (CST) Healthy Mind & Body radio is pleased to bring you“Math Doesn’t Equal Money with Stephen C. Smith. We had some technical difficulties last week with the show so I asked Stepehn to come back this week so you can meet him.

    Stephen C. Smith, founder of Creed Financial, a wealth manager and someone who is really interested in you, GETTING CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY.

    Stephen Smith doesn't never put a clients' money at risk, he only answers to his clients and their needs, not some company or financial institution's sales quota or latest investment product.

    His mission is to help his client's achieve financial peace of mind so that they can deal with other important issues. Stephen follows a simple philosophy of respect for his clients and their lifetime's worth of experience, that's why communication and personal rapport are so important.
    Want to know more? LISTEN TO THE SHOW

    Visit Stephen C. Smith: 
    web - www.creedfinancial.com 
    FaceBook - www.facebook.com/stephen.smith.94064 

    If you have questions for the guest or for me – 818-668-5406 
    To leave a voicemail – 214-702-3774 
    Email a question – drm@drmichaelharris.com

    Talk to you then, 

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    Solar in the Southeast with Dr. Stephen Smith of SACE

    in Energy

    Dr. Stephen A. Smith has 30 years of experience effecting change for the environment. Since 1993, Dr. Smith has led the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) as its executive director. SACE is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization working to promote responsible energy choices that create global warming solutions and ensure clean, safe and healthy communities throughout the Southeast. SACE has grown to be a premier voice for energy efficiency and renewable energy issues in the region.

    Dr. Smith represents SACE by providing leadership and professional expertise to external organizations, committees and working groups. Dr. Smith currently serves on the U. S. Climate Action Network board of directors and previously served as board chair. He also serves on the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Regional Energy Resource Council, which advises the TVA Board of Directors on energy resource activities in the Tennessee Valley region. In the last several years he has served on the North Carolina Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change and the North Carolina Climate Action Planning Advisory Group; the South Carolina Climate, Energy and Commerce Advisory Committee; State of Florida Energy Supply and Demand Committee of the state Climate Action Team; the national governing board for the Center for Resource Solutions’ National Green Power Accreditation; and the U. S. Department of Energy, Tennessee Valley Electric System Advisory Committee. Additionally, he served two terms on Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Regional Resource Stewardship Council, TVA’s Green Power Marketing Committee, and TVA’s Integrated Resource Planning Advisory Group. He has also had the privilege to testify before the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee; the Great Smoky Mountain Congressional Caucus; and several state public service commissions.

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    SERIOUSIDE: You're Prego & fired, The Death of Eric Garner, Stephen A Smith

    in Radio

    Welcome to the Seriouside of the jril show.  We will be discussing the following topics:


    The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA), would require employers to make the same kind of workplace accommodation for pregnant women that current law requires them to make for people with disabilities.  So the question is why do Republicans continue to not support the bill?


    Members of Internet sites that allow law enforcement to air out issues are expressing outrage and offense over public reaction to last week's death of a New York City man after police administered a chokehold, which is against police department policy.


    ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith was silenced by his employers after his comments when asked about the Ray Rice suspension or lack thereof.  Smith said that even though Rice was wrong in allegedly hitting his fiancé, women should not provoke their men in hitting them.  Was he right?

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    Stephen A. Smith Suspension Discussion Coach Martin & Jeremiah Short!!

    in Sports

    Stephen A. Smith Suspended from ESPN and First Take for seven days for his comments on Ray Rice and the responsibilty of women in these situations. 

    Helping High School students athletes to get considered for and accepted at colleges and universities is our Mission. We offer parents, coaches, schools, business community and anyone else that influences the life of a student athlete, the tools and resources they need to advance their academic and athletic pursuits.



    Student athletes not only want to get into a college or university, they also are looking for scholarship opportunities. Identifying student athletes that are capable of garnering scholarship opportunities isn't simple. In an arena of just over 7 million High School students athletes only 2% of those students will receive some level of scholarship.


    In this competitive arena MYP2P is the first and only social network that brings coaches, players and pros together to help kids reach their goals and realize their dreams. We will work tirelessly to help make the connections and foster the athletic excellence that's required to get recognized by Colleges, Universities, Scouts and Coaches.

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    Stephen Collins Scandal and a Short Interview with Kimberly Smith

    in Religion

    Due to technical difficulties, we had a hard time interviewing our guest, so we discussed some of the breaking news of the day, including the recent Stephen Collins scandal.


    Kimberly L. Smith is President of Make Way Partners, the mission organization she and her husband Dr. Milton R. Smith co-founded to prevent and combat human trafficking.Kimberly is also a published author. Passport through Darkness, her first book, received wide acclaim including the INSPY Best Creative Nonfiction Award. She blogs regularly, sharing rich and reflective stories from her experiences of finding God in all corners of the world, from human trafficking to daily life and marriage.  http://www.makewaypartners.org

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    Illustrator of Horror _ Stephen Cooney

    in Art

    Stephen Cooney Illustrator of mainly Horror novels joins Mary E., to catch up on his world of illustration and to find out what new ventures have come his way since the last time he visited the Diner! Stephen hails from Taunten, Somerset, UK. Cooney is known for his illustrations specializing in horror, Sci-Fi and murder/ mysteries. His style is reminscinet of Iron Maiden album convers. His life and passion are centered around two things; his family and his art. He loves creating and designing new projects for author's who want to transfer an understanding of the their work to potential readers. He is a lover of horror, zombie, and grizzly stories. While he stays in within the lines, his mind is telling stories outside the lines.  

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    How some men view women: Stephen Smith & Geraldo Rivera & James Brown Tribute

    in Women

    The men are talking! RIB Radio will discuss the opinions of Stephen Smith saying women should not provoke a man to hit them and Geraldo Rivera commenting that the only thing a women brings to the table is her youth.

    We will be giving a tribute to James Brown as his moive "Get on Up" hits theatre today.



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    Tony Dungy, Stephen A. Smith and free speech. Lakes name Byron Scott Head Coach!

    in Sports

    1- MLB

    1A- Should the NY Mets persue deals for Colorado SS Troy Tulowitzki and OF Carlos Gomez and give up some of the surplus of pitching they have??

    1B- Tony La Russa says to out the steriod cheats into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    2- Boxing/MMA

    2A- Gennady Golovkin KO's Daniel Geale!!

    2B- Bryant Jennings gets a split decision over Mike Perez.

    3- NBA

    3A- Donald Sterling loses in court and the LA Clippers will be sold.

    3B- The LA Lakers hire Byron Scott as head coach.

    4- NFL

    4A- Thoughts on Tony Dungy and his apology on the Michael Sam subject.

    4B- Thoughts on the Ray Rice situation. Was his punishment too light?? Was Stephen A. Smith wrong on his opinion?

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